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What - How- Why’s of Email Customization in WooCommerce

Making a sale in your WooCommerce store is pure joy. So what’s the immediate next you do once you receive an order. You draft an order confirmation email to the customer.
Similarly, WooCommerce emails are sent every time when there is an active engagement with your customer. You’ll be sending Welcome emails, New order emails, Cancelled order emails, Customer invoices, and many more.
So, how’s all that done?
The comprehensive read will share complete knowledge on WooCommerce emails.

What are all the available Standard WooCommerce emails?

The first question to pop up when thinking of emails and WooCommerce,
Can emails be sent in WooCommerce?
Of course, WooCommerce supports you with some standard emailing templates. You definitely got to be sending tonnes of email to customers and the following are the standard email types and templates available in WooCommerce

  • New order email - Order confirmation email with the order details when a customer makes the order.
  • Canceled order - Confirming the cancellation along with the order details.
  • Failed order - Email notification to confirm the failure of order.
  • Order on hold- When the shipment is kept on hold
  • Processing Order - Email to notify that the customer order is still under processing.
  • Completed order - Email confirming the status of a completed order
  • Refunded order - The email sent after refunding for a canceled order
  • Customer invoice email - The most important email sent after an order transaction with the order invoice
  • Customer note - If you want to share some update regarding the shipment/ order processing, customer note emails are sent.
  • Reset password - The email sent along with a password recovery link when your customer requests to change password.
  • New account - Primarily a welcome email sent from your online store when a new subscriber subscribes to your email list.

Following is a sample new order email sent using the standard WooCommerce email template.

Snippet -
What is WooCommerce order email? WooCommerce order transactional email consists of order details which include product information, payment method, billing address, and shipping address, shipping costs, additional taxes.

Your WooCommerce store is judged by your email...Sending ordinary emails ain’t gonna get your more customers

Well, if you’ve used any of the above email templates, you’d have definitely noticed that all the above default WooCommerce email templates look dull and plain. People aren’t gonna trust a brand that sends ordinary transactional emails which aren’t aesthetically appealing.

When the default looking emails fail to impress your customer, the chances of customer coming back and shopping at your store is let in the loose. That means your customer retention rate decreases and obviously increases the churn rate.

And this scenario is unhealthy for your WooCommerce sales growth.

Now that we know, transactional email is like the gravity to attract customers, there is to be something you got to do when sending your emails.

People still read emails...So, you better write a good looking email.

Do you doubt if people still read emails? Well, here’s a fact for you- Emails earn you $38 for every $1 you spent on emails.

This remains a proof to confirm that people are still reading emails.

So, having confirmed that emails are still a good way to engage with customers, you should think of sending more personalized emails.

Why should you customize WooCommerce emails?

Building a loyal customer base is the most important thing in growing a brand. Nurturing loyal customers is all about how you add a personal touch when interacting with them. Actually, personalized emails interacts with customers in a more engaging manner and those emails express your concern for your customer value.

When customers get emotionally attached to your store, it does the magic with your online revenue.

The advantages of sending customized WooCommerce emails

Customizing emails is just a cake walk. The predefined email templates in WooCommerce makes sure that you need not have to be designing a new template every time a new transaction happens.

  • Customizing is simple and easy
  • Creates a responsive email template
  • Send visually appealing emails
  • Personalised emails improve customer engagement which boosts sales revenue.
  • Engaging emails achieve customer retention
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Add featured call to action buttons- Gain customer interaction by adding social buttons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Advertise your latest and best-selling products in your email banners
  • Upsell and cross-sell by displaying product suggestion images in transactional emails.

Snippet -
Why should you customize emails? Customizing emails to create a responsive email design and to grow your online revenue.

Now, let’s look on all the possible ways of customizing your WooCommerce emails.

How to customize WooCommerce emails?

There’s always more than one way of accomplishing things- The Hard way & The Smart way.

