How to use one coupon code for multiple discounts in WooCommerce?

Let’s talk about coupons in eCommerce, especially in the context of WooCommerce discounts.

Everybody know what is a coupon code in e-Commerce. The question we are going to address here is that how effective our discount strategy is.

Providing a coupon code is the simplest WooCommerce discount to do. 90% of the store owners do it. However, repeating the same will progressively deteriorate your marketing strategy.

What is the use in keep sending multitudes of coupons.

Let us take a look at ways we can improve the coupon marketing strategy in the modern ecommerce.

With Multiple coupons your eCommerce store can offer single coupon code which can be used to avail discounts in many product category. Creating multiple discount coupons works really well during festive season and clearance sale.

Shoppers always love coupons from their favorite brands. Make your store pricing flexible and offer dynamic discounts to be your customers favorite. Scroll to know the procedure in creating coupon codes for multiple discounts. Let’s see how to create a new coupon code for multiple discounts in WooCommerce,

1. To Create a New Coupon

You can see a ‘New’ option on top of the dashboard. Clicking it opens a drop-down with options ‘order and Coupon’. Select ‘coupon’

image 1

2. Add the general details of the coupon

The first field asks for the ‘coupon code’ and the second requires the description of the coupon code.

So, let’s consider your WooCommerce store is offering special coupon codes for the upcoming Fall 2018. ‘FALL’ be the coupon code and use descriptions to make your discount sound cool.

Next comes the Coupon data. The first field of coupon data is ‘General’.

Discount Type:

  • Percentage discount offers the customers to use the coupon for a percentage shopping discount. Don’t you like to make more sale conversions? Try creating Percentage discounts at your WooCommerce store.
  • Fixed cart discount allows the customers to use the coupon in the cart page to avail discount. Cart abandonment is one serious problem for all online stores. Try reducing the rate of cart abandonment by using cart discounts.
  • Fixed Product discount will create a coupon that can be used for an individual product category. Since we want to create a single coupon code for multiple product category, this type will not suit the present discount scenario.

Coupon amount:

What is the coupon discount amount that you wish to offer customers? Enter the coupon value in this field.

Note- Before setting the coupon value, you need to make sure of few things,

  • The coupon value will get added with the discount value of the discount rule to which this newly created coupon will be added. In the below case, the customer gets a coupon discount of 25% additional to the discounts applicable to the particular discount rules.

image 2

Tick the free shipping checkbox if the coupon applies to offer free shipping to the customer.

Coupon expiry date:

Never miss adding the expiry date to any discounts that you create at your store. Because having an expiry date creates a fear of missing the deal and so the customers tend to use make a quick purchase.

3. Enter the usage restrictions for the coupon

The usage restrictions have the option to use the coupon code for multiple products.

  • The minimum coupon value decides the minimum spend value for the customer to use the coupon.
  • The maximum coupon value decides the maximum shopping value until which the coupon can be used.
  • The ‘Individual use only’ checkbox is enabled if the newly created coupon code is to be used single. That is the newly created coupon cannot be used along with any other coupons.
  • The ‘Exclude sale items’ checkbox is enabled if the coupon excludes the items that are put on sale.
  • Note- Make sure to know that the items on sale will not consider the coupons for discount.
  • The ‘Products’ field can be used to create coupons for specific products
  • The ‘Exclude products’ field is used to exclude any specific product from the coupon discounts.
  • The ‘Product category’ should be set to ‘any category’ because it makes the coupon codes to be used for multiple product discounts.
  • The next field is the ‘Exclude categories’ option. We can select any product category if we wanted to remove it from the coupon discount.

image 3

4. Set the Usage limits of the coupon

  • Set the ‘Usage limit per coupon’ as ONE if the coupon can be used only once. Else the customers can use it for unlimited times as the default is ‘Unlimited Usage’
  • Using the ‘Usage limit per user’ field, you can decide on how many times a particular user can use the coupon code.

After filling all the required fields, click on the ‘Publish’ tab that is available on the right corner of the screen to create the Coupon code. You can even edit the coupon and ‘Update’ it then and there.

5. Adding the Newly created coupons to existing discount rules

Now after creating the coupon code, you have to add it to the discount rules based on your requirement.

(a). Select the type of discount rule

Navigate between the ‘Price discount rules’ and ‘Cart discount rules’ to choose the required discount rules. For this scenario, we have chosen price discount rules.

image 4

After choosing Price discount rules, choose the specific discount rules to which the new coupon needs to be added.

Click ‘Edit’ tab corresponding to the discount rule.

(b). Add the coupon to the discount rule

Select ‘Condition’ in the discount rules window. Choose ‘Coupon’ field and enter the coupon code ‘FALL’

Click on ‘Save rule’ to add the newly created coupon to the discount rule.

Similarly, the created coupon code can be added to all of the discount rules.

image 5

So, that’s all about creating a coupon code for multiple discounts. Pretty simple, right?

Choose WooCommerce discount rules to create coupons in quick and simple steps. Not just the coupons, WooCommerce Discount rules offer features more than any other Wordpress discount plugins.