How to Add Discounts in WooCommerce?


Do you want to create WooCommerce discounts without using coupon codes? Unfortunately, the default WooCommerce platform allows users to create discounts with simple coupons. 

In this blog, we will discuss how to add discounts in WooCommerce and the different WooCommerce discount types that you can create without coupons. For this, we need to have a discount plugin like Discount Rules

Before starting your process, install this freemium Discount Rules plugin, as this blog explains the discount scenarios using it. Check this installation guide to install and activate the plugin on your WooCommerce website.

Let’s start.

Add Discounts to All Products Using WooCommerce Discount Rules Plugin and Easily Increase Your Revenue.

What is WooCommerce Discount?

A WooCommerce discount is a price reduction sales strategy that can encourage customers to purchase more products in an offer.

You can create discounts for products, categories, or overall orders, and it has many types, from simple percentage discounts to complex BOGO offers. We will discuss it in more detail below.

Why are WooCommerce Discounts Important?

Offering discounts is the best way to increase sales and revenue of your Woocommerce store. 

Customers often look for offers to purchase and save more, and your discounts encourage them to add more products to their cart. Thus, you can increase your average order value and reduce your cart abandonment rate.

WooCommerce Discount Types

Here are WooCommerce discount types that you can create without coupons:

Price Discount Types

You can apply offers to any products or category pages with different pricing models in price discount types.

  • Percentage Discount: You can offer products with percentage discounts—for example, a 10% discount on all products.
  • Fixed Discount: You can offer your products or categories a fixed discount. For example: $10 discount on ‘Clothing’ category.
  • Bulk Quantity Discount: You can offer bulk discounts to your customers who purchase products in bulk quantities. For example: Buy 5-10 for a 5% discount and 11-20 for an 8% discount.
  • BOGO Offers: Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers are popular among all discount types, with you can offer discounts to one product when a customer purchases two or more. For example: Buy 1 Get 1 Free or Buy 1 Get the second product at a 5% discount.
  • Specific Discounts: You can create discounts based on specific products, categories, user roles, users, attributes, and more.

Cart Discount Types

You can create discounts on cart and checkout pages in cart discount types.

  • Cart Total or Orders-Based Discount: You can provide a discount when a customer reaches a particular total, order counts, or order quantities in the cart. For example, Buy for $500 and Get a 10% discount, or Buy 2 More Products to Get a 5% discount. 
  • Discounts Based on Purchase History: One of the best ways to retain customers is to provide discounts based on customers’ purchase history. For example: 10% discount on your next order.
  • Discounts Based on Shipping Address: To attract more customers from a particular location, you can provide discounts based on shipping address. For example, Provide free shipping or a 5% discount if a customer’s delivery location is in New York.

You can create these discounts so your customers don’t need to enter a coupon code to avail of them. Instead, discounts will be added automatically to the orders.

Offer Bulk Discounts and Effortlessly Increase Your Average Order Value Using the WooCommerce Discount Rules Plugin. 

How to Add a Discount in WooCommerce?

Since the WooCommerce platform does not provide ways to customize automatic discount offers, we recommend you create one with a plugin.

After installing the Discount Rules plugin, go to WordPress Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Add New Rule to create a new discount for your WooCommerce store.

Create New Discount in WooCommerce

Let’s see some discount scenarios you can use for your WooCommerce store.

Scenario 1: A Simple Percentage Discount for Specific Product

Example: 10% discount on T-shirt

Here is how to show discount percentages in WooCommerce:

  • After clicking ‘Add New Rule,’ enter the name for the discount.
  • Choose Discount Type as ‘Product Adjustment.’ Filter ‘Products’ and select ‘T-shirt.’
  • In the Discount section, set the ‘discount type’ as ‘Percentage Discount’ and enter Value as ‘10’. Save the process.
Creating Percentage Discount in WooCommerce

Now, it will apply a 10% discount to the specific product on the product page.  You can also tick the checkbox to show this discount in Cart orders instead of changing the product price on the product page.

Final Result of Percentage Discount

Scenario 2: A Fixed Discount for Specific Category

Example: $5 Discount on ‘Accessories’ Category

  • Similar to Scenario 1, add a new rule and create a name for the offer.
  • Choose ‘Product Adjustment’ and filter the ‘Accessories’ category
  • Select ‘Fixed Discount’ and enter the discount value ‘5’.
Creating Fixed Discount in WooCommerce

Now, it enables a $5 discount to the Accessories category.

Final Result of Fixed Discount

Scenario 3: Bulk discount for All Products

Example: Buy 5 to 10 and Get 5% Discount, Buy 11-15 and Get 10% Discount, Buy 16-20 and Get 15% Discount, and so on for All Products

WooCommerce Bulk discount is one of the best strategies to increase your orders. It helps to make customers buy more products in bulk. Also, it is the best way to attract wholesale customers. 

  • Follow the same rule: Add a new rule and create the name.
  • Select ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Bulk Discount’ and set the filter to ‘All products’.
  • Set ‘Count Quantities By’ as ‘Filters Set Above’ and enter the product quantity with a discount amount.
Creating Bulk Discount in WooCommerce

Now, when customers buy any products in more quantities, a suitable discount will apply to their orders.

You can customize the Bulk Discount table – its design and text from the ‘Woo Discount Rules’ settings option. Also, you have more ways to create Bulk discounts in WooCommerce with different scenarios. 

