How To Configure WooCommerce Discount Rules

WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin is a simple yet powerful tool to boost your sales through discounts. You can provide various kinds of discounts from Buy-One-Get-One deals to Dynamic Pricing and anything in between.

Configuring the plugin as per your WooCommerce online store’s needs is pretty simple and takes only less than five minutes. This article walks you through how to configure the WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin and which setting does what.

  1. In your WordPress site’s dashboard, find the Woo Discount Rules under WooCommerce tab.
  2. You can find three tabs - Price discount rules, Cart discount rules and Settings. You know what to choose. Settings, it is.
  3. In the Settings tab, you have around 8 very basic properties to configure. Here’s how it looks.
    • License Key

      The License Key is unique and used for validating your plugin instance. You can get your License key on your My Downloads page. Enter your license key and click “Validate”.

    • Rule setup for price

      This property applies only to Price Discount Rules and NOT Cart Discount Rules. It has 3 options:

      set name expiry for the discount rule

      If there are two or more rules that apply to the same product, this property decides which rule to actually apply.

      • Apply first matched rule - To apply the rule with highest priority
      • Apply all matched rules - To apply all the matching rules
      • Apply biggest discount - To apply the rule that offers the highest discount

      The property applies to all the discount rules that you have created and not just one rule.

    • Show price discount on product page

      Familiar with the “Strikethrough” that appears on the product price when there is a discount?

      set name expiry for the discount rule

      Set the value of this property to “Show” for the strikethrough to appear. Otherwise set it to “Don’t Show”.

      set name expiry for the discount rule

    • Coupon name to be displayed

      It is the title to be shown on the Coupon field in your WooCommerce cart. If you set it to “special discount”, this is how the field looks on your cart page:

      set name expiry for the discount rule

    • Discount table

      The discount table appears on the product page and shows all the discounts applicable on the product. It has two columns - Range and Discount. To display the discount table on the product page, select “Show”. Else select “Don’t show”.

      The storefront looks like the below screenshot when the discount table is enabled.

      set name expiry for the discount rule

    • Show discount title on table

      If this property is set to “Show”, then an additional column “Name” appears on the discount table. This column displays the “Rule Name” of the discount rule. If it is set to “Don’t Show”, then the table displays only the Range and Discount columns.

      set name expiry for the discount rule

    • Rule setup for cart

      This property is similar to “Rule setup for price”. While the price property is for the Price Discount Rules, the Rule Setup For Cart property is for the Cart Discount Rules. It has the same three options:

      • Apply first matched rule
      • Apply all matched rules
      • Apply biggest discount

      Select whichever option you want to apply on all the cart discount rules.

    • Draft

      This property is a checkbox that asks to Exclude draft products in the product select box. If you check the box, the discounts are not applied on the products that are still in “Draft” mode, that is, the ones that are not published yet. Otherwise, the rules apply on products including the draft products.

  4. Save the rule and you are good to go.

Configuring WooCommerce Discount Rules is that simple.

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Use our demo site to work yourself and check how it goes.

Let us know how Woo Discount Rules has helped your business in the comments below! We would love to hear from you!