7 best bulk discount plugins for your woocommerce

7 Best Bulk Discount Plugins for Your WooCommerce

WooCommerce Bulk Buy Discounts are a most proven way of increasing sales as it helps you encourage your customers to purchase items in large volumes in your store. Be it your WooCommerce store or retail outlet people will shop more with volume discounts and special offers.

So we have analyzed and listed 7 best WooCommerce Bulk Discount plugins that help you offer quantity based, tiered bulk discounts in your store.

Bulk discounts in WooCommerce

By default, WooCommerce does not come with a built-in volume pricing feature. But don’t worry. The following WooCommerce plugins can help you offer volume pricing across your store, or in a specific bulk discount category or for a specific product.

There are a number of ways to offer WooCommerce bulk discount variations as a storewide bulk discount, WooCommerce bulk discount for a specific category, volume pricing discount for a few specific products or a bulk discount for user roles. We have taken all these into consideration for preparing the list of bulk discount plugins for WooCommerce. Let’s have a look at them.

1.WooCommerce Discount Rules

When I Google WooCommerce bulk discount plugins the first link to appear is WooCommerce Discount Rules. So, what makes WooCommerce Discount rules special? Imagine hiring a master chef with world cuisine expertise. That’s what WooCommerce discount rules offer to your online store- a complete solution for all types of discounts. Call it bulk discounts, percentage discount, bulk coupons discount, dynamic pricing discount, product discount, cart discounts, shipping discounts, Buy One Get One Free, this WooCommerce plugin will get your back covered.

Though there are many plugins to create WooCommerce coupon code, The main advantage of using this WordPress plugin is that it allows to create both automatic discounts and bulk coupons code enabled WooCommerce discount with few clicks. How about earning your customer’s loyalty as bonus when making a sale? Offer user role discounts and be your customer’s favorite shopping brand.

With the WooCommerce bulk order plugin, you can offer:

  • Bulk discount at your store level (Buy 10 or more, get 5% discount, Buy 20 or more, get 10% discount)
  • Bulk discount for a specific category (Buy 5 items from Shirts category, get 10%, Buy 10 or more, get 15%) – Just only for selected category or categories
  • WooCommerce Bulk discount / volume discount for a user role (Say, Wholesale customers get 10% for buy 20 or more, 25% for buying 30 or more items)
  • Volume pricing for a specific product (Herbal Soap: – Buy 5 or more, get 2% discount, Buy 10 or more, get 10%)
  • and more similar combinations

WooCommerce Discount Rules comes with over 100+ discount rules that can help you create any type of discount combination

2.WooCommerce Bulk Discount

Next to WooCommerce discount rules, Woo Bulk discount is one good bulk order plugin offering multiple volume discount features. Had you ever thought about the insights in giving a bulk discount? Whenever we shop at a Clearance sale, the applied discounts are bulk discounts. Hope you got your reason for a bulk discount? Your online store will never miss making a sale when a customer sees discounts on the checkout page. And this plugin will allow you to display discounts on both product page and checkout page.

3.WooCommerce Discount Manager

WooCommerce Discount manager is a powerful WooCommerce extension to offer potential store discounts. This WooCommerce bulk discount free plugin will allow you to create bulk discounts, percentage discounts, product category discounts, cart total discount and more. Do you wish to grow your social media presence? Try offering social network discount. The customer gets a discount when they follow your pages on social media platforms. The minimum requirement for installation of the plugin requires WordPress 3.5 and WooCommerce 2.0.

4.Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

Want free WooCommerce discount plugins? Choose Pricing deals for WooCommerce. You can design your own store discount offers. Supporting both dynamic pricing discounts and wholesale discounts are the advantages of Woo pricing deals. Pricing deals will allow your store to create specific product discount, cart discount, variable product discount and much more.

5.WooCommerce Dynamic pricing and discounts

WooCommerce Dynamic pricing and discounts is a paid WordPress plugin. Your WooCommerce store can’t be selling products at the same price all the time. Pricing needs to be done efficiently and must be dynamic. By dynamic pricing, I mean to say bulk discounts. The store must encourage customers with bulk discounts when they make a big shopping. You can set price rules for every product category to offer dynamic discounts. The plugin has definitely got its worth paying, but this same advantage has been the plugin’s disadvantage too.

6.WooCommerce Simple bulk discounts

WooCommerce Simple bulk discount is a WooCommerce extension to create bulk/volume discounts. The discount rules are simple with this plugin. Say when a customer shops three t-shirts, using this plugin you can either offer him a 10% discount on the total cart value or give him a trouser for free. Simple isn’t it? The plugin integration does not require coding knowledge but can be seamlessly integrated with your WooCommerce store.

7.WooCommerce Advanced discounts

In most shopping scenarios, people exit an online store when they see a huge cart total. As an eCommerce store owner, how can we avoid shopping cart abandonment? Will offering discounts based on their payment method and shipping destination be a good idea?

Of Course. WooCommerce advance discounts will allow us to give discounts based on customers payment method and shipping details. This eliminates the only reason for cart abandonment and thus bring more conversions.

Having shared the best WooCommerce bulk discount plugins, your store will get the complete benefits of offering discounts trying any of these above plugins.

Help us grow the WooCommerce community by sharing your experiences in the comment section.




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