20 Best WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2022


WordPress is one of the fastest-growing CMS platforms in the digital spectrum. An ideal platform to grow your business or blog. Innumerable themes and plugins to optimize your website allow you to create wonders in the fast-paced digital world. With so many improvements and updates made every day in WordPress, you need guides and tutorials to successfully navigate the WordPress landscape.

Questions like, “How to start a blog in WordPress? What is the best WordPress tutorial? What is the best WordPress training course? How to learn WordPress? ” and so much information available at your fingertips through efficient blogs.

Here in this article, we get the best 20 blogs that will provide invaluable information WordPress—the most popular WordPress blogs to keep a tab in the year 2022.

Blogs that “MUST” be Followed

There are many methods to learn and stay ahead in any technology, but blogs are the best ones. The best WordPress blogs out there offer straightforward solutions for effective operation.

For example, a well-researched blog can give you a clear idea of adding and making the best discounts in your WooCommerce store. Without any delay, let us get into the best WordPress blog to learn WordPress.


The blog’s name suggests the blog purpose, the best WordPress tutorial blog for a novice to become a pro in WordPress. The blog helps newbies to get started and thrive on their journey to success. This blog deals with all the essential WordPress elements, starting from installing, configuring, and hosting WordPress to selecting the best methods and plugins for success, WPBeginner provides you everything.

The blog offers the latest news, updates, reviews, the best themes based on category, the best plugins based on the purpose, everything about WordPress, and much more to learn and grow.

The blog offers the latest news, updates, reviews, the best themes based on category, the best plugins based on the purpose, everything about WordPress, and much more to learn and grow. With more than 600,000 readers and 320K subs who value the content, the blog is best in the space to grow.

The site was founded in 2009 by Syed Balki, and since then, it is every WordPress learners goto place out there. A perfect place to start and grow in WordPress CMS. If you are looking to become the best from your initial days, this is the place to start.


WPlift, a place to look for the latest WordPress updates, unbiased reviews, and excellent tutorials. The best launching pad any WordPress user can ask for. This popular WordPress blog is crucial to provide an actionable and enjoyable blog post to read about the fast-growing WordPress platform. Gaining knowledge about WordPress is not a chore anymore. WPlift makes sure of it.

Created by Oliver Dale in 2010, the blog is the primary source of the latest information for thousands of WordPress users every day. Just look at the blog theme in their gallery; you will understand the blog’s true potential.

On the point reviews, best tutorials, and detailed information on essential plugins are available to gain an edge in the competitive space. The weekly WordPress news by the site gives a quick peek into the latest development in the industry. The exciting monthly best theme round-up brings the best themes of the month in each category.


One place solution for the creative minds committed to WordPress. CodeinWP, everything about WordPress in a single place. One of the best blogs to follow if you are interested in growing your business in WordPress. Simple, easy to understand blogs, technical information is broken into simple English so that everyone can understand what is happening in the WordPress scene.

Excellent WordPress tutorials and weekly updates, inclusive of the latest tutorials on plugins to learn WordPress. Excellent list and comparison posts on the various plugins, the highly researched articles on the site help improve your knowledge in WordPress. Make the most of this site to become the best in what you do.

Started in the year 2013 by Ionut Neagu, the website is dedicated to making everyone easily understand WordPress.


An influential WordPress blog, an informative blog dedicated to making things better from every user’s perspective. A rapidly growing blog that delivers accurate information about WordPress Themes, plugins, hosting, etc. Detailed informative blog with the latest growing trend in the WordPress space and methods to follow to make rapid progress in WordPress technology.

WPleaders offer everything you need to make the right decision in choosing the plugins, themes, and ideal hosting for your WordPress website. A perfect place to learn and gain a lot about WordPress, learn from the best.


Are you looking to learn everything about WordPress in a single site? Learn WordPress and its wide variety of topics in a single place, WPExplorer. The one-stop destination for all your WordPress learning needs. Essential WordPress tutorials, technically advanced reviews, all-around WordPress news, and simple, easy to understand how-to-guides.

Not only that, but the site also offers many tips and tricks for improving your marketing and SEO activities on a larger scale. The website has two dedicated sections for premium and free plugins, respectively, on every category; this will be helpful when you are looking to add some new features to your WordPress website.

Post Status

Learn the current trend and updates about WordPress from Post Status to effectively elevate your future business plans. Post status provides the best curated news WordPress. It is a dedicated and highly useful platform for WordPress professionals and users.

