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How to Create a Buy One Get One Free Offer in WooCommerce?

how to setup bogo deals in woocommerce

Looking to double your sales with a tempting deal that shoppers can’t resist? Discover the power of “buy one get one free WooCommerce” offers, a proven strategy that transforms casual browsers into committed buyers.

Are you ready to explore how a “buy one get one free offer in WooCommerce” can introduce new products, attract more customers, and increase your sales? While it might seem like you’re just giving products away, these deals are strategically designed to enhance your sales volume. For instance, a “Buy One Get One 50% Off” might be the perfect twist to entice your audience.

Learn how to leverage “WooCommerce bogo” to expand your customer base effectively. Use a top-rated plugin like “Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro” to seamlessly integrate this functionality into your store, bypassing the limitations of standard WooCommerce options.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the entire process of setting up a “WooCommerce buy one get one free” deal, complete with practical examples to get you started.

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What is a Buy One Get One Free in WooCommerce?

A “buy one get one free WooCommerce” offer is a powerful promotional strategy that encourages customers to make a purchase by offering them an additional product for free when they buy one. This type of deal is incredibly effective in boosting sales and increasing customer engagement.

When you set up a “buy one get one free offer in WooCommerce,” you create a compelling incentive for shoppers to add more items to their cart, enhancing both the average order value and the likelihood of repeat purchases. Whether you’re looking to clear out inventory, introduce a new product, or simply drive more sales, this strategy can be a game-changer for your WooCommerce store.

With the right setup, you can easily customize these offers to suit your business goals, making your promotions more attractive and your store more profitable. Let’s dive into how you can implement these offers effectively in WooCommerce to see a significant boost in your sales and customer base.

Why Offer Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free in WooCommerce?

Offering a “buy one get one free WooCommerce” deal isn’t just about generosity; it’s a strategic business move that taps into customer psychology. Everyone loves getting more for their money, and this offer directly speaks to that desire. When you present a “buy one get one free offer in WooCommerce,” you’re not only increasing the perceived value of your products, but you’re also creating a compelling reason for customers to choose your store over competitors.

Increase in Sales Volume

The most immediate benefit of a “WooCommerce BOGO” offer is the increase in sales volume. By encouraging customers to buy more to qualify for a free item, you effectively double the number of products moving off your shelves. This strategy is especially powerful during new product launches or when trying to reduce excess inventory without reducing the perceived value of your products.

Boost Customer Acquisition

A “WooCommerce buy one get one free” deal can serve as a powerful tool for customer acquisition. New customers are more likely to take a chance on your store when they see they can get more value for their spending. This offer type also tends to get shared widely among social circles, enhancing your store’s visibility and attracting new shoppers without additional marketing costs.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

When your customers feel they are getting more value out of their purchases, their satisfaction increases. This satisfaction leads to repeat purchases and enhances loyalty to your brand. By regularly incorporating “buy one get one free WooCommerce” offers, you keep your customer base engaged and looking forward to your next big deal.

Optimal Inventory Management

Strategic use of “buy one get one free offer in WooCommerce” can help manage and rotate inventory more effectively. It encourages the sale of older or excess stock, helping you make room for new inventory while ensuring that your investment returns in a timely manner.

Incorporating these strategies not only boosts your immediate sales but also sets a foundation for sustained growth and customer satisfaction. Let’s dive deeper into how you can implement these strategies effectively to maximize your benefits from WooCommerce BOGO deals.

When to Offer Buy One Get One Deal in WooCommerce?

Offering “Buy One Get One” WooCommerce deals will be effective only when you use it at the right time. Here are some ways you can utilize this offer:

Seasonal Sales and Holidays: Capitalize on the increase in shopping during festive seasons or holidays by introducing “buy one get one free WooCommerce” deals. Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or any regional festival, a “WooCommerce buy one get one free” offer can significantly boost your sales. These promotions not only attract more visitors to your store but also help clear out inventory, making room for new products.

Product Launches: Launching a new product? Use a “buy one get one free offer in WooCommerce” to encourage customers to try your new product. This strategy reduces the perceived risk for buyers and can effectively increase product adoption. Pairing your new product with a bestseller as part of the deal can drive interest and increase overall sales volume.

Slow-moving Inventory: If your products are not selling as quickly as anticipated, a “WooCommerce bogo” offer can help move stock. This approach not only helps clear out old inventory but also ensures that your store remains fresh and engaging for repeat customers.

Customer Loyalty Rewards: Show appreciation to your loyal customers by offering exclusive “buy one get one free WooCommerce” deals. This not only reinforces their loyalty but also increases the likelihood of word-of-mouth promotion. It’s a great way to let your customers know that their patronage is valued and encourage them to keep shopping with you.

