How to Add Discounts in WooCommerce?


WooCommerce discounts are the preferred strategy of all online stores. They’re not just about giving customers a good deal – they’re also about bringing in new shoppers, getting people interested, and making your sales go up.

Think about it: 87% of abandoned shopping carts get saved because of discounts, and 67% of customers decide to buy because of them. Helping customers save more money on their favorite products is the secret way to grab their attention.

WooCommerce has basic coupons, but they don’t give automatic discounts. This means customers have to type in a code when they buy something, which can be annoying.

But don’t worry!

There are powerful plugins, like “Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro,” that can help. With these plugins, you can make automatic discounts that fit your sales goals.

In this blog, we will discuss the different types of discounts and detailed steps on how to add discounts in WooCommerce.

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WooCommerce Discount Types

Creating multiple discount campaigns is an optimal strategy for identifying the most effective campaign type for your WooCommerce store.

Here are the WooCommerce discount types you can implement to attract all your target customers.

  • Percentage discounts: These discounts reduce the price of a product by a certain percentage. For example, you could offer a 10% discount on all products in your store.
  • Fixed discounts: These discounts reduce the price of a product by a set amount. For example, you could offer a $5 discount on all t-shirts.
  • Category discounts: These discounts apply to all products in a specific category. For example, you could offer a 20% discount on all clothing.
  • Product discounts: These discounts apply to specific products. For example, you could offer a 50% discount on a new product launch.
  • Cart discounts: These discounts apply to the total cart value. For example, you could offer a 10% discount on orders over $100.
  • Bulk Discount: A price reduction offered for purchasing large quantities. For example: Buy 5-10 for a 5% discount and 11-20 for an 8% discount.
  • BOGO Offers: It is a promotional offer where buying one item gets another free or at a discount. For example: Buy 1 Get 1 Free or Buy 1 Get the second product at a 5% discount.

You can also create advanced and smart discount rules, such as:

  • Discounts based on specific user roles, products or categories.
  • Discounts for first-time customers
  • Discounts based on cart quantity or total
  • Discounts based on purchase history and more.

You can customize these discounts based on customers’ purchase criteria and improve customer satisfaction.

Create multiple discounts for different customer groups using advanced discount templates in Discount Rules Pro.

How to Add a Discount in WooCommerce?

Adding a WooCommerce discount requires a discount plugin, and in this tutorial, we will create discounts with different scenarios using the ‘Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro’ plugin.

Check this installation guide to download and install this plugin to your WooCommerce store.

To add a discount in WooCommerce:

  • Go to the WooCommerce dashboard and click ‘Woo Discount Rules.’
  • Click ‘Add New Rule.’
  • Select ‘Discount Type’.
  • In the ‘Filter’ section, choose the main products you want to provide discounts on.
  • Add discount value in the ‘Discounts’ section.
  • You can optionally set ‘conditions’ for your discount and save it to activate the campaign.
Create New Discount in WooCommerce

Let’s see how to add a 10% discount in WooCommerce and discuss some more scenarios for your store.

Scenario 1: Add 10% Storewide Discount in WooCommerce

Example: 10% discount on All Products on the Store.

  • Go to ‘Add New Rule’ and select Discount Type as ‘Product Adjustment.’
  • In the ‘Filter’ section, choose ‘All Products’ to provide storewide discounts.
  • In the ‘Discount’ section, select ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Percentage Discount’ and ‘Discount Value’ as ‘10.’
Creating Storewide WooCommerce Discount
  • Save the rule to activate it.

Now, a 10% discount is applied to all products in the store.

 Final Result of Storewide Discount

Scenario 2: A 15% Discount in WooCommerce for Specific Product

Example: 15% discount on T-shirt

  • After clicking ‘Add New Rule,’ provide a name for the discount.
  • Select ‘Product Adjustment’ as the Discount Type.
  • Under the ‘Products’ filter, choose ‘T-shirt.’
  • In the Discount section, set the ‘discount type’ to ‘Percentage Discount’ and input the value as ’15.’ Save your settings.
Creating Percentage Discount in WooCommerce

This will apply a 15% discount to the specific product on the product page. You can also enable a checkbox to display this discount in the Cart orders, rather than changing the product price on the product page.

