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Boost Sales With These 7 WooCommerce Bulk Discount Plugins

7 best bulk discount plugins for your woocommerce

Ever wish your customers would add more than one item to their cart?

Offering bulk discounts can influence customers to add more items, increase order value, and boost sales on your WooCommerce store.

Bulk discounts in WooCommerce are a pricing strategy that lets you offer discounts on products when purchased in large quantities. It motivates customers to buy in bulk to claim discounts.

WooCommerce does not have a bulk order discount feature, so using a WooCommerce bulk discount plugin can be a great way to create customized discount offers.

In this blog, find the seven free and paid bulk discount plugins for WooCommerce. Choose the best plugin for your online store to manage your bulk order discount campaigns.

Offer bulk discounts to all or specific products using the Discount Rules plugin and easily boost sales.

What is a WooCommerce Bulk Discount Plugin?

A WooCommerce Bulk Discount Plugin is a tool that helps you create discount offers for customers who buy larger quantities of products in your WooCommerce store. These plugins offer more flexibility than traditional coupons by letting you set discounts based on specific criteria, such as:

  • Quantity: You can offer discounts for customers who purchase a certain number of items (e.g., 10% off for buying 3 or more items).
  • Product: You can create discounts that apply to specific products or categories of products.
  • Cart Total: You can offer discounts based on the total amount spent in the cart (e.g., $10 off for orders over $100).

Why Use a WooCommerce Bulk Pricing Plugin?

Using a bulk discount plugin for WooCommerce can offer several benefits to your store:

  • Ease of Discount Management: With a WooCommerce bulk discount plugin, you can offer bulk discounts without manually adjusting the sale price. You don’t have to constantly change the sale price to the regular price after the sale ends.
  • Dynamic Pricing and Discounts: Plugins allow you to set dynamic pricing and discounts easily within the plugin interface, eliminating the need to change the actual price on the product page.
  • Flexible Discount Structures: Plugins offer flexibility in setting up various discount structures, such as percentage discounts, fixed-amount discounts, tiered discounts, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers, and more, catering to different business needs and strategies.
  • Automated Discount Application: They automate the process of applying discounts based on predefined conditions such as quantity thresholds, specific products or categories, customer roles, and more, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of errors.
  • Increased Sales and Customer Loyalty: By offering attractive bulk discounts, businesses can incentivize customers to purchase more items, increasing sales volume and average order values. This can also foster customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

7 Best WooCommerce Bulk Discount Plugins

Choosing the right bulk discount WooCommerce plugin is crucial for driving sales and increasing customer loyalty.

It provides a competitive edge by attracting cost-conscious buyers and fosters repeat business, as customers appreciate the savings on bulk orders.

Here are the best bulk discount plugins for WooCommerce stores:

1. Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro

Discount Rules for WooCommerce - Pro

‘Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro’ by Flycart is the recommended WooCommerce bulk discount plugin. It allows you to customize multiple bulk discount offers at once.

It has customization options that allow you to customize bulk discount WooCommerce tables – its text and designs to personalize your offer.

This WooCommerce bulk discount free plugin has over 100,000+ active installs and has a user-friendly interface that is helpful for beginners and non-coding store owners.

You can create different bulk discount campaigns based on your sales goal:

  • Showcase bulk discounts on product pages.
  • Allows setting storewide, product, or category-based bulk discounts for WooCommerce stores.
  • Create tier-based discounts.
  • Create condition-based bulk discounts based on purchase history, order value, cart item quantity, first order, and nth order.
  • Provide this volume discount for specific users, user roles, locations, and more.
  • Create coupon-based bulk discounts. This plugin lets you easily integrate the default coupon in WooCommerce or create your own coupon.
  • Set WooCommerce bulk pricing as a percentage, fixed discount, or even a fixed price per item.
  • Schedule bulk discount WooCommerce campaigns for seasonal promotions.

This discount plugin can also be used to create bundle discounts, product—or category-specific discounts, conditional discounts, and BOGO offers in addition to bulk discounts.


It is free to start, and advanced features cost $79 per year.

Create conditions-based bulk discounts with the Discount Rules plugin and increase average order value.

