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How to Make Your WooCommerce Store Load Quick

how to make your woocommerce store load quick

If you wish to speed up WooCommerce, it shouldn’t be a tiring task, given that the intention is to attract people and let them shop around while navigating the available products.

When talking about modern-age norms and rules, instant gratification is something that you may not want to miss upon while pleasing your customers.

People don’t move around with much patience these days, not just with online stores but in physical stores. So, if your target audience is unable to load your store’s pages quickly, they would abandon your website immediately and move on to purchase from your competitor.

So, here are a few tips that will help you enhance your WooCommerce store’s overall performance and gain more traction. But, before diving there, let’s first understand a bit more about the importance of speed in WooCommerce.

Why is Website Speed Important for WooCommerce stores?

Sale Conversions can improve.

If usability research is to be believed, an approximate of 47% of customers expect web pages to load within 2 seconds or less than that. And, 40% of visitors tend to abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load completely.

Moreover, just a 1-second delay in the response time of your web page can lead to a whopping 7% decrease in your conversion. That’s something you wouldn’t want, right?

Having an online portal that loads quickly wouldn’t give any chance to your visitors to abandon the site. This way an increase in conversion rate can be easily achieved. Additionally, you can also increase online sale conversions by adding attractive WooCommerce discounts to your store.

Better SEO Rankings

The web speed of the page has been quoted as one of the primary ranking factors for search engines. Google objectifies to enhance the experience of users on the internet. And, websites that load quickly surely provide a helping hand.

In case your WooCommerce website doesn’t have adequate speed, Google will penalize it by pushing it towards the end of the pages, which will simply result in lower organic traffic.

Also, not just on the desktop, but your site should also load faster on a mobile device. Or else, the result would be the same. If you’re dubious about the speed, you can also use the mobile testing tool by Google to fix issues.

Enhanced User Experience

There’s no denying the fact that having a slow online store can directly leave a negative impact on user experience. If the site didn’t load properly, your visitors wouldn’t be able to navigate through products seamlessly.

A poor experience will lead to less traffic and even lesser conversion. One thing that you must keep in mind is that your shoppers are constantly looking for better user experience. And, if not on your website, they’d find it somewhere else. So, that’s one of the primary reasons to keep the web page speed up-to-date.

5 Tips to Speed Up WooCommerce Website

1. Use a Fast WooCommerce Theme

As mentioned earlier, the slower the site, the lesser would be the traffic. Having a WooCommerce website that doesn’t load quickly can lead to an increase in bounce rate and reduction in the revenue.
In such a scenario, your selected theme should help the website load pages quickly to keep the visitors engaged. And, for that to happen, you must choose a theme that is well-structured, SEO-friendly and is developed adequately. If confused, visit CyberChimps WooCommerce themes section, and you’ll surely get a perfect theme.

2. Select a Fast Web Host

Several owners begin their WooCommerce store with inexpensive shared web hosting instead of SEO friendly hosting, which might make perfect sense in the starting stage.. However, over the period of time, with an increase in traffic and the bandwidth requirements, you must outgrow the shared hosting.

That’s exactly where you must start looking for a better option that provides more memory, disk space, and bandwidth. This way, you can seamlessly increase WordPress speed by making the navigation efficient for customers. But, if you continue to run the store on limited bandwidth and space, it’ll adversely affect the speed.

3. Caching Plugin to Speed Up WooCommerce

Basically, caching enables you to speed the WooCommerce website by storing a resource copy of the store. This way, your visitors experience quick page loading as the store doesn’t waste more time by gaining the resources, such as JS, CSS, and other files.

With WordPress, you can gain various caching plugins that’d help you create and store a static version of your site so that whenever a customer returns, they’d only see the cached version of pages.

4. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Over time, CDNs have helped seamlessly solve problems related to the geographical distance between servers and users. Thus, investing in the CDN network is worth every penny if your traffic is coming from different countries.
A Content Delivery Network (CDN) increases the site load time of WooCommerce stores by serving cached static content from servers positioned near the user’s geographic location. This way, you can ensure a faster experience for your website visitors.

5. Optimize Images on Your Site

If your WooCommerce store is image-heavy, it can take forever to load the pages. For each image on your website, there’ll be another HTTP request, which means more waiting period for your visitors.
In a way, images account for 50% of your page loading time. That’s one of the essential reasons to optimize the images before you display them on your website.

Wrapping Up

In the present scenario, online shoppers anticipate an extraordinarily personalized and engaging WooCommerce store without compromising the wen speed. That’s because a slower site is directly related to higher abandonment rate.

Although a WooCommerce store has to provide several features and a great customer experience, the necessity to speed up WordPress website shouldn’t be neglected at any cost. Apart from boosting your web speed, make sure to personalize your emails and provide amazing discounts which your users can’t resist. Click to know the best plugins to create your store discounts.

Now that you know the kind of importance that it holds apply these tips above-mentioned and make your store load as quickly as possible to get the best results.

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