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5 Best Form Builders for Wordpress

What is an Online Contact form?

For all the WordPress beginners, a contact form is the first step in marketing your brand to your client. A contact form is where the client takes in trusting your online site and letting you send him information about your business. You might think online forms are of minimal important but creating a great form is essential for your online business. A well built online form actually improves customer acquisition and conversions dramatically.

Why your WordPress site need Contact forms?

Of course, a contact form is the most important feature for any websites. Having a contact form may be the basic requirement for any website but it has a lot more to offer.

  • Website Security- Reduces Spam emails
    When you just share your email address in your WordPress site, the chances of getting spammed emails are more. Online contact forms will reduce the unwanted spam emails to your inbox.
  • Makes it easy for your WordPress Users
    How to win the online trade? The idea is to make it simple for your users. WordPress forms help your website visitors to easily reach out to you regarding their query.
  • The Seed for Customer Engagement
    The success of WordPress is all about active engagement. When your visitors fill in their online forms, you can get useful customer database like their name, email address. This helps you to build a mailing list to send your newsletters, promotional emails, etc.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins- 2018

The following is the list of popular WordPress form builder plugins,

  1. Gravity Forms
  2. WP Fluent Forms
  3. Ninja Forms
  4. Contact Form 7
  5. WP Forms

1) Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is the most popular and premium WordPress form plugin. Gravity's defining feature is the power it gives you to customize your forms. It has an easy form editor that allows you to create custom fields, set pricing, and restrict the number of entries. Gravity is a paid extension and includes quality support for the plugin.


  • Adding it to your WordPress dashboard can be done quickly.
  • You can create any number of forms and entries using the visual form editor.
  • Integrate with Paypal, Mailchimp, FreshBooks, slack, Trello, and more popular services.
  • The form templates are mobile optimized.

Download the plugin

2) WP Fluent Forms

Create contact forms and integrate them into your website within minutes now. WP Fluent Forms is a user-friendly, customizable drag & drop contact form builder that allows you to build contact forms without having to code. WP Fluent forms has over 7000+ active installs and it’s increasing every day.


  • Customizable drag and drop contact form builder.
  • Integrate with MailChimp & Slack.
  • Web Forms that are 100% responsive & mobile friendly.
  • 60+ pre-built forms and 30+ available form field types.
  • Google Recaptcha to prevent spam.
  • Analyze your data with the built-in data visualization tool (versions 3.0.0 & higher).


Lite Version - Free
Single Site License - $49.00
5 Site License - $89.00
Unlimited Lifetime Site License - $399.00

Download the plugin

3) Ninja Forms

Ninja form is known for its extensive form variations you can experiment with. The plugin is available in free version and features a simple drag and drop editor that makes it easy for you to create a form. Field options can be custom made to suit your requirements. It is also great for developers, thanks to its hooks and filters so you can leverage the entire framework for development.


  • Allows easy export and import of forms and field data.
  • Efficient spam protection with ReCaptcha and Q and A fields.
  • Creating contact forms and form submission requires no coding.
  • With Ninja forms, you can integrate with business productivity tools like Trello, Slack and much more.
  • Supports with Google captcha to avoid spam.

Download the plugin

4) Contact Form 7

Contact Form is the most popular WordPress plugin best suited for WP beginners. You can use HTML to easily customize your emails and online forms. It provides good spam filtering and captcha feature. The plugin’s dashboard is simple so that you can create new forms or modify existing ones with ease.


  • This WordPress form plugin is free
  • It provides shortcodes to easily add forms to your blog contents.
  • Supports plenty of 3rd party customization codes
  • Contact Form 7 integrates with Flamingo ( so you can store form acquired info in your database), Postman ( SMTP Mailer), Bogo ( multilingual plugin)

Download the plugin

5) WP Forms

The WP form is featured with drag and drop editor to create your contact forms. The contact forms created are responsive in all mobile devices, desktops, and tablets. The plugin will give instant email notifications so that you can respond quickly to the leads. With this plugin, you can allow your WordPress users to upload files along with their contact forms as well.


  • Mobile Friendly
  • Receive instant notifications on your leads
  • Integrate with Stripe and PayPal for receiving payments

Download the plugin

Going the Extra mile- Additional WordPress form plugins

The above aren’t the only available WordPress contact form plugins.

  • Caldera Forms is an intuitive plugin to create complex forms.
  • If you are looking for advanced option to create multi-page forms, Formidable form is the best form builder plugin.
  • Wanna an easy plugin to work right after installation? Go with Pirate form.
  • Visual Form Builder is yet another simple to manage, efficient WP form builder plugin requiring no codes.

All of these form builders have been highly rated by lots of users. Some of them are free WordPress plugins and some are available at a premium price. Well, check out their entire list of features in the links provided and choose the best one for your WordPress site.

Do share us your experience on this blog post. Let’s join together and grow our WordPress community.