End of Season: As the season changes, inventory that is season-specific can quickly become less appealing. Implementing a “WooCommerce buy one get one free” deal at the end of a season is an excellent way to ensure that no product goes to waste. It’s also an opportunity for customers to get great deals, boosting their satisfaction and your sales.

In each of these scenarios, “buy one get one free offers in WooCommerce” serve not just as a tool for promotion but as a strategic lever to enhance your store’s performance and customer satisfaction.

Explore the Power of WooCommerce BOGO Deals

Looking to enhance your WooCommerce store’s sales strategy? Consider integrating the powerful “Buy One Get One Free” offer. Known as WooCommerce BOGO, this promotion is not just popular but highly effective in boosting order values and customer satisfaction.

Understanding WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free Offers

The essence of the WooCommerce buy one get one free offer lies in its simplicity: you buy one item and get another for free or at a discounted rate. This strategy can be implemented in two main variations, each designed to meet different marketing needs and customer behaviors.

Buy X Get X Free

In the “Buy X Get X” scenario, you purchase a product and receive the same item as a reward. Imagine buying a T-shirt from your favorite WooCommerce store and getting an identical T-shirt at no extra cost. This straightforward approach is perfect for encouraging bulk purchases of the same item.

Buy X Get Y Free

Alternatively, the “Buy X Get Y” promotion allows you to buy one product and receive a different product for free or at a discounted price. This method is ideal for cross-selling. For example, buy a T-shirt and get a cap or belt for free. It’s an excellent way to introduce customers to other product lines within your WooCommerce store.

Flexible BOGO Deals You Can Offer

WooCommerce BOGO deals aren’t one-size-fits-all. You can customize them to fit your inventory and sales goals. Some popular variations include:

  • Buy One, Get One Free: The classic deal that everyone loves.
  • Buy One, Get One 50% Off: Perfect for higher-priced items.
  • Buy Two, Get One Free: Great for increasing per-transaction quantities.
  • Buy Two, Get One at a Discount: Offers a subtle incentive to buy more.
  • Buy Two, Get Two Free: Doubles the reward for buying more.
  • Buy One, Get One for Friends: Encourages group buying or gifts.

Each of these offers can be tailored to specific products, whether they are the same or vary, enhancing the appeal of your WooCommerce store and encouraging more transactions.

How to Create WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free Offers?

Creating WooCommerce buy one get one free offers can significantly boost your sales. For setting up these deals, you need a reliable plugin. Discount Rules Pro for WooCommerce is a perfect choice.

Discount Rules Pro offers robust features for launching effective buy one get one free offers in WooCommerce. With its advanced customization options, you can tailor the offers to fit your brand perfectly.

Before you launch your campaign, ensure you install and activate Discount Rules Pro from your WordPress dashboard. If you encounter any issues, refer to this installation guide.

Now, let’s dive into six different popular and profitable scenarios using beverages as our example product category.

Scenario 1: Buy One Get One Free (Same Product)

Are you looking to double your sales? Implement the “Buy One Get One Free” offer in your WooCommerce store. This guide shows you how to set up a popular WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deal for the same product—like getting two “Apple Juice” for the price of one!

How to Set Up a Buy One Get One Free WooCommerce Offer

  • Step 1: Access your WordPress Dashboard. Ensure the “Discount Rules Pro” plugin is installed and activated.
  • Step 2: Navigate to “WooCommerce” and select “Woo Discount Rules.”
  • Step 3: Hit the “Add New Rule” button to introduce a new discount campaign to your store.
  • Step 4: Name your campaign to reflect the offer, such as “Apple Juice BOGO.”

Customize Your Buy One Get One Free WooCommerce Rule:

  1. Select Discount Type: Choose “Buy X Get X” to apply the offer to the same product added to the cart.
  2. Set Filters: Specify the product, in this case, “Apple Juice.”
  3. Configure Discounts: Set “Minimum and Free Quantities” to “1” and leave “Maximum Quantity” blank. This configuration ensures customers need to purchase at least one to qualify.
  4. Adjust Discount Settings: Mark the discount type as “Free.”
  5. Recursive Discounts: For offers like “Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Buy 2 Get 2 Free,” enable the recursive setting. However, disable it for a straightforward “Buy One Get One Free” deal.

Final Step: Save your settings and enable the rule.

Creating WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free Scenario

Now, when your customers buy an “Apple Juice,” another one will be automatically added to their cart, free of charge. This simple setup not only enhances customer satisfaction but also significantly boosts your sales.

