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How to Set Multiple Prices Per Product in WooCommerce?

Running a WooCommerce store, you probably know that discounts and coupons are an excellent marketing strategy to boost your sales. Similarly, setting multiple prices per product is one of the most crucial aspects of a WooCommerce store owner’s business plan.

For instance, you may have various products in your WooCommerce store, and all the products are at different prices. You may want to provide customers with multiple alternatives, like different materials, colors, and sizes.
Do you ever think of setting multiple prices for each kind?

Providing variable pricing for WooCommerce will be a great pricing strategy that encourages customers to return to your shop with the best offers. Therefore, this blog will guide you in setting up WooCommerce Multiple Prices per Product.

Let’s begin!

Set up various pricing strategies tailored to your WooCommerce store.

What are Multiple Prices Per Product in WooCommerce?

Setting up Multiple prices per product is nothing but configuring your WooCommerce store to sell the same products at different prices. The variations in prices depend on specific rules and conditions.

For example, You can create and display an additional price for the XL size of a product than the S size.

Why should we set Multiple Prices Per Single Product in WooCommerce?

We know that in WooCommerce, a single product comes in many variations, and as a store owner, you may list some products with unique pricing requirements.

For example, Imagine you are selling a cap that comes in different colors and sizes. Instead of introducing the cap to your WooCommerce store as a separate product and displaying the same price, you could create it as a variable product with attributes like color and size. Based on this condition, each cap at your WooCommerce store could be priced differently.

The main benefit of offering multiple prices per product is that it allows customers to search for dynamic items easily.

Advantages of WooCommerce Multiple Prices Per Product

Pricing has a significant impact on your WooCommerce store in a variety of ways. But before we start, let’s view some of the advantages of Multiple Prices Per Product.

  1. Offers to sell to different types of customers.
    For example, you could offer different prices for retail and wholesale customers since wholesale customers buy products in bulk.
  2. Encourage customers to buy more
    Setting multiple pricing for WooCommerce encourages customers to buy more. For example, you can set WooCommerce’s different sizes and prices to incentivize customers with bulk pricing marketing tactics.
  3. Increase your revenue
    Setting variable attributes with multiple prices per product at your WooCommerce store helps to generate more revenue. For example, if you are selling hoodies, based on the size, you can set variations in prices (i.e., you can charge a higher price for large sizes than small or medium size hoodies.)

Ways to set Multiple Prices for a Product in WooCommerce

To establish a product with multiple prices, first, you need to create a variable product with a price attribute. The below steps guide you through setting multiple prices per product in WooCommerce.

Step 1: Adding new products

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard->Products->Add new. Enter the product name and product descriptions on the Add new product page.
  2. After adding the product description, scroll down to product data to set the product type as “Variable Product.” (Since your product will have different variables like size, colors, and materials)
type product name and description

Step 2: Adding Attributes

Attributes add additional information (size, color, material, etc.) to your WooCommerce products. Adding product features helps your customers to search and filter your products easily.

There two different attributes of WooCommerce are:

  • Global Attribute
  • Custom product Attribute

Global Attribute: You can create global attributes and can use those attributes for many different products.

Custom Product Attribute: You can create custom product attributes to define the features of the specific product, whereas it does not apply to most of the other products in your WooCommerce store.

Create a Global Attribute that applies to every product in your WooCommerce store by following the steps listed below.

Creating New Attributes

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard->Products->Attributes.
  2. Enter the new Attribute name and slug in the respective fields.
  3. Click on the “Add attribute.”
newly created attributes

Once after creating a new attribute, you can see the new attribute data on the right side of the page.

Adding values to Attributes

Now, we have created global attributes. Customers expect attribute values to purchase a product in your WooCommerce store. Pricing for WooCommerce products will be decided based on different sizes and prices.

For example, here, style is our attribute; the values are Polo, U-neck, Round neck, and more can be values of attributes.

To add values to the attributes,

  1. Go to WordPress dashboard->Products->Attributes.
  2. Click on the attribute which you have created already.
  3. Enter the style name, and slug and add a description.
  4. Click on “Add new Styles.”
attributes value added

Similarly, following the above procedure, you can add multiple terms to your attributes. Once after adding terms to attributes, you can see the attribute terms on the right side of the page.

Step 3: Adding Global Attribute Values to Product

Now, we will add the created attributes and values to a product. Follow the steps below to add the attributes and their values to the product.

1. Go to WordPress-> Products-> All Products.

2. Click on the product where you want to add the attributes and values.

select product to add attributes

3. On the product page, you can find an option called Product data. Product data allows you to change the type of your product. To add the attribute and values, choose the option Variable product.

4. Click on Attribute, and select the attribute (style) from the drop-down that you have created already.

5. Click “Add” and select the list of values you want to add to the product.

6. Enable the “used for variations” checkbox.

7. Click “Save Attributes.”

choose the attributes style

Step 4: Adding Variations

Now, we will look at the steps to add variations to our created product.