2. WooCommerce Quantity Discounts

Woo Quantity Discounts

Wombat’s ‘WooCommerce Quantity Discount’ plugin is designed to work smoothly with your store and offers great features for creating bulk order discounts.

Using this bulk discount for WooCommerce plugin, you can easily set rules for product quantities and customize them based on specific products or categories.

Key Features:

  • Switch the WooCommerce quantity box with clickable swatches and add dynamic messages.
  • Establish minimum and maximum quantities that users must meet for checkout.
  • The plugin notifies customers if they’ve added an incorrect quantity to the product at each step.
  • It provides multilingual support.
  • Incorporate interval-based quantities and multiples, requiring customers to buy in specified intervals.
  • It supports the latest WooCommerce and WP versions, excluding older ones, to optimize performance with modern, fast code.


It costs $49 a year.

3. Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce

Woo Conditional Discounts

Orion’s Conditional discounts for WooCommerce are formerly known as WooCommerce All Discounts.

This robust WooCommerce bulk discount free plugin offers a seamless setup of bulk discounts, customer role discounts, gifts, BOGOs, and more.

Key features:

  • Create bulk discounts on simple and variable products
  • Offer discounts based on the number of purchases
  • Offer discounts based on order value, specific delivery locations, and user roles
  • Create discounts for newsletter subscribers
  • Create automatic and periodic discounts
  • Set cheapest product price discounts.


It offers a free version, and the upgraded version costs $60 per year.

4. Discounts Manager for Products

Discount Manager for Products

Discount Manager is also one of the WooCommerce bulk pricing plugins designed to create and manage discounts effortlessly for your online store.

Its user-friendly interface and ability to implement multiple discount criteria stand out.

Key Features:

  • Options include the ability to apply percentage discounts or fixed (flat) discounts in currency units.
  • Discounts are displayed on the Checkout page.
  • The Order Details page prominently features the applied discounts.
  • Discounts are clearly presented in WooCommerce order emails and invoices.
  • Provide a seamless shopping experience by revealing applied discounts when customers hover over products in their cart.
  • Tailor the usage of this WooCommerce bulk order plugin according to your preferences, either with or without a coupon code, depending on your specific configuration rule.


This free plugin also offers a paid version, which costs $85.

5. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

WooCommerce dynamic pricing

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing by Element Stark is the best-in-class WooCommerce bulk discount plugin that helps you implement bulk pricing discounts directly within the WooCommerce product edit page.

Key Features:

  • Configure bulk discounts for products in your store by setting up a table with quantities and corresponding discount amounts.
  • Customize discounts using fixed price adjustments, percentage adjustments, or setting a fixed price for each product.
  • Choose how quantities are calculated in the pricing table.
  • You can offer customer-specific discounts, category-based bulk pricing, and more.
  • Utilize advanced product pricing to discount products based on the quantity purchased by shoppers.
  • Optionally apply advanced product pricing to existing customers assigned to a configured role, such as “Gold Members.


The paid version of the plugin costs $10.75 per month or $129 per year.

6. WooCommerce Simple bulk discounts

WooCommerce simple bulk discounts

WP Genie’s Simple bulk discount WooCommerce plugin enables online merchants to provide discounts for bulk purchases, offering exclusive deals for their customers.

This user-friendly plugin has the flexibility to offer percentage or fixed discounts.

Key features:

  • Define discounts based on percentages or fixed amounts based on your specific pricing strategy.
  • Compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Seamlessly integrates into WooCommerce through its hooks.
  • Introduces a new tab in the Product Data block called “Simple bulk discounts.
  • Specify quantity-based discounts, such as 30% or $10 off, when purchasing three items.
  • Set user role-based discounts
  • Combine discount rules for both quantity and user roles.


It costs $19.

7. ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

ELExtension Discount Plugin

The ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin makes it easy to create and activate dynamic pricing and discounts for specific products, categories, or the entire shopping cart.

This WooCommerce bulk pricing plugin has flexible options to offer percentage and flat discounts, with which you can easily create and implement complex discount rules for your store.