Final Result of Percentage Discount

Scenario 3: A $20 Fixed Discount in WooCommerce for Specific Category

Example: $20 discount on ‘Accessories’ category.

Show fixed discount for a specific categories using these steps:

  • Choose ‘Product Adjustment’ as a discount type and filter the ‘Accessories’ category.
  • Select ‘Fixed Discount’ and enter the discount value ‘20’.
  • It will apply a 20% discount on all products in the ‘Accessories’ category.
Creating Fixed Discount in WooCommerce

Scenario 4: Bulk discount for All Products

Example: Buy 5 to 10 and Get 5% Discount, Buy 11-15 and Get 10% Discount, Buy 16-20 and Get 15% Discount, and so on for All Products.

With following WooCommerce discount configuration, create bulk discount offers on your store:

  • Select ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Bulk Discount’ and set the filter to ‘All products’.
  • Set ‘Count Quantities By’ as ‘Filters Set Above’ and enter the product quantity with a discount amount.
Creating Bulk Discount in WooCommerce

Now, when customers buy any products in more quantities, a suitable discount will apply to their orders.

Final Result of Bulk Discount

You can customize the Bulk Discount table – its design and text from the ‘Woo Discount Rules’ settings option. Also, you have more ways to create Bulk discounts in WooCommerce with different scenarios.

Scenario 5: Buy X Get X Discount on All Products

Example: Buy One Get One Free, Buy Two Get Two Free, and so on for All Products.

Follow these steps for creating Buy X Get X discounts:

  • Choose ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Buy X Get X’ and filter ‘All Products.’
  • In Discount, enter the main and free quantity and choose ‘Free’ as ‘Discount Type.’
  • Finally, click the ‘Recursive’ box to continue the same offer for Buy 2 Get 2, Buy 3 Get 3, and so on. If you want to offer only for one time, then uncheck the Recursive box.
Creating Buy X Get X Discount

You can use the Buy X Get X formula for specific products or categories. Also, you can create different scenarios like:

  • Buy two and get one at a 5% discount
  • Buy two and get 1one free and more.

Scenario 6: Buy X Get Y on Specific Product

Example: Buy a t-shirt and get a free cap. Configure your Buy X Get Y discount rule using the below steps:

  • Choose the ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Buy X Get Y.’
  • Now, select the ‘X’ product in the filter section.
  • In the discount section, select ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Buy X Get YProducts’ and choose the ‘Y’ product that you want to provide for free or discounted price.
Creating Buy X Get Y Discount

You can also create various Buy X Get Y discount scenarios.

Scenario 7: Discounts Based on Specific Conditions

Example: Let’s take a cart total based discount condition – $25 fixed discount when you spend $500.

Follow this WooCommerce discount setup to set conditions for the cart discount:

  • Choose ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Cart Adjustment’ and filter products.
  • Choose ‘Fixed Discount’ and Enter ‘$25’.
  • In the Condition box, select ‘Condition Type’ as ‘SubTotal’ and Enter ‘SubTotal Amount’ as ‘500’.
Creating Cart-Based Discount

The cart discount is applied now. You can create different conditions for cart discounts.

How to Create a Discount Coupon?

Creating a discount coupon is easy as WooCommerce has a default coupon feature. You can also control those coupon codes within the ‘Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro’ plugin.

Compared to automatic discounts, discount coupons are effective ways to track the performance of discounts availed by customers.

Here’s how to create discount coupons optimized for Google SEO:

  • Discount Coupons for Specific Products or Categories
    Craft discounts for particular products or categories to target specific customer segments effectively.
  • Coupons Based on Cart Total and Order Quantity
    Set up coupons that trigger based on the total cart value or the number of items in the order, incentivizing larger purchases.
  • Coupon Codes for Specific Users
    Personalize your marketing by providing coupon codes to specific users, rewarding loyal customers or enticing potential ones.
  • WooCommerce Coupons for Specific User Roles and More
    Tailor coupons for specific user roles, like wholesale customers or premium members, to optimize your marketing efforts.

Discounts vs Coupons

It’s essential to understand the distinction between discounts and coupons in WooCommerce:

Discounts: Discounts allow customers to automatically enjoy the offer without the need for a coupon code. This can be particularly effective for site-wide sales or promotions.