You can find futuristic WordPress news, in-depth tutorials, essential WordPress improvement tactics and so on. A WordPress exclusive podcast by Brian Krogsgard and Brian Richards updates you about the latest happenings in the WordPress ecosystem. A must follow blog to know every update and happenings in WordPress.


The name itself suggests the purpose of the blog, Learn Woo, everything about WooCommerce. The site explains everything related to WooCommerce and offers many practical solutions for scaling WordPress websites in WooCommerce. Essential information on how to take your WooCommerce store to the next level. A must-visit website where crucial information is available at your disposal.

Also, the website offers advanced tutorials for the latest improvements made in WordPress. Information you cannot find anywhere else. Customization tutorials on the website are the best; they make personalization on the WordPress site easier and hassle-free. Just visit the WordPress security and performance tutorials in the blog; they are created to make your WordPress store the best in terms of efficiency and optimization.

WP Arena

Learn WordPress through WP Arena, an information-rich blog with the best collection of unbiased information on plugins and well-researched comparison results on the WordPress trending plugins space. The website is always sprinkled with excellent tips and tricks that readers can use to develop their WordPress website.

Especially on the customization part WP Arena offers incomparable knowledge to make the best decision while handling WordPress plugins. Invaluable “How-to” tutorials provided by the site never disappoint the users. Remember to check out the reviews of the plugins provided by the website before you purchase a plugin.


WPEKA, is one of the most popular blogs for WordPress out there. A unique blog with more detailed tutorials and WordPress plugin reviews and roundups. Clear and detailed information about everything required to grow in a WordPress world. WordPress guides and news about the growth and development of every business involved in WordPress operation.

WordPress tutorial offered on this website provides valuable information and makes things easy for the users. The information provided on the website related to SEO and WordPress security is top of the class.

Pressidium Blog

Launched in the year 2014, Pressidium is a hosting service provider for WordPress. Hosting service with must-read blogs about WordPress.It has undergone rapid growth in recent years due to the precise and much-needed information provided on the blogs.

They share crucial information about WordPress hosting, WordPress security, and clear how-to tutorials for improving your WordPress performance.

The best part about this blog is the expertise offered in solving technical problems related to WordPress. Excellent blogs that are targeted in optimizing the performance of every WordPress website out there. Individual blogs in the sites offer deep insight into the functions that can be performed without any technical hassle.


Anything and everything to do with WordPress, a complete package with all the latest information about WordPress. Exciting and easy reading blogs that comprise of vital information concerning growth and progress in WordPress CMS. Less WordPress tutorials and more information about how to use WordPress effectively for your business reach and success.

It is an ideal place to start if you are looking for detailed and precise information regarding any new update in WordPress. WP Tavern deals with all the latest news, plugins reviews, experts’ opinions, trending themes on every category, and, most importantly, the latest events that can be fruitful for progressive business.


One of the most visited and best WordPress blogs for gaining in-depth information and knowledge about WordPress and its latest improvements. As the name suggests, ThemeGrill

It has the best articles about the latest themes that can make a huge difference in converting visitors into customers. The blog offers vital information about the latest themes and plugins that can elevate WordPress site to the next level.

When it comes to knowing everything about the latest WordPress plugin and the best themes to make progress, ThemeGrill is the best. Regular updates with crucial information; every visit to the site will give you new information about the WordPress ecosystem’s latest updates.

These blogs consist of a niche theme and plugin collection, perfect place to know about the plugins and themes before you start using them. Keep a regular tab on this blog to learn more about exciting themes and plugins that you might be missing.

WP Mayor

WP Mayor is a specialized place to learn about plugins with the help of outstanding reviews. Unbiased and accurate reviews about plugins, themes, and services offered. The notable thing about the blog is that it is run by a famous WordPress developer Jean Galea. In this blog, you can expect tips and tricks concerning popular plugins and themes. They also publish tutorials, clear how-to guidelines, opinion articles, and news.

Before making any big decisions regarding plugins purchase or installation, just visit the website and read their review; you will make the best decision. Don’t just take my word for it; visit the website once, and you will know its potential.

WPMU Dev Blog

If you are looking for exceptional tips and tutorials about WordPress security, performance and backups, then your goto blog is WPMU dev. A ton of in-depth, well researched articles and tutorials that shed light on imperative knowledge about the WordPress spectrum. An ideal blog for any WordPress enthusiast looking to adapt and elevate their business and knowledge.

