How to Add WooCommerce Advanced Discounts? [Based on Real-Time Offers]

how to setup woocommerce advanced discounts

Do you want to offer the same percentage or fixed-cost discounts that drive only minimum sales to your store?

It’s time to refresh your sales strategy. Imagine a customer visiting your store, checking their favorite products, and getting exclusive discounts based on their purchase history. 

Doesn’t it add a personal touch to their shopping experience? Providing personalized discounts based on each customer’s purchase behavior can enhance customer loyalty.

That’s where the WooCommerce advanced discounts come into play. With this tactic, you can offer irresistible offers, such as bulk discounts, BOGO deals, and more, based on customers’ preferences.

Without stopping yourself from the boring and basic discount features in the default WooCommerce platform, use the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro,” an advanced and automatic discount plugin to increase your sales and revenue.

In this blog, we will discuss the detailed steps to creating advanced discounts in WooCommerce using real-life discount offers.

Offer advanced discounts to specific customers using the Discount Rules plugin and enhance customers’ shopping experience and loyalty.

What are WooCommerce Advanced Discounts?

WooCommerce advanced discounts refer to the customizable discounts offered beyond the basic percentage or fixed-cost discounts. 

It allows you to offer conditional-based discounts, such as specific user roles, users, cart items, cart value, payment methods, coupons, and more.

With this tactic, store owners can offer flexible and personalized discounts based on each customer’s preferences and encourage them to shop more. It helps to enhance customer experience and boost sales.

Why Offer Advanced Discounts in WooCommerce?

Offering WooCommerce advanced discounts not only increases sales and enhances customer experience but also provides several benefits:

  • Improve Conversion Rates: With exclusive discounts, customers feel like getting a personalized deal that influences them to complete a sale, resulting in higher sales and conversion rates.
  • Competitive Edge: When every other competitor provides conventional discount offers, the customized advanced discounts can easily attract more customers and bring in traffic.
  • Targeted Marketing: Since WooCommerce advanced discounts are personalized offers, they quickly reach target customers compared to other marketing tactics.
  • Retain Customers: When advanced discounts help to attract new customers with customized offers, it also retains existing customers with irresistible discounts based on their purchase histories.

Provide advanced bulk and BOGO discounts to specific products using Discount Rules Pro and Increase Sales.

How to Add WooCommerce Advanced Discounts? [Using Real-Time Examples]

Creating WooCommerce advanced discounts is simple with the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro” plugin. 

This plugin allows you to create advanced discounts, such as Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals, bulk discounts, and bundle discounts based on conditions, such as cart subtotal, cart items, specific date and time, users, purchase history, and more.

Here is the complete list of advanced conditional discounts provided by this plugin:

Advanced Discounts in Discount Rules Plugin

Before delving into scenarios, install and activate this plugin with this installation guide.

Let’s explore some real-time offers and create those advanced discounts on your WooCommerce store using this plugin.

Scenario 1: First-order Discounts in WooCommerce

Nykaa's Discount Offer

Nykaa offers exclusive discounts to first-time customers. 

This strategy attracts first-time shoppers and motivates them to buy more to reach the specific order value. It further helps to increase their order value and retain them for future purchases.


  • 10% discount for order value above $299 (here, I price my products in US dollars.)
  • Use coupon code: NEW10.
  • Discounts apply only to first-time customers.

Here is how you can create first-order discounts in WooCommerce with these conditions:

  • After installing the Discount Rules plugin, go to the WooCommerce dashboard and select “Discount Rules.”
  • Click the “Add New Rule” button.
  • Enter the campaign name.
  • Choose the “Discount Type” as “Cart Adjustment.”
  • Filter “All Products,” as it is a store-wide discount.
  • In the “Discount” section, choose “Discount Type” as “Percentage Discount” and value as “10.”
Creating a first-order discount in WooCommerce
  • In the “Rules” section, set three conditions:
    • First condition: “Subtotal” – add the specific order value as “299.”
    • Second condition: “Coupon” – enter new coupon code as “NEW10.”
    • Third condition: “First Order” – select first order to provide discounts only for them.
  • Save and enable the rule.
Adding coupon to the first-order discount


A 10% advanced discount is applied to the total after the order value is above $299. This WooCommerce discount applies only when first-time customers log in to the store.

Live result of the first-order WooCommerce discount

You can also offer fixed-cost discounts to first-order purchases.

Scenario 2: Limited-Time Discounts in WooCommerce

Limited-Time Offer by Amazon

It is one of the limited-time deals offered by Amazon.

Time-limited offers create a sense of urgency for customers to purchase products before the deal ends.


  • 35% discount on headphones
  • Set time for the offer.

Here is how you can add limited-time advanced discounts in WooCommerce with these conditions:

  • Choose “Discount Type” as “Product Adjustment.”
  • Filter the specific product, “Headphones.”
  • In the “Discount” section, select “Discount Type” as “Percentage Discount” with the value “35.”
Creating a limited-time discount in WooCommerce
  • In the “Rules” section, navigate to “Rule Limits” and set the specific time for the offer.
  • Scroll down to the “Discount Bar” section, add the “Badge Text” as “Limited-Time Deal,” and customize the badge color.
  • Save and enable the rule.


A 35% discount is applied only to “Headphones” with the badge as “Limited-Time Deal.” This WooCommerce advanced discount will automatically expire after the fixed time.

Live result of the limited-time WooCommerce offer

Scenario 3: Buy One Get One 50% Off in WooCommerce

BOGO Offer by Maybelline

Maybelline offers a Buy One Get One 50% Off deal on their products.

Buy One, Get One (BOGO) is the most recommended sales tactic for increasing sales of particular products. This tactic involves providing the second item for free or at a discounted price. It helps store owners increase their average order value.


