How to Setup Refer a Friend Program in WooCommerce

Are you looking for customer referrals for your WooCommerce store? Planning to start an efficient WooCommerce Referral Program?

This article will surely help you to accomplish your referral program successfully.

In this article, we will guide you with the benefits, configuration, and simple ways to promote your refer a friend program using the best WooCommerce referral plugin.

Before getting started, make sure you have installed and activated the popular Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin:

Why configure WooCommerce referral at your store?

Configuring a loyalty program for WooCommerce you can offer points and rewards to customers by counting on their activities in the store. Adding the best refer a friend WooCommerce program to your online store is a great way to increase your word-of-mouth sales. Numerous studies declare that people trust recommendations from people they know. The advantages that you could experience through a WooCommerce referral program are,

  • Builds brand advocates for your WooCommerce store.
  • Generates more sales and conversions.
  • Reduces WooCommerce cart abandonment
  • Increase your brand value and customer base
  • Builds a good relationship with your customers
  • Accelerates your traffic and sales.

The best WooCommerce referral plugin for your store

There are various WooCommerce reward system plugins in the eCommerce market that helps in configuring efficient incentives for your loyal customers. One of the best WooCommerce referral plugins in the market – Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce. The plugin drives in more sales and conversions by rewarding specific actions with exciting points and rewards.

The plugin comes up with an exciting feature – refer a friend program for WooCommerce through which you can turn your existing customers to brand advocates. The refer a friend for WooCommerce premium program is created for your existing customers to earn points by referring their friends.

Let us get in detail with the installation of the WooCommerce referral program plugin,

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Admin section and go to Dashboard -> Plugins.

Step 2: Click on the “Add New” button as illustrated below,


Step 3: This will take you to the “Upload Plugin”. Now, click on it.


Click the “Browse..” button and choose the Plugin Zip file you have downloaded from the website.


Once the respective file has been uploaded hit the “Install Now” button.

Step 4: Click on the “Activate” button once the plugin has been installed,


Once the installation process has been completed make sure to activate the license key to receive automatic updates and support for your plugin.

Setting up the WooCommerce referral program

Through this WooCommerce refer a friend program, both the existing customers and the referral can earn points. The reward (for the referral) could either be in points or a percentage discount or a fixed discount or both.

The workflow of the WooCommerce Referral Program

Only an existing user is eligible to refer a friend and earn points.

In order to illustrate the workflow let us assume the existing customer to be User A.

  • User A can earn points by simply referring to his/her friend to your WooCommerce store.
  • The existing user A can either share the referral URL or code that is available in their My Accounts -> Points Page.
  • The new user can earn points and discounts with the referral code.
  • The User A (existing customer) can receive the points only when the new user completes his/her order.

Now, let us get in detail with the configuration of the Wooommerce referral program using the best WordPress referral points plugin.

Configuration of WooCommerce Refer a Friend Program

To set up the WooCommerce points and rewards of referral program follow the below navigation,

WooCommerce -> Loyalty Points and Rewards -> Referral.

The WooCommerce refer a friend program from WordPress plugin can be set up in two ways,

  • Bonus Points for Referral
  • Dynamic Bonus points based on Rules.

Bonus Points for Referral:

In this section, you can set fixed points both to the existing user who has referred and the new user with the referral code.


In the above screenshot,
The points that could be earned by
Existing customer – 250
New customer – 150.

In the same section, settings for the referral code can be configured along with the discount configuration for the new user. The below screenshot illustrates the configurations,


The parameters in the section are used to enable/disable the WooCommerce referral program, choose a position for the reward message to be displayed, and to set a prefix for the Referral URL.

You can even enable/disable discount for the new customer in this section. By enabling the discount, the new customer will receive the specified discount on their first purchase on top of the points earned (points for purchasing through referral).

This is one of the ways of setting a WooCommerce referral program at your store. This method helps you to set fixed points and configure discounts for new customers.

Dynamic Bonus Points based on Rules

This is another method of rewarding bonus points dynamically both to the sender and receiver depending on the cart subtotal.


In this section, you can create separate rules based on the cart subtotal for both the referrer and the new user.

The existing user will receive the points only after the new user completes his/her first order.

The new user will receive the discount points for the first purchase based on the cart subtotal condition.

Here you can either offer Fixed points or Percentage based on the order subtotal (discount).

These are the two methods of configuring bonus points for both the referrer and new user along with discounts for the new user.

Sharing the Referral code or URL

Example: Your store announces “Refer and Earn 250 points. Your friend gets a discount of 20% on their first purchase using the referrer code.”

The scenario illustrates that the existing customer can earn 250 points (points earned only when the friend completes the purchase) for referring a friend. The referral can avail a discount of 20% on their first purchase using the referrer code, shared by the existing customer.

Here, the existing customer needs to share the code to avail the bonus points. Let us see how to share the referrer code or URL using the best WooCommerce referral plugin.

It is very simple to share the code or URL by the user to their friends via FaceBook, Twitter, and Emails.

To get the referral code or URL,

Login to the site -> My Accounts-> My Points,


Users can share either the referral code or the referral URL to their friends in order to gain benefits for both.

Referral code can be used as a Coupon code in the cart of the New User to avail the discount on their first purchase. To increase the durability of customers’ purchases, create a loyalty point email with a WooCommerce referral coupon to enhance brand awareness.

Promote your store’s WooCommerce points and rewards referral program

Once you have set up the WooCommerce reward system ensure that it reaches your customers. To give it a high reach,

  • You can post blogs about the referral program with all related main keywords.
  • Share it on the social network
  • Promote it using popups
  • Email your list and let your customers know and learn about the WooCommerce referral program at your store.

Make it simple and exciting for your customers by letting them know about the benefits through WooCommerce refer a friend plugin. WooCommerce referral program will incentivize your customers with desirable rewards and increase the customer base.

A good referral program helps in the development of your business, is easy to set up and manage with the support from the best WooCommerce referral program plugin. The plugin is so reliable that you can concentrate on your business rather than the technology behind it.

Study the benefits, analyze, and configure for great results.

Experience a stabilized profit and also offer an opportunity for your customers to earn through your store.

Wishing you Good Luck.

What is WooCommerce refer a friend program?

WooCommerce refer a friend program, is one of the marketing strategies where both the referrer (existing customer) and the referral(new customer) are awarded bonus points.
The existing customer is rewarded for referring a friend.
The new customer is rewarded for making their first-time purchase at your store.

How does it work on an eCommerce site?

WooCommerce referral program is becoming an important technique to boost up your sales and conversions in a more reliable way. It is a method to incentivize your existing customers to refer a friend to your store. When the new customer makes a purchase both the referrer and the referral are rewarded with bonus points. It is a simple way that leverages the power of WOM for your eCommerce site.

What is the best WooCommerce referral plugin?

One of the best WooCommerce referral plugins in the market – Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce.The plugin drives in more sales and conversions by rewarding specific actions with exciting points and rewards.

What are the features available with the refer a friend WooCommerce premium extensions?

The Referral program plugin – Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce, helps you to configure customer loyalty programs to your store very easily.
Let us look into some of the special features of the referral program using the plugin,
Referral Program
Reward points for referral and increase WOM which drives traffic and revenue.
• The referrer can earn points by referring a friend.
• The new customer is awarded points or discounts for making the first purchase at your store.
• The existing customer is awarded bonus points only when the referral completes their purchase.
Launcher Widget – The launcher widget lets your customers find, earn, and redeem their reward points. It is customizable and fits easily to your WooCommerce store.




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