It covers a wide range of WordPress topics such as WordPress plugins, tutorials, support, updates, news, security, performance and all the vital stuff. As an adherent follower of WordPress, you can find heaps of informative articles here. A unique feature of this blog is its WordPress premium academy.

The premium academy allows you to get in touch with WordPress experts to gain knowledge and hone your WordPress skills. A complete package that offers something to everyone interested in WordPress.

WP Manage Ninja Blog

Who doesn’t like the speed and precision of a ninja warrior? The same applies to WP Manage Ninja blog, not only known for its high-quality plugins but also excellent blogs embedded with crucial WordPress information. A niche blog for people looking for high-quality tutorials, this blog can make a massive difference in the way of operation.

The ninja website is known for its high-quality plugins and plugins that cause a positive operation mode difference. Specific blogs on the website pour out valuable and much-needed information concerning WordPress’s growth and use. WordPress tutorials offered in the site are a level apart; just try it out, and you will add it to your list.

Dessign Blog

I can assure you that this is one of the best WordPress blogs out there for design. Dessign website offers premium themes and provides crucial and uncomparable inputs for better designs to attract and retain users in your WordPress site.

For people looking to make significant improvements with design assistance, this is the place to learn from. Know about the best themes for your specific blogs or websites that can do wonders for your popularity and reach in the digital world. It might be any theme; you will find a round up about it. Be the best in terms of design; Dessign can be of great assistance in reaching the epitome of innovation in WordPress.


If you are looking for easy and straightforward tutorial videos to learn WordPress then WP101 is what you need. WordPress 101 tutorial videos are crafted to help you easily understand the functionalities of WordPress so you can start creating websites in a few hours. WP101 has helped more than 3 million people to learn WordPress. The best thing about WP101 is that you can watch the videos anytime & anywhere on your favorite device.

WP Newsify

If you think that WP Newsify is just about news on WordPress, then you are Wrong. As the name suggests, they share information, no doubt about it, but their “How to Tutorials” is advanced and very high quality. Make no mistake; this blog is capable of delivering top-notch tutorials.

They have tutorials with respect to every aspect of WordPress. A place to learn and gain detailed knowledge of WordPress operation and new plugin. Look out for these blogs and keep them in your watchlist for exponential growth and expertise.

The round-up posts about plugins offered in the website blog can make you understand every part about the plugin. Give it a try and you will definitely feel happy that you didn’t miss it.


You must have heard about WPKube if you are in the WordPress space. Totally dedicated to sharing information about WordPress developments and the latest news. The blog’s primary focus is to share information about the latest WordPress plugins, news, and detailed tutorials—an excellent blog for learning and implementing advanced techniques that can grow your WordPress business exponentially.

The blog explains in detail about installing plugins, automated installs, and setups to creating and setting up pages for your Website. Everything about “how to“ is available on this website and an overview of the latest developments in WordPress.

Featured in the best magazines worldwide, WPKube brings in a lot of value to every reader following it regularly. Give it a try, and you will not regret the decision.

WP shout

WPShout, provides excellent articles about WordPress news, plugins, and the latest themes. The plugin review offered on the website is perfect, and the ideas provided on improving the WordPress website and blogging experience.

It is a little bit advanced when compared with other blogs mentioned in the article. It is a good thing when you are in a transition phase from a beginner to the next level. With in-depth tutorials, they are one of the best WordPress blogs out there. One thing that can be assured of this blog will never waste your time.

Technology is a rapidly growing field; you need to be on top of your game every time; keeping yourself updated in the technology is essential and mandatory to stay ahead in the competitive atmosphere. There are so many easy to do it and following the best blogs in the respective field in one of the easiest ways.

Try the best WordPress blogs mentioned above, and you won’t regret your decision. Select the best one that suits your needs and make an effort to follow it regularly. Keep on updating yourself to make the best results with minimum effort. Plan according to your growth of online business and gain access to these blogs’ knowledge on a silver platter.

Conclusion – Time to Wrap Up

We have analyzed and researched to a great extent to give you the best WordPress blogs to read in upcoming years. All these blogs mentioned here are worth your time and are dedicated to making WordPress the best in the digital ecosystem. Each blog suits a particular need, and they are different in their perspective. Select the one that can positively influence your business and use the information offered in the blog. Initial your learning experience without any delay.

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