  • Set a discount for specific products or categories.
  • Apply a 50% discount for the second product.

Here is how you can create a “Buy One Get One 50% Off” deal in WooCommerce:

  • Choose “Discount Type” as “Buy X Get X.”
  • Filter specific products or categories to apply this BOGO deal. Here, I filter a particular category, “Cosmetics,” to use the offer only to this category.
  • In the “Discount” section:
    • Set “Minimum quantity”’ as “2” to sell the first product with the original price and 2nd product with half of the original price.
    • Set “Free quantity” as “1.”
    • Select “Discount Type” as “Percentage Discount” and value as “50.”
    • Optionally, you can enable the “Recursive” button to continue this offer in a loop as Buy 1 Get 1, Buy 2 Get 2, Buy 3 Get 3, and so on.
  • Save and enable the rule.
Creating a Buy One Get One 50 OFF Deal in WooCommerce


When a product from the “Cosmetics” category is added twice, a 50% advanced WooCommerce BOGO discount is applied to the 2nd product.

Live Result of the BOGO Offer

Scenario 4: Buy One Get One Free in WooCommerce

Free Subscription Offer by Apple

Apple offers a free subscription to Apple Music when a customer purchases a particular Airpods.

Offering free products or subscriptions is indeed a common marketing tactic used to attract customers’ attention and encourage them to make purchases. 

Freebies can serve as incentives for potential customers to try out a product or service, potentially leading to future purchases or subscriptions. 


Considering that we are running a product-based WooCommerce store, we will offer free products instead of free subscription services.

Buy a specific product and offer another product for free.

Here is how you can offer a free product in WooCommerce when customers buy a specific product:

  • Choose “Discount Type” as “Buy X Get Y,” as we offer different products for free.
  • Filter the specific “Buy” product. Here, I choose “T-shirt.”
  • In the “Discount” section:
    • Select “Buy X Get Y – Products.”
    • Enable “Auto add” to automatically add the free product to the cart.
    • Set “Buy Quantity” as “1.” 
    • Select the free product in the “Get Quantity” section. Here, I choose “Cap” and enter “free quantity” as “1.”
    • Choose “Discount Type” as “Free.”
  • Save and enable the rule.
Creating a Buy One Get One Free Offer in WooCommerce


When a specific product, such as a “T-shirt,” is added to the cart, the free cap is also added automatically as an advanced discount offer.

Live Result of adding a free product to the cart

BOGO free and BOGO 50% OFF are not the only scenarios to grab customers’ attention. You can also create different Buy One Get One deals in WooCommerce, such as BOGO $10 Off, Buy 2 Get 1, BOGO offer only for specific customers, etc.

Scenario 5: Bulk Discounts in WooCommerce

Bulk discount by Keurig

Keurig offers a bulk discount on its famous coffee. When customers buy more boxes, the cost of each pod decreases.

Next to BOGO deals, bulk discounts are the second most popular sales strategy that encourages customers to purchase products in bulk to reduce the unit cost of the product.

With this tactic, store owners can increase their average order value and remove slow-selling products.


  • Use bulk advanced discounts based on product quantity. Here is a sample pricing structure:
2 to 5 products$2 fixed discount per item
6 to 10 products$4 fixed discount per item
11 or more$6 fixed discount per item

Here are the steps to create bulk discounts in WooCommerce based on these conditions:

  • Choose “Discount Type” as “Bulk Discount.”
  • Filter specific products to offer discounts. Here, I choose “Tea Bags.”
  • In the “Discount” section, set the “Minimum and Maximum Quantities.”
  • Set “Discount Type” as “Fixed price per item.” Enter the fixed product prices, excluding the discount.
  • Save and enable the rule.
Creating a bulk discount in WooCommerce


The bulk pricing is applied to the specific product.

Applying bulk pricing to a product

When customers buy more tea bags, the cost of each item will be discounted.

Live Result of the bulk discount

Check this “bulk discount in WooCommerce” blog to explore different scenarios based on bulk and tiered pricing offers.

Convert up to 57% of online shoppers into your regular customers with personalized discounts using the Discount Rules plugin.


Customers often get discount offers from various online stores, so a basic percentage or fixed-cost discount does not attract more customers to your store. 

Thus, offering personalized discounts based on their purchases and preferences will provide an incredible shopping experience and easily draw them to your store.

With the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro” plugin, you can create advanced discounts that appeal to your customers and increase your sales.

Also, if you have doubts about other discount offers, you can contact our support team anytime to resolve your queries.

Recommended Reads:

Does WooCommerce allow discount codes?

WooCommerce has a default coupon feature that you can use to provide basic discounts with coupon codes.
However, it does not help you create coupons based on advanced discount conditions, such as total value, first order, etc. You must use a plugin like “Discount Rules for WooCommerce” to create advanced discount codes.

How do I add a discount percentage in WooCommerce?

To add a discount percentage in WooCommerce:
1. Go to WooCommerce -> “Discount Rules” plugin.
2. Add a new discount rule and select the discount type as “Product Adjustment.”
3. Filter products or categories to provide a discount.
4. Choose “Discount Type” as “Percentage Discount” and set the discount value.
5. Save and enable the rule.
A discount percentage is applied to selected products or categories.

Is it possible to provide free shipping to a specific country or city?

Yes, with the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce” plugin, you can offer free shipping only to a specific country, state, city, or zip code.

How to offer personalized discounts in WooCommerce?

Understanding customer preferences is critical to creating a personalized discount.  

Based on customers’ purchase history and browsing patterns, create discounts on their favorite or wishlist products to motivate them to purchase products.

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