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How to Create Bulk Discounts in WooCommerce? (Different Types)

How to setup bulk discounts in woocommerce updated example

Are your customers adding only a few products to their cart? With WooCommerce bulk discounts, you can encourage them to buy more products.

Bulk buy discount offers motivate customers to purchase products in bulk quantities, which helps you increase sales.

In this blog, let’s learn how to set bulk discounts for WooCommerce stores using a plugin, as WooCommerce missed this feature by default.

We will also delve into common scenarios, types, and examples for creating a profitable bulk order discount campaign.

What is a WooCommerce Bulk Discount?

WooCommerce bulk discount is a promotional strategy to increase sales, where store owners reduce product price per unit when customers buy in bulk quantities.

For example, if you sell a cookie box at $20, you can increase its sales by creating a bulk pricing structure:

  • Buy 1 cookie box at $20
  • Buy 2-5 cookie boxes at $19
  • Buy 6-10 cookie boxes at $18
  • Buy 11+ cookie boxes at $15

By reducing unit prices for bulk purchases, it encourages customers to buy more products at discounts.

Offer bulk discounts to specific products using the Discount Rules Pro plugin and increase sales.

Why Offer Bulk Discounts For WooCommerce Stores?

Offering bulk discounts for WooCommerce stores may result in increased sales and provide some more benefits:

  • Increase Order Value: Bulk discounts attract customers and make them purchase more items with discounts. If a customer intends to buy one product may buy two or more to get discounts, which increases order value.
  • Acquire Wholesale Customers: Discounts can attract more customers; however, volume discounts can specifically acquire more wholesale customers who will purchase in bulk for their retail stores.
  • Enhance Customer Experience: With WooCommerce bulk discount pricing, you are rewarding customers for purchasing more quantities, which enhances their shopping experience and retains them for future purchases.
  • Clear Old Products: If you have slow-selling or old stocks in your inventory, apply multi-buy discounts on those products to sell them quickly.

Types of Bulk Discounts to Offer in WooCommerce Stores

Bulk discounts can offered in different types to make it a unique and attractive deal for your customers. Here are some ways you can provide a WooCommerce bulk order discount:

  • Store-wide Discounts: You can offer bulk discounts on all products in your store, which will help you attract more customers.
  • Product (or) Category-Specific Discounts: You can provide bulk order discounts only to specific products or categories. This will increase sales of those particular items.
  • Bulk Discounts Over Amount: You can enable volume discount offers only when customers reach a certain amount in their cart. This motivates them to buy more to surpass the set threshold amount and will increase order value.
  • Limited-Time Discount: You can offer bulk discount pricing only for a limited time. This will create a sense of urgency and urge customers to buy products so they don’t miss the deal.
  • Customer-Specific Discounts: Segment customers based on their purchase history and create bulk pricing deals only for certain customers to reward their shopping journey with your brand.

How to Create WooCommerce Bulk Discounts?

Creating a WooCommerce bulk discount requires a plugin like Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro, as you won’t be able to set it with default settings.

Discount Rules plugin has advanced bulk order discounts with customization options and purchase conditions. These conditional discounts will help you narrow your strategy for increasing sales.

Three Bulk Product Counting Method

In this plugin, you have three ways to count the quantities of products to apply bulk discounts.

(i) Filters set above: 

If you choose this product count method, all products, irrespective of categories, can be counted for quantity range to apply discounts.

Example bulk pricing: Buy 1-5 at 5% off and Buy 6+ at 10% off.

If I choose three products from the A category and three products from the B category, the total number of products is six. So, the 10% discount is applied to each product.

(ii) Individual Product: 

If you choose this, quantity ranges are counted for each product.

Example bulk pricing: Buy 1-5 at 5% off and Buy 6+ at 10% off.

If I choose three quantities of Product A and three quantities of Product B, it will count the quantity for the individual product and apply a 5% discount to each product.

(iii) All variants in each product together:

This option takes quantity range by counting all variations of each product.

Example WooCommerce bulk discount variation: Buy 1-5 at 5% off and Buy 6+ at 10% off.

If I buy 3 grey and 3 pink T-shirts and 3 blue caps, it will take the quantity as 6 T-shirts with 10% discount and 3 caps with 5% discount.

Let’s check the common scenarios of WooCommerce volume discounts with these counting methods.

Create personalized bulk discounts for specific customers using the Discount Rules Pro plugin to enhance customer experience and loyalty.

