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How to Incentivize Customers With Points When They Purchase on Your WooCommerce Store

Incentivizing your customers for their loyalty, leads to repeated sales and improves customer satisfaction. Redeemable points and rewards can be offered to your customers for certain actions they perform at your online store.

In this article, we will get in detail with the process of how to incentivize your customers for their purchase at your store using the WooCommerce ultimate points and rewards plugin.

Before getting started, make sure you have installed and activated the popular Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin:

Introducing the WooCommerce Reward system to your store

The WooCommerce ultimate points and rewards extension – Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce enables your store to offer points and rewards for performing certain actions like purchasing from your store, submitting a product review and also for referring a friend. The plugin allows you to reward specific actions and helps in increasing your store’s customer base.

Let us begin with the installation of the best WooCommerce rewards plugin,

Download the WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards plugin here.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Admin section and go to Dashboard -> Plugins.

Step 2: Click on the “Add New” button as illustrated below,


Step 3: This will take you to the “Upload Plugin”. Now, click on it.


Click the “Browse..” button and choose the Plugin Zip file you have downloaded from the website.


Once the respective file has been uploaded, hit the “Install Now” button.

Step 4: Click on the “Activate” button once the plugin has been installed,


Once the installation process has been completed make sure to activate the license key to receive automatic updates and support for your plugin.

How to offer WooCommerce ultimate points and rewards for making purchase at your store

Encourage your customers with redeemable points for every purchase that they make at your store. This marketing strategy would bring great customer retention and build a long term relationship with your customers.

Various methods of configuring WooCommerce loyalty points at your store,

  • Setting Global Loyalty Points at your WooCommerce store
  • Setting Loyalty Points on Specific Products
  • Setting Loyalty Points on Specific Categories

Let us get in detail with the process of configuring points and rewards for using the best WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin.

1. Setting Global Loyalty Points at your WooCommerce store

With the WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards plugin downloaded, you can set the points to be earned based on the amount of purchase.

For setting the loyalty points globally,

Go to WooCommerce -> Loyalty Points and Rewards -> Settings and choose Earn points for purchase action section.


The section allows you to configure some basic settings for the global loyalty points at your WooCommerce store.

Enable earn point? – this is to enable /disable the functionality of earning points.

How many points customers can earn when they purchase? – set a specific point(s) for each amount spent.

If you want your customer to earn 1 point for every $1 spent then, set it as 1 and 1.

This can be further modified at the category level/per-product level.

Award points only for the following order statuses – you can choose the order status. The points will be awarded only to the status matching the values configured here.

In general, points are awarded only when a customer completes his/her purchase.

The plugin helps your store to notify with the points that the customer will earn, both at the cart and checkout page.

Exclude User-roles from earning points – you can select user-roles that are to be excluded from earning points.

Rounding model for points earned – you can set rounding off to the earned points.

For example, if the customer has spent $15.50 on a product, you can specify the points earned by rounding off to the nearest integer value.

Always round down – this will make the points to 15

Always round up – this will make the points to 16.

Points Label – set a label to display points at your WooCommerce store

For example – rewards, coins, karma, loyalty score, and more

Points Expire after (zero for unlimited validity) – you can set an expiry for the redeemable points. The expiry can be set for a specific number of days/weeks after which the points are unavailable to be redeemed.

Notify the customer about the expiry of points – if you have fixed an expiry for the earned points, this option is to notify your customers regarding it.

You can set a period after which the remainder email about the expiry should be sent to the customer (from the date of points earned).

Have a look at the below screenshot that illustrates how points are displayed in the cart page,


The cart page is displayed with the number of points that could be earned by completing the purchase.

2. Setting Loyalty Points on Specific Products

The products at your store are inherited by the global loyalty points. These global points can be overridden or disabled on specific products.

If you want to offer a specific product with a higher or lower value of loyalty points it can be configured in this section.

For this configuration, go to

WooCommerce – Products -> All Products-> Choose the specific product and click on edit.

This will navigate you to the below page,


In the configuration section, you either choose to override the global loyalty points or even disable loyalty points for the specific product.