The Hard Way- Customizing using codes (Need some technical insight)
The Smart Way- Customizing using plugins

So, In general, WooCommerce allows you to customize emails via 3 method- WooCommerce settings, Overriding and hooks.

1. WooCommerce Settings

This lets you do the basic customizations like editing the background color, text color and base color, header and footer texts. You’ll find the email settings option in the WordPress dashboard.

Select - WooCommerce> Settings > Emails

Editable Features

  • Edit the ‘From’ Name and ‘From’ address of your store email
  • Change the Header image and Footer content
  • Alter the color scheme of the order emails


  • The email layout cannot be edited.
  • The changes you do reflects in all your WooCommerce emails

2. Overriding the email templates

Comfortable with codes?
Then, you are good to edit the content as well. This is the second method to edit your emails and you can alter the email layout by overriding the codes.

Every email type has a template for its content file. And, there will also be additional shared templates that can be accessed by all email types. Now is the technical part, you can override the shared template to edit the layout of your email types.

Say, you need to change the border color of the order table in your order confirmation email.

1. Make sure that the following directory exists in the WordPress installation:

2. Copy the file found at wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates /emails/email-styles.php into the store’s theme at:

3. Edit your-theme/woocommerce/emails/email-styles.phpto change the border color of the order table. tbody tr, tbody tr td, thead tr, thead tr th, thead tr td, tfoot tr, tfoot tr th, tfoot tr td{
border-color: #96588a !important;

3. Customizing using Conditional hooks (The Hard way)

This method of customizing your WooCommerce emails deals with altering the codes and so requires expertise in PHP. You’ll be needing to alter the codes in the content portion to customize your emails.

Say, you want to display transaction id after order table in email through the hook. To get the it done, use the following hook in your-theme/functions.php location

function display_transaction_id_of_an_order_in_email( $order, $is_admin_email ) {
echo 'Transaction Id: ' . $order->get_transaction_id();

add_action( 'woocommerce_email_after_order_table', 'display_transaction_id_of_an_order_in_email', 10, 2 );



Overriding the codes and altering the content with hook are tightly linked to the WordPress theme you use. So, whenever the theme is changed, you got to move the modified files to the new theme as well.

Snippet -
Customizing WooCommerce email templates using codes is time-consuming and requires expertise in coding making it hard for ordinary Joe.

Before getting to know the smart way to customize your WooCommerce emails, let’s look the essentials to create a perfect email.

How to write a perfect transactional email?

Ever tried to find the selling strategy of top brands? Ever thought on what makes those brands so special that people love their products?

Open your mobile device or the Mac screen and you can notice where there is quality content there is a brand success.
Yes, quality content is the winning formula.
Take any medium of content consumption- For instance Blogs, Vlogs, podcasts, Newsletters, the one with quality content always attracts customers.

So, having acknowledged on the importance of quality content, you should try not to share the same content in all your WooCommerce emails. Sending a Welcome email, order confirmation email, and failed order email with the same content is not the way to impress your buyers.

Whatever be the email you are sending to your customer, try drafting it in the following style.

Interact Personally

Start your email by addressing with the customer name. Tell a tale about the unique features of your WooCommerce store. Say what makes your store exceptional from fellow online stores.

Say what to expect

Set the customer expectation in the journey ahead with your WooCommerce store. Share the benefits and advantages the customer will be offered when shopping at your store.

Share Surprises

Keep your customers always interested. Start reward point schemes for filling feedback forms, gift next order coupons when customers shop big. Discounts and next order coupons on future purchases drives customer to continuously shop at your store.

Down to the last segment of the comprehensive WooCommerce email guide.

Customizing WooCommerce emails using email editor plugins- The Smart Way

Stop sending the plain looking, boring default WooCommerce emails. Make lives interesting and connect personally with customers by creating attractive transactional emails.

No more overriding.
No more coding.
No more technical stuff.

Customize WooCommerce emails in just few clicks!

With the right email customizer plugin, personalizing your WooCommerce emails can never get much simpler. Well, if you are out to search for the email customizer plugin, you may find yourself nowhere but in the middle of some cross-road. Because you get to see a lot email editor plugins available in the market and many plugins still works with codes.

