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What is an Affiliate program?

Want to earn while you travel?

The best way to grow your passive income is to join an affiliate program. Amazon was the first to popularize affiliate program as an online marketing and selling strategy.

Affiliate marketing is an online advertising strategy where a service or product seller pays commissions to third-party websites to generate leads to sell the company’s products.

The third party publishers are called affiliates. Affiliates can be bloggers, digital advertisers, online marketers who will advertise and promote the company’s product in their affiliate websites.

How Affiliate marketing is done?

Affiliate marketing works the following way.

Seller- The seller creates an affiliate program and agrees to pay a commission to the affiliate if anyone buys the seller’s product through the affiliate link.

Affiliate- The affiliate does the task of advertising and promoting the seller’s product by publishing the affiliate link in their own websites and blogs. In this way, the affiliate promotes the seller business among his audience.

Note: Every affiliate marketer will receive a unique affiliate link from the seller.

Buyer- If a website visitor clicks and completes the purchase through an affiliate link, the affiliate will get the sales commission as per seller’s terms and conditions.

WooCommerce and Flycart

Are you one among the 26% of WordPress web users? Well, then this blog has got something really interesting for you. Be it about WP blogging or owning a WooCommerce store, the following WordPress plugins will make your website perform better and earn better.

WooCommerce Email Customizer

What carries your brand reputation?

It is the order emails that you sent to your customers. The way you personalize your order emails defines the extent of your customer engagement.

Being on the online platform, you would have already realized the importance of email engagement. Your brand credibility gets affected when you send plain and generic order emails. Time to move on from using default email templates. Now, you can easily create order emails by simple drag and drop feature.

Build your brand identity by adding your unique logo, header, footer, social icons, images with simple drag-drop interface with WooCommerce Email customizer

WooCommerce Pre-Paid Subscriptions

Online stores aren’t just meant to sell physical products. Many WordPress websites also sell subscription.

So, what can be the one thing that distinguishes your WP site form your competitor?

Flycart says “Pre-paid payments” for subscriptions is the strategy to win your customers.

Many customers express their views on simplifying the subscription payment in the WooCommerce forum. Why can’t the complete subscription payment be done pre-paid? i.e, one-time subscription payment.

WooCommece Pre-paid Subscription revolves around this very idea to make subscription payments simple. With this plugin, website owners can offer customers to choose up-front payments with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Well, the plugin also supports to gift subscriptions and one-time payments as well.

WooCommerce Discount Rules

The most important feature for any eCommerce store is to have attractive discount offers. Well, discounts and coupons are the best way to boost your Woo conversions. The best feature about this Woocommerce plugin is that it offers a lot of additional features than just creating your store discounts. Woo discount rules will allow your set dynamic pricing strategies.

For amateurs in WooCommerce, dynamic pricing is the strategy of altering product pricing based on customer’s shopping behavior.

Creating discounts based on WordPress user roles is the best example to relate to dynamic discounts.

Flycart’s Partner program

“We don’t want to pay Google and FaceBook- We want to pay You!” Let the days of paying Google end and let’s start paying real people who help our business grow.

Flycart is tired of paying Google and FaceBook to promote its brand. We think it’s time to ‘Grow and Make Grow’ of the WordPress community.

Join our Affiliate partner program to make your passive income growing. With each potential referral, you will be earning a 30% affiliate commission.

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