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How To Setup WooCommerce Advanced Discounts

Looking to create advanced discounts in your WooCommerce online store? With advanced discounts, you should be able to do a lot more than a fixed price or percentage discounts per product or per category. Right? WooCommerce Discount Rules can help you create such complex and advanced discounts very easily. Let’s quickly walk you through how to setup advanced discounts for your WooCommerce store in just a few minutes, a few clicks and a few keystrokes.

A combination of discounts like percentage discount, flat price discount, dynamic pricing deals, multi-tier pricing, BOGO deals and so on are collectively called as advanced discounts. Not all WooCommerce discount plugins let you set up all these discounts on your store. WooCommerce Discount Rules offers all of these options, especially with the following benefits:

  • Ease of use
  • Neat and clean interface
  • No time wasted in learning
  • Create simple and complex discount rules in no time
  • Works smooth as a silk
  • Discount rules don’t clash with each other
  • Free and pro versions. (Pro version at a low price)
  • Awesome customer support

Looks like a complete package at a great deal, right? So, go ahead and install WooCommerce Discount Rules to get started with the advanced discounts on your store.

How to create WooCommerce Advanced discounts?

So, to set up any kinds of discounts in your WooCommerce online store, here’s a step-by-step tutorial you can follow.

Step 1: Create a new rule

The very first step in Woo Discount Rules is to choose what kind of discount you are going to provide. To create an advanced discount rule, choose one of from three tabs:

  1. Price Discount Rules - that applies the discount rules on the product level (on products or categories)
  2. Cart Discount Rules - that applies the discount rules on the cart level (on subtotal or number of cart items)
  3. Settings - General configuration

The Price Discount Rules has options to create BOGO deals and quantity based discount rules. In this article, we are going to deal with advanced discounts in the Cart Discount Rules. So, go ahead and select the Cart Discount Rules tab and click on the Add New Rule button to get started.

Step 2: Enter rule details in the General tab

Once you have selected the tab, you will get three more tabs in this stage. General, Condition and Discount. Start by filling out the general details. There are 4 fields:

advanced discount

  1. Order - Priority of the rule
  2. Rule Name - Name of the rule
  3. Rule Description - A short description
  4. Validity - The From and To dates of the discount validity (Optional)

Simple? Now, move on to the next and important step.

Step 3: Add any number of conditions in the Cart Conditions tab

In this step, you have to add the conditions based on which the rule will apply on the customer’s cart. There are multiple condition types you can choose from for creating advanced discount rules. Here are some of them:

advanced discount

  1. Cart subtotal
  2. Cart item count
  3. Quantity sum
  4. Categories in cart
  5. Customer details
  6. Customer email domain
  7. Customer billing details
  8. Purchase History

Let’s have a detailed look at how you can give advanced discounts using these options. Below are a few examples of different types of conditions you may want to apply.

1. Based on Purchase History

If you want to provide a discount based on how much the customer has purchased, this is the option for you. In the condition, you can specify the minimum amount and order status to be satisfied in the rule.

advanced discount

For example, if you want to provide 10% discount when customer has purchased above $1000 in the store previously, then you can select the Condition type as Based on Purchase History, enter the value as 1000 and Order status as Completed. The discount value of 10% can be set in the next page.

2. Based on User Role

The user role based discounts are typical among online stores. Different customers playing different roles such as Premium user or subscriber or registered user can get separate discounts in your store if you apply this rule. Take a look at the below screenshot:

advanced discount

If you want to provide a discount when only for Subscribers and Customers or different discounts for Retailers and Wholesalers, then you can select the Condition type as User role in list, choose the value as Subscriber, Customer from the drop down. The discount value can be set in the next page.

3. Based on Total Cart Quantity

Total cart quantity refers to the number of items in the customer’s cart. You can also include the number of each line items in the cart. There are options for both the cases in Woo Discount Rules.

advanced discount

If your discount rule is “Add 5 items to your shopping bag and get 10% discount”, then you need to select Condition type as Sum of item quantities at least and value as 5. The 10% discount is set in the next page.

4. Based on Order Subtotal

Here comes the subtotal based discount. The order subtotal is nothing but the total amount for which the customer has purchased.

advanced discount

If you are providing a discount based on the order subtotal, say “All orders above $500 will get 15% discount”, the Condition type will be Subtotal at least and value will be 500.

You can create as many conditions per rule as you want but the discount value is the same for all. You cannot apply 15% discount for one condition and 10% for another. If you want to apply different discount values, then you need to create a separate discount rule. In the next step, you can define the value of the discount.

Step 4: Enter the discount value in the Discount tab

The discount tab has two fields. Discount type and Value. The value of the discount can be either Percentage Discount (Ex: 10% off) or Price Discount (Ex: $100 off).

advanced discount

The final step of creating the rule goes like this:

  1. Choose the relevant discount type
  2. Enter the discount value
  3. Click Save Rule button

YYou are now good to go. The rule is saved and will be applied in your WooCommerce online store without clashing with other existing discount rules.

There is no limit to how many conditions or ranges you add per rule, and also how many rules you create for your store. With WooCommerce Discount Rules, you can create as many advanced discount rules as you please, with utmost ease. (A bit of rhyme, I know). *Wink*

Use our demo site to work yourself and check how it goes.

Also check out how to set up Buy One Get One Deals and Bulk Discounts on your WooCommerce store. Let us know if you liked the article and how WooDiscount Rules has been helpful to your business in the comments below.