Live Demo Of WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free

Scenario 2: Buy One Get One 50% Off (Same Category)

Optimize your WooCommerce store with the exciting “Buy One Get One 50% Off” offer! If you’re looking to boost sales and delight your customers, this strategy could be a game-changer for your business.

Imagine purchasing “Apple Juice” and getting a 50% discount on “Mango Juice.” This enticing deal is part of the WooCommerce buy one get one free offer, specifically designed for items within the same “Juices” category.

Here’s how you can set up this buy one get one free WooCommerce offer:

  1. Start by creating a new discount rule in “Woo Discount Rules.”
  2. For the discount type, select “Buy X Get Y.” This option allows you to offer different products at a discount, even if they’re from the same category.
  3. Under the “Filter” section, specify “Apple Juice” as product “X.”
  4. In the “Discount” section, select “Y Discount Type” as “Buy X Get Y- Products.” This ensures the discount applies to specific products within the category.
  5. Maintain “Buy X Count” as per the “Filters Set Above,” setting the appropriate “Minimum, Maximum, and Free” quantities.
  6. For the “Get Quantity,” choose “Mango Juice.” Set the “Discount Type & Value” to “Percentage Discount” and input “50” to apply a 50% discount.
  7. Optionally, enable “Recursive” to allow the offer to repeat itself in your customer’s shopping journey.
  8. Set the “Mode of Apply” to “Cheapest” to recommend the discounted product in the cart. This gives customers the option to add the discounted item themselves.
  9. If you prefer the discounted product to be added automatically to the cart, select the “Auto add” option instead of “Cheapest.”
Creating WooCommerce Buy One Get One 50% Off Scenario

Implementing this WooCommerce BOGO deal not only enhances your sales but also significantly improves customer satisfaction by offering them more value for their purchases. Set up this rule today and watch your WooCommerce store thrive with increased traffic and happier customers!

Live Demo Of WooCommerce Buy One Get One 50% Off

Scenario 3: Buy Subtotal Worth to Get One Free

WooCommerce Buy One Get One deal can be applied based on customers’ purchase criteria such as total order value, cart item quantity, no.of.purchases made, specific users or user roles, and more. 

It encourages them to meet these conditions to get the BOGO deals.

Example: Buy a Juice for $40 from the “Juices” category And Get A Free Lemon Juice.

To create conditions-based BOGO deals in WooCommerce,

  • Choose the “Buy X Get Y” discount type.
  • In the “Filters” section, filter the “Juices” category, as the products only from this category should reach subtotal to get a free item.
  • In the “Discount Type,” follow the same process as before:
    • Choose “Buy X Get Y – Products” and “Filters Set Above.”
    • Select “Mode of Apply” as “Auto Add” to automatically add the free item once the customer reaches the fixed subtotal.
    • Set “Minimum, Maximum, and Free Quantities.”
    • Set “Get Quantity” as “Lemon Juice” and select “Discount Type” as “Free.”
  • In the “Conditions” section, select “Condition Type” as “Subtotal” and set the “Subtotal Amount.” 
  • Save the rule.
Creating WooCommerce Buy Subtotal Worth to Get One Free Scenario

Now, when a customer reaches $40 in the “Juices” category, he will receive “Lemon Juice” for free.

Live Demo Of WooCommerce Buy Subtotal Worth to Get One Free

Scenario 4: WooCommerce BOGO Coupons Using Different Category

WooCommerce Buy One Get One deals are not necessarily applied directly to the cart. You can also offer a BOGO coupon in WooCommerce.

Customers can enter the coupon code in their cart to get the offer.

Example: Buy A “Milk” and Get A Free “Juice” with code ‘MJFREE’!

Here, we are taking two different categories: “Juices” and “Milk.”

To create a WooCommerce BOGO coupon offer:

  • Choose the “Buy X Get Y” discount.
  • Filter the “Milk” category.
  • Select “Buy X Get Y – Category” and choose the “Juices” category in “Get Quantity.”
  • Set “Minimum, maximum, and Free” quantities and “Discount Type” as “Free.”
  • Set “Mode of Apply” as “Cheapest” to add the cheapest product for free.
  • In “Conditions,” select “Coupons” and create your coupon code. For instance: “MJFREE.”
  • Save the rule.
Creating WooCommerce BOGO Coupons Scenario Using Different Category

When a customer adds any one product from the “Milk” category and applies a coupon code on the cart page, all prices of the “Juices” category become Zero. 

Free BOGO Coupon Applied to Specific Category

Customers can add any free “Juice” to their cart. But what if they add more than one?