But, We got you covered in this.

Over constant research in the niche, We have curated and listed with the 5 best email customizer plugins for your WooCommerce store.

Top 5 WooCommerce email customizer plugins

1. Email Customizer for WooCommerce

woocommerce email customizer

What if you are able to just drag and drop content and images to write an email?

Well, that is what you get with Email Customizer for WooCommerce. The plugin is the most simple drag and drop email builder to customize all types of email templates. Create attractive order and transactional emails in just few clicks.

Email customizer plugin offers you with 15+ elements to customize in your emails.

  • Get your headers and footers featured with brand logos, banner images.
  • Include product table, customer information like shipping and billing in minutes.
  • Add attractive social icons to connect with your store

Features - Email customizer for WooCommerce

  • Simple and powerful drag and drop email builder.
  • Drag and drop to add logo, images, header, footer and custom body text
  • Live preview of your email- Look how your WooCommerce emails are viewed by the customer.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Compatible with WordPress websites.
  • Shortcodes will dynamically replace the corresponding data before your emails are sent to the customer.


  • Email Customizer for WooCommerce- $28/ year
  • The pricing includes developer support for 6 months.

Extensive Feature for FREE

  • This plugin is not just an ordinary email customizer plugin. You can actually drive customers to continuously shop at your store.
  • Email customizer is compatible with RetainFul- a FREE marketing tool to create Next order discount coupons. Generate next order coupon and automate it along your WooCommerce emails so that the customers can use the coupon in the next order.

Download Plugin

2. Decorator

Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer

Tired of sending standard WooCommerce emails? Decorate your WooCommerce emails now with the Decorator plugin. You can now make any changes you want with your order transactional emails without hassle.


  • Set up a separate instance of the Customizer tool
  • See the changes in Live preview
  • Compatible with your WP theme


Decorator- $39/year

Download Plugin

3. WooCommerce email customizer

WooCommerce Email Customizer

Email Customizer is a plugin from WooCommerce itself. You don’t need to have a code knowledge to use the plugin. While the simplicity of the plugin is its PRO version, the pricing is may be a huge con. But, if you still want to stick to the native WooCommerce style customization, this is the email customizer for you.


  • Customize the layout of all the email types
  • Visual edits
  • No code knowledge required
  • Drag and drop editor with built-in WordPress Customizer


WooCommerce email customizer- $79/year for single WordPress website

Download Plugin

4. YITH WooCommerce Email Templates


The plugin offers a lot of email templates for your order transactions. You can easily edit the templates to create a professional looking email. But, there’s no live preview of the changes available. Also, you can use the free version of the plugin on the WordPress repository but with limited functionality.


  • Add logos and customized links
  • Change colors and typography
  • Add social media links
  • Delete product image from the email content

YITH email template- approximately $60/year (since the default pricing is in euros)

Download Plugin

5. Email customizer WooCommerce

Email Customizer WooCommerce

Email Customizer WooCommerce allows you to send Customized Emails to customers based on WooCommerce order status. Design your own email template for each of WooCommerce Order transactional email.
You can also add a custom status “Product Delivered” along with the WooCommerce product delivery notification.


  • Send Product based and category based emails.
  • Embed digital signature in every WooCommerce order emails.
  • Redesign all WordPress emails like password reset.
  • Write your own subject lines


Email customizer WooCommerce (by Smackcoder)- $99.99

Download Plugin

Writer’s Choice

Email customizer for WooCommerce is the writer’s choice and following are the reasons for the top pick

    • Simple drag and drop email builder
    • The most cost-effective plugin
    • Offers FREE marketing tool- Retainful

Install Plugin

That’s it pal.
It’s you who got to push the button now. Pick your email customizer plugin smartly and start personalizing your order emails to nurture a healthy rapport with your customers.
Money can start you a Business. But, only customers can grow your business.

And Remember,
Business is more than making just a Sale!