To override the global settings, you have to set points that could be earned while purchasing the specific product based on the amount spent.

For example,
Earn 5 points on spending $20 on this product.

Each $20 spent on the product will earn 5 points.

Have a look at the product page for a better understanding,


As the product’s price is $20, 5 points can be earned on purchasing a quantity of the product. Similarly, 10 points can be earned on purchasing two quantities.

You can even set a maximum discount for products while the customer tries to redeem the earned points.

The below setting can be configured when you want to limit the maximum discounts for specific products to be applied in the cart. This comes into effect when the customer tries to redeem the earned points in the next purchase.


This configuration is very efficient when you want to configure loyalty points (higher/lower) on a specific product(s).

3. Setting Loyalty Points on Specific Category

Loyalty points can be set easily on specific categories as well.

Similar to the product, the global loyalty points can be either overridden or even disabled for specific categories.

Points will be added based on the product’s price in the specific category.


As per the above screenshot, 3 points can be earned for every $1 spent on the specific category.

Let us say, for example, the price of a product from the specific Category A is $90.

On purchasing a quantity of the product, 270 points can be earned by the customer.

You can also set up the maximum discount for each of the products from the specific category.

As you can configure how to earn points based on the price value of the products, in a similar way you can configure some settings on how the earned points can be redeemed as a discount price in the cart.

Get to know about the redemption settings here.

Managing the WooCommerce reward system at your store

It is essential to ensure that your customers are having a great shopping experience and are rewarded for their purchase at your store. This WooCommerce ultimate points and rewards plugin comes up with an excellent administrative system where the points and rewards offered to individual customers are managed efficiently. In the dashboard section, the store owner can have an overview of all the recent activities performed by the customers, points earned/redeemed by the customers, the revenue of the redeemed points, and more.

In a similar way, the customers (individually) can have an update on their WooCommerce wallet on points and rewards with the help of the feature labeled “Launcher Widget”.


The launcher widget comes with two different views,

  • Guest users – the launcher widget comes up with a signup card
  • Logged In users – the launcher widget comes up with the points card, referral card and review card.

Increase the visibility of the WooCommerce loyalty rewards system that you offer at your store

Simply setting up the WooCommerce loyalty reward system will not help you to gain more business. Ensure that you increase the visibility of the reward system at your store through various strategies,

  • Share it on the social network.
  • Create a space in your blog room to publish content regarding the WooCommerce reward system.
  • Promote it using simple and uninterrupted popups.
  • Email your list and let your customers know and learn about the WooCommerce points and reward program at your store.

Incentivize your customers for purchasing from you. This would bring in the repeated purchases and more conversions at your WooCommerce store.

The WooCommerce ultimate points and rewards is a great way to encourage your customers for performing certain actions.

Download WooCommerce loyalty rewards, configure, and increase your store’s customer base and retention.

Wishing you Good Luck.

What are WooCommerce incentives?

Rewarding your customer for certain actions they perform at your WooCommerce store can be labeled as WooCommerce incentives. Offering them with some rewards or redeemable points for completing a purchase, for submitting a product review, and for referring a friend. This is an effective marketing strategy that would bring more sales and conversions to your online store.

Which are the best WooCommerce loyalty points and rewards plugin?

The WooCommerce market has various extensions and plugins that could help in configuring WooCommerce incentives for your customers. The best WooCommerce loyalty rewards plugin is – Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin by Flycart which is easy to set up and manage the reward system at your store.

How to incentivize customers for purchasing in WooCommerce?

You can incentivize customers for purchase by simply setting up the points to be earned based on the purchased amount. These reward points could either be set globally or on any specific categories/products.

What are the benefits of the WooCommerce reward system?

The advantages that you could experience through a WooCommerce reward system are,
• Builds brand advocates for your WooCommerce store.
• Generates more sales and conversions.
• Reduces WooCommerce cart abandonment
• Increase your brand value and customer base
• Builds a good relationship with your customers
• Accelerates your traffic and sales.

How can a shopper use the WooCommerce reward points effectively?

The effective way of utilizing the rewards points is to make purchases/subscriptions using the earned points at the WooCommerce store.