Check this Bulk Discount blog to learn more about Bulk Discount types.

Final Result of Bulk Discount

Scenario 4: Buy X Get X Discount on All Products

With the Buy X Get X discount type, you can offer the same product for free or discounted price when customers buy a certain amount of that product.

Example: Buy One Get One Free, Buy Two Get Two Free, and so on for All Products

  • Same as the above types, create a new rule with a new name.
  • Choose ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Buy X Get X’ and filter ‘All Products.’
  • In Discount, enter the main and free quantity and choose ‘Free’ as ‘Discount Type.’
  • Finally, click the ‘Recursive’ box to continue the same offer for Buy 2 Get 2, Buy 3 Get 3, and so on. If you want to offer only for one time, then uncheck the Recursive box.
Creating Buy X Get X Discount

Buy X Get X discount is applied to the order. Similarly, you can create for specific products or categories. Also, you can use different ways like:

  • Buy two and get one at a 5% discount
  • Buy two and get 1one free and more.
Final Result of Buy X Get X Discount

Scenario 5: Buy X Get Y on Specific Product

A Buy X Get Y discount in WooCommerce is a method of discounting another product when a customer purchases something. 

Example: Buy a t-shirt and get a free cap.

  • Choose the ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Buy X Get Y.
  • Now, select the ‘X’ product in the filter section.
  • In the discount section, select ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Buy X Get Y- Products’ and choose the ‘Y’ product that you want to provide for free or discounted price.
Creating Buy X Get Y Discount

You can create several variations in the Buy X Get Y discounts in WooCommerce. Some of them are:

  • Buy X and get a 10% discount on Y
  • Buy 2 of Product X and get 1 of Product Y Free
  • Buy 2 of product X and get 50% off of any product Y
Final Result of Buy X Get Y Discount

Scenario 6: Cart Total Based Discount

Example: $25 fixed discount when you spend $500. 

The cart discount type applies to the cart page automatically. The customer gets the discount automatically when he adds products worth $500 or more to his cart. 

As usual, create a new rule and set conditions for the cart discount.

  • Choose ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Cart Adjustment’ and filter products.
  • Choose ‘Fixed Discount’ and Enter ‘$25’.
  • In the Condition box, select ‘Condition Type’ as ‘SubTotal’ and Enter ‘SubTotal Amount’ as ‘500’.
Creating Cart Discount Based on Total

The cart discount is applied now. Similarly, you can create different conditions for cart discounts.

Final Result of Cart Discount

How to Create a Discount Coupon?

You can create smart discount coupons with the Discount Rules plugin. You can add WooCommerce coupons for different conditions based on the following:

Discounts allow customers to get the offer automatically. However, Coupons allows customers to apply coupon codes on the checkout page to claim the offer.

Here is the complete guide about setting coupons and coupon codes for your WooCommerce store.

Create  Buy X Get X Discounts Easily Using Discount Rules Plugin and Increase Your WooCommerce Sales.


Adding a discount in WooCommerce is a very simple process, as seen in this article.You must choose a discount strategy for your targeted customers and implement it using the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin.

So, overall discounts are a great way to increase sales of your WooCommerce store. You can implement any of the above-mentioned discounts and encourage customers to purchase more. It helps you increase your revenue and also enhances your customers’ shopping experience.

What are WooCommerce discounts?

WooCommerce discounts are primarily promotions for increasing sales in the store. Unlike traditional coupon codes, the discounts can be applied automatically based on conditions.
Example: Spend $500 or more and get a 10% discount. 

What are the different types of WooCommerce discounts?

1. WooCommerce discounts to all or specific products and categories
2. WooCommerce coupon-based discounts
3. Discounts based on bulk quantity
4. WooCommerce BOGO deals
5. Discounts on bundle products
6. Customer-specific WooCommerce discounts
7. User-role based WooCommerce discounts
8. WooCommerce cart discounts

What are WooCommerce dynamic pricing and discounts?

WooCommerce dynamic pricing & discounts refer to the low pricing strategies for products or categories to make customers purchase more items.
WooCommerce store owners can reduce product prices or provide discounts based on their sales, customer behaviors, user roles, order quantities, and more.

How do I add a discount code in WooCommerce?

You can create a coupon code in WooCommerce by going to your WordPress dashboard -> Marketing -> Coupons. 
If you are looking for advanced coupons, you will need a plugin like Discount Rules for WooCommerce, which can help you offer customized coupons for user roles, specific customers, and more.

How do I add a custom discount to a cart in WooCommerce?

You can create a custom discount for the cart using the Discount Rules PRO plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin lets you create a discount rule that automatically applies a discount to the cart. You can apply discounts based on total, products, categories, or user role conditions.

How to add a discount sale tag in WooCommerce?

You can add a discount sale tag in WooCommerce with the help of the ‘Woo Discount Rules’ plugin. Follow these steps to enable the sale tag:
1. Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules.
2. Select the Settings option in the Discount Rules plugin
3. Go to Product -> On-sale badge
You can turn on or off the sale tag for your discounts and offers.

How do you add free shipping to a product on woocommerce?

1. Open the Discount Rules plugin in the WooCommerce Dashboard
2. Add a New Discount Rule and choose ‘Free Shipping’ as a ‘Discount Type.’
3. Now, choose the products as conditions and select the product you want to provide free shipping.
You can offer free shipping using various conditions of your WooCommerce store.

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