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How to Create Bundle Discounts in WooCommerce - Updated Scenarios

A bundle discount is an offer you get when you purchase a set of products or combos. For example, Buy 3 toys for $10. The greatest factor about WooCommerce bundle discount is that it's easy to set up and also helps you to clear your inventory in a faster phase.

Before we start with setting the discount, let us get to know some of the basics and will also show you how to use bundle discounts for your WooCommerce store.

What is a WooCommerce bundle discount?

Setting special offers by combining products can be labelled as “Bundle Discounts” (enhancing offers to the customers for basic rates). The WooCommerce product bundles help you to create bundle promotions for your store. This marketing strategy helps you to promote your business and yield more revenue.

The bundle discount is more achievable with the best plugin “Discount Rules for WooCommerce”. The plugin supports your store in setting both simple and complex discounts effortlessly. This WooCommerce bundle products plugin can do wonders for your store’s revenue.

WPC product bundles for WooCommerce helps you to boost your sales by setting discounts and also enhances cross-selling strategies for your store.

What is a grouped product in WooCommerce?

A collection of related products that can also be purchased separately is known as grouped products. Always remember that group products are completely different from bundle products.

Group products are where different versions of the product are grouped together under a parent product which can be purchased separately if needed. Whereas in bundle products, the products are sold as combos where they cannot be purchased individually.

For example, You run an online toy shop, here you sell clay sets for different age groups like,

  • Clay set for 3-4 years
  • Clay set for 5-7 years
  • Clay set for 8-10 years

The above three are the different variations (age group) available in Clay Sets. These can be considered as a “Grouped Product” where any version can be purchased separately when required.

What is mix and match products in WooCommerce?

When you wish to sell in higher volumes, offer bundle discounts with mix and match strategy. The WooCommerce mix and match are where the customers can build their own bundle from the individual products from your site to avail the discount.

For Example, Buy 4 of any product from the Clothing category and get them all for $50
Here, the customer can purchase any 4 from the Clothing category for $50.

Alternatively, you can also offer to Buy any 3 items from Toys, get a 30% off.
Here, the customer receives a discount of 30% for purchasing 3 items from toys.

Benefits of providing bundle discount in your store

Let us look into some of the common benefits that your store can experience by setting WooCommerce product bundles.

  • This discount strategy can significantly increase your profit on individual sales.
  • It would lower the cost of the goods sold but increases your profit margin. In addition, it gives a great exposure to other marketing channels as well as potential customers.
  • You can combine the products that are less popular with the hot-selling ones.
  • At times it may sound low but still, it attracts the customers who are fond of discounts.
  • This marketing strategy can help your WooCommerce store to sell more items to one customer and also invites new referral customers, new products, and valuable customers.
  • This smart bundle strategy guides you to clear the inventories in bulk.

Creating a bundle discount in WooCommerce

Let us get to know the installation process and different ways to use bundle discounts.

Installation of Discount Rules for WooCommerce:

Download the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin from the plugin repository and upload it to your online store.

You can also search for the plugin in your WordPress dashboard, install and activate it to your store.

Let us get into some of the WooCommerce bundle discount scenarios that can be set in your store.

  • Buy 4 quantity of the same or different product for $20
  • Buy 3 from Category A or B for $50 with coupon code
  • Buy 3 of specific products for $30
  • Buy a combination of a top with pant for $40

Download free plugin Check more features

Quick Setup

WooCommerce product bundles can be set only for “Price Discount Rules” in your WooCommerce store.

Start with WooCommerce Discount Rules from,

WordPress Dashboard-> WooCommerce-> WooCommerce Discount Rules
Now, select “Price Discount Rules” tab and click on “Add New Rule” button
As illustrated below,

1 price rule

Start creating your discount rule as illustrated. Let us understand the process flow with some examples.

Scenario 1: Buy 4 quantity of the same or different product for $20

The product bundle discount scenario says the customer can get 4 of the same or different products for $20 but the minimum quantity of items should be 4.

General Tab:

2 scenario1 generaltab

In the general tab enter the basic details for your rule and make sure to select the method as “Quantity/Category/Product/User role-based discounts and BOGO deals”.

Condition Tab:

For this scenario, the rule is applicable to all the products of your store.

3 scenario1 conditiontab

The checkbox shown in the above screenshot should be enabled to count the items cumulatively.

Discount Tab:

The discount tab for setting up the bundle discount is illustrated below,4 scenario1 discounttab

The minimum number of items is given under “Quantity”.
“Bundle (set) Discount” is selected as the Adjustment Type.
Finally, the desired discount value is entered.

Let us look into the cart page for this bundle discount rule for better understanding.

5 scenario1 output

Since the cart quantity is 4, the customer receives the products for $20 as per the rule.

Scenario 2: Buy 3 from Category A or B for $50 with coupon code

The bundle discount scenario says that the customer can get products from only Category A & B for $50 with 3 as the minimum cart quantity. It is to be noted that the product bundle discount is applicable only with the coupon code.

For the above example, the general details of the rule are to be entered in the general tab.

6 scenario2 generaltab

The condition tab is set as illustrated below, select the checkboxes to count the product cumulatively.7 scenario2 conditiontab

The rule is set for specific categories, so the desired categories are selected in the “Apply To” option (this can also be set for any specific products/attributes).

The coupon for this discount is also created in the condition tab. The above illustrated is the most preferred method for coupon creation.
The discount tab is set as shown below,

8 scenario2 discounttab

Enter the desired quantity and discount value in this tab.