Coupons: Coupons, on the other hand, require customers to enter a designated coupon code during the checkout process to claim the offer. This approach can be a powerful tool for tracking the success of specific marketing campaigns and understanding customer behavior.

Offer customized discounts and coupons using the Discount Rules Pro to boost your sales and customer loyalty.


Creating a discount in WooCommerce is a valuable strategy to attract and retain customers. Specifically, offering the right discount type helps you reach your target customers, increase revenue and enhance customers’ shopping experience.

You must choose the best performing discount strategy for your store to encourage customers to purchase more.

The ‘Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro’ plugin provides features to create customized discount offers. You can use it to simplify your discount campaign process.

What are WooCommerce discounts?

WooCommerce discounts are promotional price reductions that you can apply to products in your WooCommerce-based online store. These discounts are designed to attract and retain customers, boost sales, and enhance the overall shopping experience. You can create a variety of discount types, such as percentage discounts, fixed amount discounts, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals, and more, to incentivize customers to make purchases.

What are the different types of WooCommerce discounts?

1. WooCommerce discounts to all or specific products and categories
2. WooCommerce coupon-based discounts
3. Discounts based on bulk quantity
4. WooCommerce BOGO deals
5. Discounts on bundle products
6. Customer-specific WooCommerce discounts
7. User-role based WooCommerce discounts
8. WooCommerce cart discounts

What are WooCommerce dynamic pricing and discounts?

WooCommerce dynamic pricing & discounts refer to the low pricing strategies for products or categories to make customers purchase more items.
WooCommerce store owners can reduce product prices or provide discounts based on their sales, customer behaviors, user roles, order quantities, and more.

How do I add a discount code in WooCommerce?

You can create a coupon code in WooCommerce by going to your WordPress dashboard -> Marketing -> Coupons.
If you are looking for advanced coupons, you will need a plugin like Discount Rules for WooCommerce, which can help you offer customized coupons for user roles, specific customers, and more.

How do I add a custom discount to a cart in WooCommerce?

You can create a custom discount for the cart using the Discount Rules PRO plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin lets you create a discount rule that automatically applies a discount to the cart. You can apply discounts based on total, products, categories, or user role conditions.

How to add a discount sale tag in WooCommerce?

Follow these steps to add a discount sale tag in WooCommerce using the ‘Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro’ plugin:
1. Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules.
2. Select the Settings option in the Discount Rules plugin.
3. Go to Product -> On-sale badge.
You can turn on or off the sale tag for your discounts and offers.

How do you add free shipping to a product on woocommerce?

Add a free shipping to a WooCommerce product with these steps:
1. Open the ‘Discount Rules’ plugin dashboard.
2. Add a New Discount Rule and choose ‘Free Shipping’ as a ‘Discount Type.’
3. Now, choose the products as conditions and select the product you want to provide free shipping.
You can offer free shipping using various conditions of your WooCommerce store.

How do WooCommerce discounts work?

WooCommerce discounts are typically set up in your WordPress admin dashboard, specifically in the WooCommerce settings. You can create discounts based on different criteria, including product categories, specific products, user roles, or cart conditions. Customers who meet the criteria you’ve defined will see the discounted prices during their shopping experience.

Can I offer percentage-based discounts in WooCommerce?

Yes, WooCommerce allows you to offer percentage-based discounts easily. You can specify the discount percentage, and when customers add eligible products to their cart, the system will automatically calculate and apply the discount. Percentage discounts are a common and effective way to entice customers to make purchases.

Are there any limitations to applying discounts in WooCommerce?

While WooCommerce offers a wide range of discount options, it’s important to be mindful of potential limitations. Some complex discount scenarios may require advanced plugins or custom development. Additionally, extensive use of discounts may affect your store’s profitability, so it’s crucial to strike a balance between attracting customers and maintaining profitability.

How can I incorporate a discount code into WooCommerce?

Incorporating coupon code discount in WooCommerce includes few steps as below:
1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard and navigate to ‘Marketing -> Coupons.’
2. Click ‘Add Coupon’ and enter your own code.
3. In ‘Coupon Data,’ set your discount type and coupon amount.
4. Finally, click ‘Publish’ to activate the coupon discount code in your WooCommerce store.
To create automatic discounts in WooCommerce, you can use plugins like ‘Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro.’

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