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How to provide First order discount in WooCommerce?

That’s my first time! Remember saying it at any point in your life? Well, I remember many instances.

What is First order discount in WooCommerce?

So, When does it all happen! At what point do you convert a website visitors to your WooCommerce customer?

Yes, It all happens when the customer makes the first order purchase. Every customer of your WooCommerce store must have obviously made his first purchase.

But, What has first order WooCommerce discount got to do anyway with the sales metrics? There is a bigger reason behind giving the first order purchase discount. Now, do you remember of anything like gifting new customer discount on customer’s first purchase? In most scenarios, it will be a “No”.

Hear it, my friend, WooCommerce Discounts are the best trick to boost sales conversions. Learn magic! Tada!

Advantages of First Order Discount in WooCommerce

Customer loves and trusts the brand!

Let’s speak scenarios with you in the lead perspective.

You find a favorite product at a WooCommerce store(completely new to you). You go online and make your first purchase. Surprisingly, you even get a WooCommerce percentage discount on your first order purchase. What’s the Heart-mind phenomenon says?

Let me guess.

Mind says- You have got the best price. Bingo!

Heart says- Such a happy surprise with the first order purchase. Love it!

So, with first order discounts, you can win both the mind and heart of your customers.

Customer returns to shop more!

Which WooCommerce store hits your thought when planning for another online shopping? Most probably it will be the one where you got the first order discount. Having got your first order purchase discount, you will at least visit that store again to look to for more shopping. And of course more WooCommerce discounts!

Customers speak and share the brand!

Now, that you love the WooCommerce store, don’t you talk about it with the fellow community. I bet. You’ll definitely do share about your shopping experience.

One happy customer make many!

When more people hear about your WooCommerce store, the chances of making more customers is largely possible.

How to provide First order discount in WooCommerce?

Transparency is a Brand’s best value! It’s always good to trust and purchase a plugin if you are given the opportunity to work with the plugin for free in a demo website.


WooCommerce Discount Rules- popularly as Woo Discount Rules is the best discount plugin for WooCommerce stores. Know why? Because, be it any type of discounts- (Percentage discounts, cart discounts, BOGOs, Coupons, dynamic pricing, and much more) Woo Discount rules will get your back covered.

WooCommerce Discount Rules is the plugin that is steadily gaining popularity among WooCommerce store owners. Get to know why yourself by using the plugin’s free demo.

Screen 1

After getting to the landing page of the plugin demo site, sign in to the website using the ‘demo’ credentials.


Screen 2

1. Choose WooCommerce Discount Rules from the demo WordPress site’s dashboard.

To create a new discount rule,

2. Select Price discount rules tab and click on ‘Add New Rule’


Screen 3

Now, the general details of the new discount rule need to be added.

1. Order:

The new discount rule must be given an order number. It is the factor that decides the priority of the discount.

Say, if a customer is eligible for both ‘First order discount’ and ‘Referral coupon code discount’, this order number decides which one out of the two eligible coupons to be validated.

2. Rule Name & Rule Description:

The new discount rule’s name and description should be added. The rule name and description are the same in most scenarios.

‘Exclusive End of Summer sale’ is the discount name for our ‘First order discount’ scenario.


The method for the discount rule is set as ‘Quantity based by product/category and BOGO deals’ i.e, the customer will be eligible for the first order discount based on both BOGO and product categories.

4. Validity:

It is always recommended to set the validity for any discount. Because the validity dates not only makes the discount unavailable after the time limit. But, most importantly it creates a sense of urgency among customers to shop quick. Hence instant sales conversions are obtained.


Screen 4

Navigate to the second tab by clicking ‘Next button’ available on the right side of your screen. The ‘Conditions’ tab defines all the discount criteria.

1. Apply to:

Since the WooCommerce discount is ‘First order discount’, the customer gets the discount on ‘All Products’.

If the WooCommerce store is out of stock with any particular category, that product can be excluded from the discount rule as well.

Note- The rule can also be excluded for products on special sales by checking the ‘Exclude Sale items’ checkbox.

2. Customers & User Roles:

If the discounts are for particular customers, we can choose ‘only given’ in the customers drop down box. Else select ‘All’ to make the discount available for all customers.

Note- Offering discounts to particular loyal customers is a method to earn a brand reputation.

User-role discount is a special type of coupon discount which is based on your WordPress user roles. We’ll leave it to ‘Do not use’ as our first order purchase discount is for new customers.

3. Coupons:

The first order discount in this scenario is a simple percentage discount. We haven’t created any coupon codes for the discount. That leaves the coupon text box as ‘Do not use’. This also makes sure that the new customer cannot use any promo coupon codes to avail additional discounts.

4. Subtotal:

This feature is to make the discount dependant on the subtotal. i.e, the customer needs to buy for minimum cart subtotal to avail the discount. For the present condition, we keep it to ‘Do not use’.

5. Purchase history:

Purchase history is the feature that gives the first order discount condition. Select ‘Number of Orders’ from the purchase history drop box. It opens a new text box at the bottom. Over in the new drop-down, select ‘Less than or equal to’ option. Type ‘Numeral- 0’ in the adjacent check box to define it to be first order purchase.

This is the discount rule that gives the new customers a first order discount. Then choose ‘Completed’ from the last drop-down menu to indicate the order status.



Screen 5

The last step in creating the discount. Don’t the discount need a value? Enter the minimum and maximum purchase limit for the discount. Say, the customers to 10% first order discount. Enter ‘Numeral-10’ in the value check box.

It’s all done!

Click on ‘Save Rule’ button available on the top right part of the screen.


Screen 6

This screen shows the WooCommerce discount rules page. It’s the page where all of your WooCommerce store discounts are listed.

Check the latest created ‘First order discount’ is active.


All it needs is just a few minutes. Less than coffee time! WooCommerce discount rules make it in a simple way than the rest of the plugins.

Do share your experiences & feedbacks in creating this discount rule. Join us in growing the WooCommerce community together.