The cart page of the above scenario is as follows,

9 scenario2 output

With the coupon code applied the cart receives the discount as per the bundle discount scenario.

Scenario 3: Buy 3 of any specific products for $30

This rule can be set when you want to offer dynamic pricing discounts on any specific products from your WooCommerce store.
The product bundle scenario says the customer can purchase 3 quantities of the specified product for $30.

The general details of the rule are to be entered in the general tab.

The condition tab is set as illustrated below,

10 scenario3 conditiontab

The “Apply To” option is selected with specific products and makes sure to select the checkbox to count the items cumulatively (this rule can also set for specific categories/attributes).

The discount tab is set as illustrated below,

11 scenario3 discounttab

Let us have a look into the respective cart page where “Buy 3 of specific products for $30” rule is created,

12 scenario3 output

The discount has been applied for the specified products with the specified quantity.

If the customer purchases other products it is to be noted that the discount will not be applied as shown below,

12a scenario3 output

Scenario 4: Buy a combination of a top with pant for $40

This scenario works under the concept of WooCommerce Product Bundles. Product bundles are excellent product grouping toolkit that brings great success stories. Here, your group/bundle products, offer them discounts and experience great conversion.

This rule can be set when you want to offer discounts with combinations. It also explains how to set WooCommerce bundle variable products (with variants).

Before you start with the rule make sure the below settings are done since you are dealing with variable products.13 scenario4 settingstab

The marked option is to be enabled in order to add the respective variants of the parent product automatically.

Now start creating the rule for the above scenario.

The general details of the rule are to be entered in the general tab.

The condition tab for the above scenario is set as illustrated below,

13b scenario4 conditiontab

The desired products are selected in the “Apply To” option.

The discount tab is set with the desired quantity and discount value,

14 scenario4 discounttab

Let us look into the cart page of the above example for its workflow,

15 scenario4 output

The discount has been applied only for the specified products of any variant.

How to prioritize bundle discounts among multiple scenarios?

Using the plugin “Discount rules for WooCommerce” you can set different discount rules for your WooCommerce store. It is necessary that the discount rules should be prioritized as per the store owner’s requirements.

In general, the rules will work as per the priority number when different rules are set for different products/categories/attributes.
If the different discount rules are set for the same product/category/attributes then the below three options come into the picture,

  • Apply first matched rule
  • Apply all matched rules
  • Apply biggest discount

Let me make it clear with an example - You have 2 discount rules for the same product

Rule1: 20% discount on products from category A when the subtotal is over $500 - this rule works only when the cart total is $500 and above.
Rule2: 30% discount on purchasing 6 quantity of products from category A.

  • Apply first matched rule - The priority works here, depending upon the priority set the rule will be applied. In this scenario, if Rule2 is set to “first priority” then only Rule2 will be applied not Rule1.
  • Apply all matched rules - Priority will not be checked here, the rules will be applied accordingly.
  • Apply biggest discount - Priority is rarely considered, the rule providing the biggest discount will be applied.

How to troubleshoot bundle discounts if it doesn’t work?

If you find that bundle discount is not working as expected, check if the WordPress and WooCommerce are updated with its latest version. Make sure that the respective plugin is also updated with its latest build. This could surely troubleshoot the problems you face while setting bundle discounts.
If the problem continues further, contact the support team of the respective plugin to seek their help and make your WooCommerce store enjoy the benefits of the discounts.

I hope this will guide you in setting WooCommerce bundle discounts for your store. You can also provide WooCommerce subscriptions bundle discounts for your subscription products where you can eventually gain more subscribers.

When customers have multiple needs and it is achievable in a single stop with discounts, then this would drive more traffic and sales for your WooCommerce store.

It is natural that all businesses will have trial and error methods to find out the best strategy for their development. Likewise, implement WooCommerce bundle discounts and watch out for its results. Select the best and smart bundle for your WooCommerce store and take your business to the next level.

Wishing you Good Luck.

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WooCommerce Product Bundles FAQs

WooCommerce product bundles are excellent product grouping toolkits that bring great sales to your store.
Bundling a few products together and offering discounts can be labelled as product bundles.

Bundle products allow you to sell multiple products together in bulk. The customer can customize the products depending on the quantity into a bundle container.
For Example, A dozen donuts (here you are allowed to customize the donuts as required).

Login to your WordPress Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> WooCommerce Discount Rules.
Select the "Price Discount Rules" tab and click on "Add New Rule" button.
Now you can start creating desired bundle discounts for your WooCommerce store.

Mix and match is where your customers can build their own bundle from the individual products.
Mix and match is ideal for selling similar products in bulk.
You set the quantity limit and define the items that are available to choose on your store.

The scenario "buy 3 for $10 offer" can be set in your store using the most flexible plugin "Discount Rules for WooCommerce".
It can be set in different aspects as per the inventory requirement like Buy 3 for $10, for same/different product, for specific category/product, for specific category/product using coupon code and so on.

By offering bundle related products along with the main product you can upsell product bundles on your WooCommerce store.
On the purchase of a camera, you get a set of memory card+lense cleaner+camera case as a bundle in upsell (bundle of different products).
On the purchase of a Lampshade, you get a set of 3 bulbs as a bundle in upsell (bundle of the same product).

The common bundle discount strategies are Simple product bundle discounts, Variable product bundle discounts, Price discounts on bundle products with corresponding to the quantity and Discount on bundle products using coupon code.