Scenario 1: Bulk Discounts To All Products

To create a store-wide WooCommerce simple bulk discounts:

  • Install and activate the “Discount Rules” plugin. Check the installation guide to integrate it into your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to “WooCommerce” -> “Discount Rules.”
  • Click the “Add New Rule” button.
  • Enter the campaign name and choose a discount type as “Bulk Discount.”
  • Filter “All Products” for store-wide discount.
  • In the Discount section, create product prices based on quantities.
    • For example, a 5% discount applies to purchases of 1 to 5 items, and a 10% discount applies to purchases of 6 or more items.
    • Set “Minimum and Maximum” quantities, discount type, and value. 
    • Also, set the “Count Quantities By” option. Here, I choose “Filters set above” to calculate all product quantities.
  • Save the rule.
Creating store-wide discounts based on bulk quantities

Now, multi-buy discounts are applied to all products, and product prices will be reduced based on quantities.

Applying discount based on quantities

Scenario 2: Bulk Discounts to Specific Products (or) Categories

To create a volume discount to specific products (or) categories in WooCommerce:

  • Choose “Bulk Discount.”
  • Filter specific products or categories. For example, I choose the “women’s accessories” category here.
  • In the discount section, set the quantity range and its discounts. Here, I choose a fixed discount.
  • Also, choose the “Count Quantities By” option. Here, I choose the same “Filters set above” to calculate all product quantities.
  • Save the rule.
Creating a WooCommerce bulk discount category

Now, the discounts will be applied only to the specific category based on its quantities. Similarly, you can filter specific products to apply discounts for those particular items.

Applying discounts only to a certain category

Scenario 3: Bulk Discounts Based on Subtotal

To apply WooCommerce bulk discounts only to carts that reach subtotal:

  • Choose “Bulk Discount.”
  • Filter products to apply discounts.
  • In the “Discount” section, set quantities and discounts.
    • Here, I choose a fixed discount for 1st range and a percentage discount for the second range. You can also apply different discount types for different quantity ranges.
    • Also, I select “Count Quantities” as “Individual Product.”
Creating discounts for bulk purchases over the amount
  • In the “Rules” section, select “Condition” as “Subtotal” and set the cart total that customers want to reach.
    • With this plugin, you can display a “Promotion Message” to remind the remaining amount that customers need to reach the threshold.
    • Customize the message.
  • Save the rule.
Setting amount conditions for bulk purchases

If the customer has products less than $100, the promotion message will be displayed to remind them about meeting the threshold.

Promotion message reminding customers to spend more money

After the customer reaches $100, discounts will be applied to each product based on individual quantity method.

Applying discounts in bulk over the cart total

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Scenario 4: Limited-Time Bulk Discounts

To create bulk discounts in WooCommerce for a limited time:

  • Choose “Bulk Discount.”
  • Filter specific products. Here, I choose specific “product attributes” to apply discounts.
  • In the “Discount” section:
    • Choose “Count Quantities By”. Here, I choose “All variants in each product together.”
    • Set quantities and discounts.
    • Also, I set the discount type as “Fixed price per item,” which applies the fixed price instead of the original sale price.
  • In the “Rules” section:
    • Set the start and end (expiry) date for this campaign.
    • Optionally, you can set user limits on how many times this offer can be used.
  • Save the rule.
Creating time-limited discounts for volume purchases

This offer is valid for the given time period. After that, discounts will be invalid.

Applying volume discounts based on product variations

Since the product count is based on variations, it takes all t-shirts as a quantity set and cardigans as a separate set and applies discounts based on the count and specific attributes.

Scenario 5: Simple Bulk Discounts To Specific Customers

To set a bulk order discount to specific customers in WooCommerce:

  • Choose “Bulk Discount.”
  • Filter products for the discount offer.
  • Set quantities, discounts, and count methods in the “Discount” section.
  • In the “Rules” section, select “Condition” as “User” and select the specific customers who are qualified for this discount offer.
  • Save the rule.
Creating customer-specific bulk discounts

Now, the discount is applied only to the specific customer. 

Applying user-specific discount for bulk purchase

Similarly, you can apply bulk discount pricing to specific customer roles, such as wholesale customers, VIP (membership) customers, regular customers, and more.

Instead of “User,” choose “User role” as a condition to create an offer for specific user roles.

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Scenario 6: Bulk Discount Coupon

Instead of displaying a discount table and offering direct discounts, you can also make customers enter coupon codes at checkout to enable volume discount offers.