The “Juice” with the cheapest price can be provided for free while the other one is added with its original price.

Live Demo of WooCommerce BOGO Free Coupon Using Different Category

Note: Since we set the “Free” product as a “category,” the “Juices” are not shown on cart pages. Customers have to navigate to the “Juice” page to add their free product.

But there is a way to show these “free” product suggestions on cart pages. That’s what we see in the next scenario.

Scenario 5: Choose a Free Product From the List

Without automatically adding a specific “Free” product to the cart, you can allow customers to choose their favorite product.

Example: Buy “Strawberry Juice,” Choose “Orange or Lemon Juice” Free!

To create a Buy One Get One Free WooCommerce deal, where the customers can choose the free product:

  • Choose the “Buy X Get Y” discount type.
  • Filter “Strawberry Juice” in the “Filters” section.
  • Select “Lemon and Orange Juices” in Get Quantity and set “Mode of Apply.” Save the rule.
Creating WooCommerce BOGO Free Offer With Customer Choices

When customers buy a “Strawberry Juice,” the other two free items – “Lemon and Orange Juices” are shown as suggestions on the cart page. They can choose anyone from the list.

If they choose both, the cheapest product can be given for free while the other is provided with the original price.

Live demo of offering free product choices to customers with BOGO deal

Scenario 6: Buy Two, Get One At a Fixed Discount

You can encourage customers to buy 2X of a specific product to get the third one at a fixed discounted price.

Example: Buy Two “Orange Juices,” Get $10 Off the Third!

To create a WooCommerce Buy Two Get One offer with a fixed discount:

  • Choose the Discount Type “Buy X Get X,” as we offer the same product for free.
  • Filter “Orange Juices” in the “Filter” section.
  • In the “Discount” section, set the “Minimum Quantity” as “3.” This is because we offer three products, where customers can get the first two at full price and the third one at a discounted price.
  • Set “Free Quantity” as “1,” as one product is eligible for a discount from the three products.
  • Set “Discount Type” as “Fixed Discount” with Value “10.” Save the rule.
Creating WooCommerce Buy X Get X Fixed Discount Scenario

Now, when customers add 3 “Orange Juices” to their cart, a discount will be applied to the third item.

Live Demo of WooCommerce Buy X Get X Fixed Discount

These are all a few common and popular WooCommerce Buy One Get One scenarios that online store owners use to increase their sales. 

There are many more offers you can create, such as:

You can create a unique strategy like these to attract more customers with the “Conditions” features in the “Discount Rules Pro” plugin.

Create “Buy One Get One” and “Buy Two Get One” offers easily with the Discount Rules Pro plugin to maximize customer purchase value.

How to Promote WooCommerce BOGO Deals?

Promoting the WooCommerce Buy One Get One deals can help you reach more targeted customers and maximize its effectiveness. You can do it in many ways like:

  • Email Marketing: Emails are the most effective way to convey your “Purchase One Receive One” deals to your customers and make them come back to your store for more sales.
  • Social Media: Social Media is the immediate attention-grabbing method to increase the awareness of your BOGO offers.
  • In-Store Banners & Popups: You can utilize pop-up offers and side & top banner space on your website to announce the “two-for-one” exclusive offers.
  • Cross-Promotion: Collaborate with niche influencers and affiliate marketers to create content related to your brand and make them promote your Buy One Get One deal to their community.

Strategies For Effective Buy One Get One WooCommerce Offers

Implementing targeted BOGO promotions rather than conventional deals can yield sales beyond your expectations. 

Here are some WooCommerce Buy One Get One strategies to boost your sales:

  • Classic BOGO: Providing a regular offer like “Buy One Get One Free” can kickstart your sales campaigns, especially if you are running a new online store.
  • BOGO Percentage Off: The next move to “Buy One Get One Free” deals is BOGO percentage off, as offering free items is not always possible. Thus, you can try “Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off” or “Buy 2 Get 1 70% Off” deals to add value to customers’ purchases.
  • BOGO Coupon: Instead of offering a direct “one plus one” offer, utilize BOGO coupons in WooCommerce to make customers enter the coupon code on checkout to receive free items or discounts. It creates a valued experience for customers to buy items with savings.
  • Tiered BOGO: Implementing a tiered BOGO deal can help customers purchase more products with a smaller amount. You can make recursive offers like “Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Buy 2 Get 2 Free, and Buy 3 Get 3 Free” to appreciate bulk purchases from customers.
  • Bundle BOGO: Mix and match your products. For example, you can offer girls’ tops and accessories. This bundle product discount allows customers to explore more unknown products in the store.
  • Limited-Time BOGO: Provide these twin deals only for a limited time to trigger customers to make quick purchases before missing the deals.
  • BOGO with Minimum Spend: Enable BOGO free offer when customers reach a specific amount in the cart. This helps customers add more to their cart to reach the minimum offer threshold.