Select “Create variations from all attributes” under “Variation.”

Click the option “Go,” and you will get a popup with a warning message ‘Are you sure you want to link all variations?.”

Click OK to add all the terms from the attribute to the product.

attributes terms are added

Step 5: Adding Images and WooCommerce Multiple prices per product

Finally, click on the variations to add product images and prices.

add image and price for each variation

Click on Save changes, and the images and pricing for WooCommerce will be stored.

Look at the cart page below to understand WooCommerce Multiple Prices Per Product workflow.

customer various products

How to Set Multiple Price Per Product using Woo Discount Rules

Allow customers to shop with different options and the best offers. We will use the Discount Rules for the WooCommerce plugin to create pricing for WooCommerce.

Install the Discount Rules for WooCommerce Plugin by following the below steps,

Step 1: Log into your WordPress Dashboard and go to the Plugins section.

Step 2: Click on the “Add New” button as illustrated below,

Step 3: Search for the plugin “Discount Rules for WooCommerce,” as shown below,

install and activate plugin

Step 4: Install and activate the plugin.

The WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin can also be installed manually in your store by downloading the Discount Rules for the WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress repository.

The above process explains the installation of the free version.

Try out the premium version of the WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin to get more features like user role-based discounts, BOGO deals, category-based discounts, and more.

Experience the advanced features of Dynamic Pricing and Discounts.

How to set discounts on WooCommerce Multiple Prices Per Product?

Pricing for WooCommerce based on Bulk Discount

Bulk pricing attracts and encourages customers to purchase products in more quantities. Whereas in WooCommerce, you can offer a particular item or group of items at a lower price based on the items purchased. Here using Woo Discount Rules, we will see how we can set WooCommerce Multiple Prices Per Product based on bulk discounts.

For example, Order 2 or more items with the specified attribute and avail discount on the product price.

  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules
  • Click on Add New Rule to create a new user discount.
  • Enter the Rule name and choose the discount type as “Bulk Discount,” as shown below
choose product quantity and price

Select “Attributes” in the filter section and set the attribute type as: “Size: Small and Color: Blue.”

In the Discount section of the rule, add the ranges. Example: 2 to 3 quantities, the customer gets a 10% discount. Similarly, you can keep adding more ranges.

Note: You can keep adding a number of discount ranges and leave the maximum quantity field empty at the final range, as shown in the image. So, when a customer purchases more than six quantities, the plugin automatically offers a discount to customers.

Check out the Cart Page to understand the workflow better,

configure multiple price per product

WooCommerce Pricing based on Specific User-Role

You can use this pricing rule at your WooCommerce store to create different pricing offers for specific user roles like Admin, Wholesalers, Author, and more. Enabling WooCommerce set_price attracts specific customers to purchase the products and increases customer loyalty.

For example, a 15% discount for shop Managers on specific products.

  • Go to WordPress dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules
  • Click on Add New Rule to create a new user discount.
  • Enter the Rule name and choose the discount type as ‘Product Adjustment.”
set condition for shop managers

Choose the product option in the filter section and “select one more product” that gets the discount.

Select “Percentage discount” in the discount section of the rule, and set the percentage value as “15.”

In the Rules section, choose the condition type as User role and select the user role as “Shop manager.”

Now, when the shop Manager purchases the specified products from your WooCommerce store, then a discount of 15% will be applied to the customer cart.

Similarly, with Woo Discount Rules, you can set Multiple Prices Per Product based on different conditions like items in the cart, discounts based on category, pricing based on specific users, and more.

Make your marketing approach unique with variable pricing options and discount offers.


Therefore, setting WooCommerce Multiple Prices Per Product allows the customers to purchase the products with various options and prices. It’s also a great way to enhance the customer experience. This blog presents the ways to set Multiple Prices Per Product, and further, we have seen different ways to create pricing for WooCommerce based on bulk discounts, specific user roles, and specific categories.

Set Multiple Prices Per Product with our Woo Discount Rules, and explore various discount rules and features for your WooCommerce store. Do you need marketing strategies or ideas to increase your sales? Then check out the blog “10 types of eCommerce marketing your Online Store should follow.

How do I add more prices in WooCommerce?

Follow the below steps to add multiple prices in WooCommerce.
1. Go to WordPress Dashboard->Products-> Attributes.
2. Add the various attributes and incorporate the values into the attributes.
3. Create a new product or choose the product and add the attribute values to the product.
4. Create variations and add multiple prices to the list of created attributes.

How do I add dynamic pricing in WooCommerce?

Go to WooCommerce-> Woo Discount Rules -> Add New Rule. We can choose either bundle or Bulk discount type. So, that product price will be updated dynamically based on quantities chosen by the customer.

How do I get product variation in WooCommerce?

As discussed in this blog, set your attributes and their value, further add your attribute values to the existing product or create a new product. Once after processing these conditions, set the product images and prices. Preview and Publish your variable product in WooCommerce.




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