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WooCommerce Email Builder - Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Email Blocks

Deliver exciting and personalized transactional emails from your WooCommerce store; user engaging transactional emails guaranteed with the best WYSIWYG WooCommerce email builder. Effective WooCommerce email customizer with drag and drop email builder provides an opportunity for WooCommerce stores to deliver personalized and customized transactional emails with simple drag and drop.

An ideal email customizer plugin will let you rely on it to deliver exciting customer engaging transactional emails. WooCommerce email builder allows you to make much-needed changes to your transactional emails without putting in much effort. This is the right time to say goodbye to your boring emails. Engage customers with personalized and much more professional order emails. 

So, what should the perfect WooCommerce email customizer have? How will it make customizing emails easier? Are drag and drop applicable for free WooCommerce email templates builder? All your questions answered with the perfect plugin in the WooCommerce space. Customize and build your WooCommerce transactional emails by simply dragging and dropping your creative changes.

Before getting started, make sure you have installed and activated the popular WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin:

Get Email Customizer Plugin

Drag and Drop to Customize, Build your Emails 

Email customizer for WooCommerce allows you to make changes by simply dragging and dropping the required changes, but also provides the facility to edit your transactional using CSS. In this blog, you will understand the importance of having the WooCommerce advanced email customizer plugin that can make your WooCommerce transactional emails engaging.

How to install and make changes to your emails using Email customizer for WooCommerce? Installing and making changes to your WooCommerce transactional emails is simple and does not require any coding or technical expertise. All it requires is a couple of clicks and you are ready to deliver engaging and effective WooCommerce transactional emails.

Installation and configuration of WooCommerce email customizer plugin 

WooCommerce email template design is revolutionized with the help of the email customizer plugin. Download the email customizer plugin for WooCommerce and install it in your WordPress admin panel. Just a couple of clicks and you are all set to go. 

Step One: Log in to your WordPress admin panel and go to “Dashboard”

Step Two: Click on “Add New” and select the “Upload Plugin” button

01 email builder add plugin new plugin

Add new ---> Upload plugin

02 email builder plugin upload

Step three: Select the downloaded file by clicking the “Browse” button and select the downloaded zip file and click install.

03 email builder select download zip file

That is it, your plugin is ready to enhance WooCommerce email template builder. An easy to install and integrate the plugin with a user-friendly interface. There is no need for any coding expertise to install and use the plugin. 

Drag and drop Email Builder

Select the email customizer for the WooCommerce plugin from your dashboard. You will be provided with options to change or customize a variety of transactional emails. 

04 email builder email customizer plugin

Options to customize your transactional emails are limitless with WooCommerce email customizer pro. Edit the emails by simply dragging and dropping the required changes. Just like that, you can send out customer engaging transactional emails.

05 email edit sample

With an effective email builder, you can customize your WooCommerce transactional emails without any boundaries to creativity. Select the blog and style it according to your audience requirement. 

06 email drag drop editor


Make changes to the structure of your email by simply dragging and dropping any one of the column boxes based on your requirement. Each column is designed to meet your transactional email requirements. Once the column is dragged and dropped, you can make changes to the position of the column by adjusting padding, alignment, and spacing.  

1 Column -  A single column to edit your transactional emails text body. You can drag and drop it and edit the padding, spacing, etc based on the requirement. 

2 Columns - Multiple columns to deliver more content in your transactional email without allowing your users to scroll down. An engaging structure with more space for delivering more information.

3 Columns - The three-column grid structure allows you to segregate the information you are providing to your customer in the transactional emails. This will be handy in cases of providing detailed information. 

2 Columns (3/7) - Two columns but with different spacing on each one. A smaller first column and a larger second column, ensure that you have ample space and padding adjustment to position the information on your transactional emails accurately. 

2 Columns (7/3) - Two columns spacing with a bigger first column when compared with the first one. With perfect padding and you can make changes to the alignment of the text within these structures 

4 Columns - All in one screen, no need for the mail receiver to scroll down. These four columns enable you to utilize the complete screen and will make it look more professional. 


Edit all the elements in your default transactional emails to make it more appealing and professional from every perspective. 

Text - Drag and drop the text box anywhere you need in the transactional email structure to include any offers, information, or discount text. 

Button - Include buttons in your transactional emails, CTA button for better customer engagement and reach. Can include a button on any part of your WooCommerce transactional emails now, simply drag and drop. 

Image - Replace default images in your WooCommerce transactional emails and if need you can add new images to them. 

Divider - A notable break between two imperative parts in a transactional email can be done with a divider block. 

Group Social - Share your reviews on social media in a single click. Include social media icons in your transactional emails with this block 

Spacer - Bold space between two parts of your transactional WooCommerce email content. Continuous information is made easier to read with the help of space blocks. 

Logo - Alter or edit your WooCommerce transactional email logo with the logo block. Simple drag and drop this block and make changes to your logo. 

Store Elements

Vital details of a WooCommerce transactional email can be altered, edited, and updated in this part of the email customizer plus plugin. 

Address - Make changes to the product delivery/billing address or add a new address from where the product is being delivered. Simply drag and drop this block and make the changes.

Order Summary - A complete order summary can be given to every single customer in a transactional email with this block. 

% Retainful - Customize emails for recovering abandoned carts.

The changes updated can be previewed using the options provided by the email customizer plugin as shown below. Preview, make changes, save and automate the better customized transactional email.

07 email builder preview

All these features and options make the email customizer for the WooCommerce plugin the best one in the digital space. Create a beautiful WooCommerce transactional email in a couple of clicks using the perfectly designed plugin. 

How customized emails assist in WooCommerce?

What you see is what you get when it comes to the perfect WooCommerce email customizer, a perfectly designed, professional WooCommerce transactional email can make wonders when it comes to reaching the right audience. The email customizer plus for WooCommerce has a proven track record in enhancing transactional emails in WooCommerce. 

When an email kindles the readers’ curiosity, it pushes the audience to visit your WooCommerce store. A perfect plugin should allow you to make changes based on your business requirement and send out the perfect, customized transactional email, analyze and identify the perfect plugin that can do wonders to your WooCommerce business. 

Look for advanced features in the plugin but also remember that it should support your business requirements. Along with advanced features and enhanced options, an email customizer plugin for WooCommerce must be updated on a regular basis because of the rapidly progressing trend in WooCommerce stores across the globe. 

Benefits of building your own emails

A customized transactional email will bring more benefits to your WooCommerce store. It increases customer engagement by improving better one on one communication. Along with it, a customized transactional email acts as a course of confirmation for your email. They act as a sort of constant interaction between the customer and your WooCommerce store. 

A transactional email is usually sent out for processing orders, completed orders, refunded successfully, and some more. A common element among all these emails is that it acts as a bridge of communication between your WooCommerce store and customer. Make the best out of every transactional email and deliver engaging transactional emails in a single click. 

A transactional email will increase, 

  • CTR - Click-through rate
  • Increased conversion
  • Brand exposure
  • Proven track record of better ROI
  • Add next order coupon.

A customized transactional email will provide all the mandatory things to increase brand presence, repeated sales, and better customer relationships with your online store. Results obtained by a personalized transactional email can never be underwhelming, so plan your strategies and drive better sales through customized transactional emails.

Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

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  • Customize your WooCommerce Emails with a drag and drop editor. Change the logo, text, header, footer and more. You can customize everything in the WooCommerce order notification emails.

    A license entitles you for 1 year of support, updates & access to PRO downloads.