Key features:

  • Offer conditional buy one, get one free deal (BOGO)
  • Offer product or category-specific discounts
  • Provide discounts for combinations of two or more products.
  • Select the desired product tags from your WooCommerce Products list to apply discounts.
  • Display all the product rules associated with a product on its respective product page.
  • Provide discounts when specific product attributes and their corresponding attribute values are added to the cart.


It costs $79 for a single site.

Bulk Discount Strategies For WooCommerce To Boost Sales:

1. Offer bulk discounts for specific products

To make the most of bulk discounts on WooCommerce campaigns, you should offer them for specific products rather than your entire store.

This way, you can target specific customer roles, such as wholesale dealers interested in purchasing large quantities of a specific product.

2. Create tiered discounts

Tiered discount pricing increases as the quantity of a product purchased increases. It encourages customers to purchase more to get a better deal.

For example, you can offer a 10% discount for the purchase of 10 products, a 15% discount for the purchase of 20 products, and a 20% discount for the purchase of 30 products.

3. Move Slow-selling inventory

If you have products that are not selling well, you can offer them with a bulk pricing option to encourage customers to purchase them. It will help you clear your inventory and make room for new products.

4. Combine bulk discounts with other promotions

You can also combine WooCommerce bulk order discounts with other discount promotions, such as free shipping or a buy one, get one free deal.

It will increase the visibility of your bulk discount WooCommerce offer and encourage more customers to take advantage of it.

Since WooCommerce only provides basic coupon features, you can combine your offer with other deals using any of the above-mentioned WooCommerce bulk order plugins.

Offer bulk discounts to specific customers with the Discount Rules plugin to boost sales and customer loyalty.


You can offer bulk discounts to targeted customers to increase your average order value for each sale. Bulk discounts increase sales and revenue, clear inventory, and encourage customers to purchase more from your store.

With the list of available plugins, choosing the best WooCommerce bulk order plugin matters.

To select the right bulk discount WooCommerce plugin for your requirements, look for features, pricing, ease of use, and store compatibility.

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  2. How to provide first order discounts in WooCommerce?
How do you add a 10% discount to a price?

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard-> WooCommerce->Woo discount rules ->Add New Rule.
2. Choose the products you want to provide discounts in the filter section.
3. In the discount section, choose ‘Percentage discount’ and enter the discount value as ‘10’.
Make sure to ‘save and enable’ the rule.

What is a WooCommerce quantity-based discount?

WooCommerce quantity-based discount, also known as bulk discount or volume discount, offers discounts on products based on quantities. The price per item will reduce when a customer purchases bulk quantities of the products.

What is the WooCommerce quantity discount plugin?

The WooCommerce Quantity Discount plugin enables online store owners to set up personalized quantity-based discounts, addressing the absence of this feature in the default WooCommerce platform.

How do I manage bulk orders?

Managing bulk orders is quite difficult. But you can follow these steps to execute well.
1. Plan work in advance
2. Monitor stock levels and make sure you have enough stocks.
3. Set up bulk pricing using discount plugins like Discount Rules Pro for WooCommerce.
4. Manage to ship using a good shipping plugin.
5. Communicate with customers.
6. Make a simple checkout process.
7. Keep monitoring and optimizing.

How do you give discounts for bulk orders?

1. You must install and activate the ‘Discount Rules Pro for WooCommerce’ plugin to give discounts for bulk orders.
2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard->Woocommerce->Woo Discount Rule
3. Click ‘Add New Rule‘.
4. Choose a discount as ‘Bulk Discount.’
5. Enter the discount value as a percentage or fixed.
6. Save and enable the rule.

What is an example of bulk pricing?

Bulk pricing is a strategy that offers a lower price to customers who order in bulk. For example, a company sells T-shirts for $5. When customers buy 50 T-shirts, they will get the T-shirts for $3 each.

How to bulk edit woocommerce products?

You can bulk edit the products in WooCommerce within a few steps:
1. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Products.
2. Select the products from the list you want to edit in bulk.
3. On the top of the list, click ‘Bulk Action -> Edit’ and Apply.
4. Now, you can change your product categories, prices, tags, and other requirements in bulk.

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