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5 Best Elementor Add-ons Plugins for WordPress

WordPress Elementor addons are a much-needed part of building a perfect WordPress website. If you are familiar with WordPress, then you know about essential addons for Elementor. In this article, we will see the ultimate addons for Elementor that can bring a significant positive change to your website creation. There are both free and premium addons for Elementor, you can select the version which suits your requirement.

What is the use of Elementor addons and widgets? How will it make website building easier? What are the best free plugins for Elementor? All these questions and more will be answered in the article. Let us jump into the topic.

5 Best Elementor Add-Ons - What Makes them the Best

Elementor addons and widgets are nothing but tools with drag and drop options that can help develop a top-notch website for any theme, page, and design. An ultimate addon for Elementor will be user-friendly, advanced, and easy to design. You can install it from the plugin section in the WordPress dashboard or from the contributor website. A common thing about addons on the below list is that none of them requires any coding to meet your requirements.

Below are the top five essential addons for Elementor listed based on their performance, user-friendly approach, advanced features, technical support, and support for the latest WordPress version.

1. Mighty Addons by Mighty Themes

One of the best-performing WordPress Elementor addons, continually improving the ultimate addon for Elementor. Engineered to meet every user demand, Mighty addons can be easily modified as per the use-case. With ten plus much-needed Elementor addons, this is a powerful addon if you are looking to build the best WordPress website.

01 mighty addons elementor

Mighty Features:

These are much-needed features to make website creation fun and easy. Among all the WooCoomerce Elementor addons, Mighty addons are developed with careful curation of what is needed for the future.

  • Pre-Designed Template Kits - Already designed pages for a particular theme. Explore the options and select the best one available.
  • Free and Powerful - No compromise on quality even though it is free. Try it once to know its true potential.
  • Pixabay Integration - No need to go to the browser to select images or banner pictures for your webpage. Use the Pixabay integrated feature in Mighty addons for free.
  • Theme Compatibility - Suitable for any WordPress theme that supports Elementor and easy to integrate with it. Never a need will arise to change the theme due to Might addon.
  • Mighty Widgets :
    • Cross-Domain Copy Paste - Couple of clicks to copy pages and widgets from one to another.
    • MT Counter - Animated number counters with text and icons for crucial data
    • MT Testimonial - Display customers’ feedback and opinions about your brand.
    • MT Accordion - Include FAQ rich accordions on your website.
    • MT Team - Let the world know about your talented team.
    • MT Progress Bar - Add unlimited animated skill stats progress bar.
    • MT Button Group - Add unlimited creative CTA buttons for a single element.
    • MT Before After - Before and after progress, an image in simple clicks.
    • MT Gradient Heading - Creative colors, angles, styles, and positions for an eye-catching gradient heading.
    • MT Flip Box Widget - Flipping effects for banner, listing your company’s services, and much more uses.
    • MT Mailchimp - Simple and easy to get your message across your subscribers.

These are some of the widgets offered by Mighty addon; more widgets can bring in a lot more personalization to your website.

  • Complete Customization Control - Every widget is available to you with a ton of customization options.
  • Responsive & Compatibility - Highly responsive on all screen sizes and compatible with all browsers out there.

Mighty addons have a proven track record for its performance in the WordPress community. A free addon that provides all the features of a premium one. Make the best use of it to meet your website requirements.

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2. Elements Kit Elementor Addons by Wpmet

02 elements kit elementor addon

Used by many, the Elements kit addon comes with features and touch of personalization that makes website building great.

Elements Kit Elementor Features

  • Premade pages - A ton of premade professional pages are available for you to choose from many categories. But only some pages are free, and others are premium.
  • Extra Widgets - Pre-designed additional widgets, apart from the ones available in Elementor.
    • Call to Action
    • Countdown Timer
    • MailChimp
    • Team
    • Piechart and Chart
    • FAQ
    • Pricing
    • Accordion
    • Progress Bar
  • Custom Header and Footer - Custom header and footer options are available, an option that is available only in the Elementor pro version. You can select a pre-made header from the free version or pro version.

Professionally well-built pre-made pages, advanced features that are free and, in some cases, premium. Overall, a useful plugin for creative websites.

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3. The Plus Addon by POSIMYTH Themes

03 the plug addon elementor

With over 80+ widgets,18+ templates, 300+ UI blocks, the plus addon for Elementor is one of the top-performing ones in the digital space. Among the features some are free, and some come under paid versions. Features are classified under categories for easier selection while building a website.

The Plus Addon Features

Below are some of the widgets mentioned in the free version, and as mentioned earlier, there are so many widgets available, classified into each category for more accessible selection.

  • Animated Text
  • Smooth Scroll
  • FlipBox
  • Accordions
  • Tabs/Tours
  • Blog Design Styles
  • Blog Grid
  • Blog Masonry
  • Testimonials Styles
  • Gallery Grid
  • Gallery Masonry

The above mentioned are free widgets, and apart from these, there are more widgets available in the free version, and there are a lot of options for widgets in the pro version.

  • Template - Pre-defined templates are available, professional templates that can be used to meet your business needs.
  • Premium 3D Templates - The pro version of the addon is available with 3D templates. Only limited options available with 3D templates in the free version.

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4. Essential Addons for Elementor by WPDeveloper

04 essential addon elementor

An expert addon to enhance the operational functions of the Elementor. Both free and pro version combined, the addon has more than 70 elements and extension. This addon provides similar features for establishing a perfect website. Essential addons are a much-used plugin, mainly in the performance category.

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5. LiveMesh Addons by Livemesh

05 live mesh addon elementor

Simple yet an effective plugin in the list. The operations and functionalities of this addon are similar to the ones that are mentioned above. The only important part worth mentioning is the post grid feature. It allows you to create or use a default grid for the website and edit the fault grid. LiveMesh has its pros and cons but it is one of the top-performing addons out there.

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How to Select the One among the five

What to look for while selecting an addon in Elementor? Simple, while building a website, you will know the requirements for making it a top-notch one, so decide on the one that provides all the features you need to develop the perfect website. Each add-on mentioned above has an extra feature that can easily take you the extra mile while developing a website. Choose the one that makes you mighty in website building.

To wrap it up

On the whole, WordPress Elementor addons are there to make your website look great. By choosing the ultimate addon for Elementor, you can easily create the design in wish to have. Essential addons for Elementor make the site look good, but the ultimate addons are those who choose greatness.

FAQs on Elementor Addons

Elementor is a plugin in WordPress that is used to build the website with drag and drop features quickly.

The best, ultimate addons for Elementor are mentioned in the above article. These are the top-performing essential addons for Elementor: Mighty Addons by MightyThemes, Elements kit Elementor addons by Wpmet, The plus addon by POSIMYTH Themes, Essential Addons for Elementor by WPDeveloper and LiveMesh Addons by Livemesh.

It is simple to add multiple add-ons, go to the plugin section of your WordPress dashboard, and search for the plugin. Select it, install and activate; you are good to go. You can add n number of plugins for your Elementor.