To create a bulk discount coupon in WooCommerce:

  • Choose “Bulk Discount.”
  • Filter products to apply the discount.
  • Set quantities and discounts in the “Discount” section.
  • In the “Rules” section, select the “Condition” as “Coupon.” Create your coupon code.
  • Save the rule.
Creating a coupon for bulk offers

When customers meet purchase conditions and enter a coupon at checkout, or the cart page, fixed multi-unit discounts will be applied to their products.

Applying bulk price reduction using a coupon

You can also enable “Coupon URL” to auto-apply volume discount coupons.

WooCommerce has a basic coupon feature, but you cannot create a coupon with a bulk discount offer without a plugin. 

To know more about coupons, you can check our complete guide to WooCommerce coupons.

Customizing Bulk Discount Table On Product Pages

While creating bulk discounts, the price structure will be displayed on every single product page to help customers know about the discounts.

Bulk Discount Table on Product Pages

You can customize the default discount table using the plugin’s customization options. To do that:

  • Navigate to the “Settings” page of the “Discount Rules.”
  • Scroll down to the “Product” section.
  • Enable the “Show Discount Table” option and click “Customize Discount Table.”
  • A popup with customization settings will appear where you can edit the table’s title and content based on your campaign goals.
Customizing Discount Table

After this, you can find “Position to Show Discount Table,” where you can decide where to show your discount table on product pages.

Bulk Discount Examples By Brands

(1) Clothing Authority

Bulk Offer By Clothing Authority

Clothing Authority, an apparel brand, uses bulk discounts to increase its wholesale customers. They offer percentage-based bulk order discounts based on the amount customers spend.

You can offer this same deal using the “Discount Rules” plugin. To do so, you must create a few simple percentage discount campaigns with subtotal conditions.

(2) Printful

Discounts in Bulk by Printful

Printful, a popular print-on-demand company, uses multi-buy discount offers to increase its sales. Customers will get more discounts when their product quantities increase.

This is the real-life example of scenario one, we have discussed above.

Like these two brands, many popular online stores utilize the simple bulk discount strategy to increase their revenue.

When To Offer Bulk Discounts In WooCommerce?

Offering bulk discounts can be a successful strategy when it is implemented at the right time. Here are when you can provide this offer:

  • Refilling Products: If you want to refill your old stocks with new ones, you can use bulk discounts on those old products to sell them.
  • Seasonal Sales: Seasonal sales are the peak time to increase the store’s sales. You can apply bulk order discounts on specific products to increase sales.
  • Retain Wholesale Customers: If you have a wholesale customer base, you can provide bulk offers only to those customers to retain them for a longer period.

Offer customized bulk discounts based on cart total using the Discount Rules Pro plugin to increase order value and sales.


Offering WooCommerce bulk discounts seem difficult, but it is actually easy. It helps you reward customers who make bulk purchases and increases your sales.

As we discussed in the above scenarios, you can implement unique bulk offers based on your sales goal, whether to increase your customer base and sales or move out old products.

You only need a bulk discount WooCommerce plugin like “Discount Rules for WooCommerce -Pro” to plan a discount strategy. It satisfies all your campaign needs with its advanced features.

You can also check these seven bulk discount plugins for WooCommerce to explore more plugins in the market.

What to do now?

You can also check the following discount strategies to plan your complete discount campaigns with different offers:

How do I bulk change prices in WooCommerce?

You can bulk change all or specific products’ prices in WooCommerce:
1. Go to “Products.”
2. Select the products that you want to change price.
3. On the top, select “Edit” from “Bulk Actions” and apply it.
4. You can easily change product prices at once for all the selected products.

What is the best way to show a discount?

It is essential to notify your customers about your discount offers to increase their impact.
To highlight your discount offers, you can use the website’s top and side banners, sale badges, or a discount bar.

Why do merchants give discounts for bulk orders?

Purchasing bulk orders are a great way to increase sales and revenue of your store.
Discounts are an excellent way to appreciate those bulk order customers and grow a long-term relationship.

How do bulk discounts work?

Bulk (or) volume discounts can be offered to customers to encourage them to make bulk orders. 
When customers add more products to their cart, discounts can be applied based on product quantities.

What is the difference between trade discounts and bulk discounts?

Trade discounts are a common promotional strategy to provide discounts for all large orders.
Bulk discounts are a promotional strategy in which you can create a different price structure for different product quantities and also personalize the offer based on specific customers.

What is the best way to bulk edit thousands of WooCommerce Products?

You can easily bulk edit thousands of WooCommerce products:
1. Select all the thousand products you want to edit.
2. Simply click “Edit” from bulk actions.
3. You can bulk edit all options for all the products.

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