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Top 5 Email Plugins for WooCommerce

Email marketing is money.
Infact, 80% B2C businesses say email marketing is the best channel to drive customer retention.

Speak of WooCommerce and emails, you must then have lots to do when it comes to creating an email using default WooCommerce emails. Well, email marketing may be a tough ask ‘if’ you don’t have the right email customizer plugin.

Now comes the need for email plugins. Before purchasing email plugin, get to know what makes a good email plugin for WooCommerce.

What to expect from an extensive email marketing plugin?

Well, if you are in the lookout for an email plugin for your WordPress site/ WooCommerce store, make sure to check whether your email builder plugin has the following features.

The WooCommerce plugin you choose should be a,

  • Email template plugin having huge email template library to create all your WooCommerce emails- Welcome email, New order email, order cancellation email and much more.
  • Email editor plugin with easy drag and drop builder to make email creation simple.
  • Email Marketing plugin to help synchronise your email list, auto-mate email sending and track the performance of your email campaigns.

To say the least, the email plugin should Segment(email list), create, auto-mate and track performance of your WooCommerce emails

List of Best WooCommerce email plugin

And here is the list curated with the best email plugins for your WooCommerce store which can do everything, a perfect email plugin should do. The blog shares and compares the free and premium features of the email marketing plugins.


The Newsletter plugin is a complete email list building plugin that allows your online store to build subscriber email list. It helps you manage email subscriptions, email automations, follow up notifications and list building.


  • Send Unlimited emails and Newsletters
  • Struck anywhere? Refer the comprehensive support documents
  • Automate newsletters with the latest blogs, posts and events- Premium feature
  • Creates lead generation popups- Premium feature
  • Easy integration with WooCommerce & Amazon SES- Premium feature
  • Track performance using Google Analytics - Premium features

Newsletter Email Plugin

Pricing (Yearly)

  • Newsletter email plugin is FREE
  • Blogger (Basic) $65 - Use it for 3 websites
  • Agency (Premium) $249 - Use in Unlimited websites

The Premium version of the email plugin allows to automate Newsletters and offers you with additional 18+ add-ons like Google analytics, integration with Amazon SES and much more.

Download Plugin

2.Retainful- WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery emails & Next order coupons

Retainful WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails and Next Order Coupons

Retainful is a FREE cart recovery email plugin. The tool lets your WooCommerce store send automatic cart recovery emails whenever your customers abandon their carts. Well, you can also schedule the cart abandoned emails at various time intervals. Interestingly, Retainful helps to drive repeated sales to your online store. Create unique next order coupon and share it along with your WooCommerce order emails.


Retainful is a FREE cart recovery email tool
Automates cart recovery emails
Customers can instantly recover abandoned carts with unique recovery link shared in the email
Track abandoned cart value Vs recovered sales value, emails sent, email open rate
Drive repeated purchases by creating automatic Next order coupons when customer makes an order.
Featured dashboard showing all data relating to email open rate, recovered sale value, next-order coupon metrics as well.

Retainful Dashboard

Retainful is also compatible with WooCommerce email customizer plugin which increases the chances of sending Next order coupons along your order transaction emails.


Retainful is FREE

Download Free Plugin Check More Features

3.WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin with Drag and Drop Email Builder

I need an easy and cost-efficient email editor plugin. If that’s your call, WooCommerce email customizer is the best choice for you. The plugin lets you drag and drop to customize every element in your WordPress emails.


  • Simple drag and drop builder
  • Add 15+ elements like texts, paragraphs, icons, images, tables, etc. to the WooCommerce order emails
  • Display dynamic data like order details, customer information and billing addresses.
  • Use short codes to fetch all customer data
  • Create and Customize the email headers & footers.
  • Get to see the live preview of the email changes
  • Send a test email to validate your design before drafting to your email list
  • Email customizer supports WooCommerce Subscription emails

Email Customizer Plugin for WooCommerce

Extensive Feature

This plugin is not just an ordinary email customizer plugin. You can actually achieve 100% customer retention with this plugin. Email customizer is compatible with RetainFul- a FREE marketing tool to create Next order discount coupons. Create next order coupons and sent it along your WooCommerce emails to retain your customers.

Pricing (yearly)

  • Send beautiful emails and retain all your WordPress users with Email Customizer plugin for $28/ year.
  • The pricing includes developer support for 6 months.

Download Plugin


CampaignRabbit is a popular email marketing service for your WooCommerce store. The tool lets you send targeted email campaigns based on your customer behavior.

Do you know?
“Customer retention saves you 5 times the cost of acquiring new customers”

Want to retain customers?

Then, this followup email plugin allows you to achieve 100% customer retention and also improves your WooCommerce revenue with upsell and cross sell in the transactional order emails.No more scheduling emails. Automate personalised followup emails and boost sales conversions.


  • Easy Drag and Drop email editor and pop-up builder
  • Create popups and grow your subscriber list (In-app marketing)
  • Powerful segmentation based on customer history, purchase behavior, total spending, abandoned carts and much more.
  • Automate your Welcome emails, Follow up emails, product recommendation emails and cart recovery emails.
  • Featured dashboard with customer analytics like orders placed, total order value, Customer LTV and more.
  • Improves sales conversions with exit-intent popups

CampaignRabbit Dashboard

Pricing (monthly)

How many customers does your email list have? Well, that defines the pricing slab of the follow-up email plugin.

  • 0- 100 customers: Free
  • 100- 2000 customers: $14
  • 2000- 5000 customers: $29
  • 5000- 10000 customers:$49
  • 10000- 25000 customers: $69

Got more than 25,000+ customers - CampaignRabbit has got your custom pricing.

Download Free Plugin Check More Features

5.SendinBlue Subscribe form

SendinBlue is an all-in-one email marketing plugin to create professional emails and grow your target audience. You can build email list with attractive contact forms and then automate the email flow to your target audience.


  • Build email list with contact forms
  • Create personalised emails with HTML editor
  • Automate email campaigns
  • Track reports of the email campaign with heat map

WordPress Campaigns

Pricing (monthly)

How much emails do you send in a month? Well, that defines the pricing slab of the email subscribe form plugin.

  • 300 emails/ day - FREE
  • 40,000 emails/ month - $25
  • 60,000 emails/ month - $39
  • 120,000 emails/ month - $66
  • And there is a Custom pricing plan if your email count exceeds 120,000 emails.

Download Plugin

Writer’s Recommendation

  • Wishing to have an easy to use email editor plugin for creating WooCommerce order emails- I would choose Email Customizer for WooCommerce
  • Wanting a FREE WordPress plugin to recover abandoned carts and drive customer retention- RetainFul is my go-to choice.
  • Wanting to automate all my email marketing campaigns- I would choose CampaignRabbit

You’ve successfully gathered knowledge on the best email marketing plugins for WooCommerce.
And Now is the time for you to choose the best email plugin for your store. Get your email marketing campaigns underway.