Best Practices For Offering Buy One Get One in WooCommerce

Implementing WooCommerce Buy One Get One involves several best practices to ensure they are effective and beneficial for your business:

  • Provide Purchase Value: Offer Buy One Grab One deals that add value to customers’ purchases and save them money. 
  • Apply Terms & Conditions: Clearly set the terms and conditions for your offer regarding eligibility, duration, and limitations to avoid confusion.
  • Implement Customer Segmentation: Based on your sales goal, segment your customers into groups like Wholesalers, loyal customers, Subscribers, First-Comers, and more. This helps you offer exclusive BOGO discounts to specific customers.
  • Analyze Profits: Before offering BOGO discounts, ensure that you make a profit in terms of sales. Calculate product margin, shipping charges, and total revenue to avoid losses.
  • Monitor Campaign Performance: Monitor your campaign performance, traffic, and sales to optimize your BOGO strategy and elevate overall sales.

Real-Life Buy One, Get One (BOGO) Examples

Many popular online store brands are still utilizing the “Buy 1 Get 1” strategy to increase their sales and revenue. Let’s explore a few brands that are offering BOGO deals in their stores:

1. E.L.F. Cosmetics

E.L.F is a popular vegan cosmetics brand that sells its products on its website and on Nykaa.

To increase Lipstick sales, E.L.F offers a “Buy X Get Y” discount with a subtotal condition. Customers can buy Lipstick and get a Free EyeShadow when their total orders reach above INR800.

E.L.F. Cosmetics' BOGO Deal

2. Target

Target is a popular departmental market in the US that offers Buy One Get One deals on some products using the Buy X Get X strategy.

Here, customers can buy any one product and get the same product with a 25% discount. This strategy helps Target to increase sales of particular products.

Target's BOGO Deal

Offer free and discounted BOGO offers using the Discount Rules Pro plugin and increase your sales & revenue.


Increasing your WooCommerce sales and revenue requires a unique offer or strategy that would grab customers’ attention.

Buy One Get One WooCommerce deals are one profitable strategy that can easily influence customers’ buying decisions and make them add more to their cart.

To increase the sales of your specific products or categories, utilize different BOGO strategies, such as Buy One Get One Free, Buy Two Get One 50% Off, Buy X Get Y Free, and more.

Offering personalized BOGO deals is an effective way to boost campaign performance. You can use the “Discount Rules Pro” plugin to create your customized WooCommerce Buy One Get One offers.

Guides to Offer Different Discount Strategies On Your Store:

Along with this BOGO strategy, you can also implement the following discount types to widen your brand reach and increase sales:

  1. A detailed blog on “WooCommerce Buy X Get Y” scenarios
  2. Different “Buy Two Get One WooCommerce” Scenarios
  3. How to create bulk discounts in WooCommerce?
  4. 5 Best Buy One Get One Free plugins for WooCommerce
How does the Buy One Get One offer work in WooCommerce?

Buy One, Get One offers help store owners offer free or discounted products when customers buy a specific product at its original price. It is one of the best promotional strategies for increasing sales and revenue.

What is an example of a Buy One Get One free promotion strategy?

An example of a “Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF)” promotion strategy is the “New Launch offer! Buy One Dozen Cookies, Get One Dozen Free!.”

What type of sales promotion is Buy One Get One free?

Buy One Get One is a sales promotion that falls under either the “Buy X Get X” or “Buy X Get Y” strategy.

What is the best BOGO free WooCommerce plugin?

There are many plugins available. However, “Discount Rules Pro for WooCommerce” is the best BOGO Free WooCommerce plugin, as it offers campaigns for two BOGO variations. Its customization and conditional features help you create personalized BOGO deals.

Is it possible to offer a free product only when customers buy two specific products in WooCommerce?

Yes, it is possible to offer a free product when customers buy two specific products. To do so:
1. Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules.
2. Select the “Buy X Get Y” discount.
3. Filter two “Buy” products.
4. In the “Discount” section, set “Minimum, Maximum, and Free” quantities.
5. Set “Discount” as “Free” and select the “free” product in “Get Quantity.”
6. In the “Conditions” section, select “Product Combination” and set the “Combination type” as “Each.”
7. Choose the two “Buy” products and set “Comparison” to “Greater or Equal” with a value of “1.”
8. Save the rule.
Now, only when customers add the two “Buy” products can they get the free product.

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