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How to Enable Coupon in WooCommerce Store?

WooCommerce is definitely the world’s biggest online selling market, today. 28% of the web’s online store is powered by WooCommerce. The ease in starting an eCommerce store and the availability of extensive features is the reason naming the success of WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Coupons

Well, if you are already a proud WooCommerce owner, this one’s for you. What’s the best way to boost your WooCommerce conversion? WooCommerce Discounts.

But, how you create your discounts defines the success rate of your sales conversions. WooCommerce Coupon is the best discount idea to engage both existing and new customer to shop at your online store. Ready to create your Woo store’s Coupon Discount?

How to enable WooCommerce coupon

Check this video content to know the initial step in enabling a WooCommerce coupon. You need to enable the WooCommerce coupons first to create attractive coupon discounts.

Screen 1

To create a WooCommerce discount coupon, the first thing you need to do is -> Go to the WP dashboard, Choose "Coupons" from the "Marketing" section in WooCommerce. 
It opens a screen to your right where you’ll find the option to “Add Coupon”.

1 add coupon

General Coupon Data

All the general details of the conditional coupon in WooCommerce need to be done in this segment.

  • Type the coupon name in the “Coupon Code” text box. Make sure to give a simple coupon code because your customers need to easily remember the discount coupon.
  • A description of the coupon can be added to the “Coupon Description” Text box.

By default, you’ll be on the “General” section of the Coupon data.

  • The first checkbox defines the discount type of the coupon.

Percentage discount- To offer a flat percentage discount
Fixed Cart discount- To offer a discount on the customer cart based on cart total.
Fixed product discount- To offer discounts only for fixed products.

  • Next, the coupon amount should be entered. We take 25% to be the coupon amount for this scenario.

Note: “Allow Free Shipping” checkbox is ticked if your coupon is to offer Free shipping. But, make sure to check whether free shipping is enabled for particular shipping addresses.

Screen 2

2 coupon usage restrictions

Coupon Usage Restriction

The second segment defines all about the usage restrictions of the discount coupon.

What does it say,

Minimum Spend

This defines the minimum amount for which the customer has to shop to avail the discount coupon.

Maximum Spend

This defines the maximum amount up to which the customer can use the coupon.

Individual Use only

The checkbox restricts the customer to use this coupon alone so that the customer can’t use two coupons for a single purchase.

Exclude Sale items

This option is to exclude products in the sale items from the coupon discount. Make sure that you let your customers know prior that the coupon cannot be used on items on sale.


Select the products on which the coupon can be used.

Exclude products

This lets you exclude products from the coupon discount.

Product categories

Use the field to make the coupon applicable for product categories. This is similar to adding products to the coupon but in this case, it takes the whole category for the coupon discount.

Exclude categories

You may have product categories on which the coupon cannot be applied.

Allowed emails

This field is to offer coupon discounts to certain email addresses in your customer email list.

Screen 3

3 coupon usage limits

Coupon Usage Limit

The last thing you need to do to create a WooCommerce coupon is to set the “Usage limits” for the coupon.

Usage limit per coupon

You can limit the amount of discount one coupon can offer.

Usage limit per user

This defines how many times that particular coupon can be used by one single customer.

Screen 4

4 click publish create enable coupons

Click on the “Publish” button to the right of your computer screen to activate the coupon. The WooCommerce coupon will be created and can be seen under the general coupons menu. In WooCommerce to apply coupons automatically, upgrade your store with advanced coupons by using the discount rules plugin.

5 created coupons list

Limitations of WooCommerce Coupons

The created discount coupon can be added to any discount rule. But, there are a lot more of potential discount strategies which cannot be done just using the default WooCommerce coupons. Some of the best dynamic discount ideas are,

First order coupon discount- Spent a thought on how your brand value gets build if you gift your new customers with the first order coupon discount.

Multiple coupon discounts- Sometimes, you will be thinking of a shopping discount where you want to create a single coupon code to offer multiple discounts. Well, this dynamic discount idea can be created in no more than a couple of minutes.

User-specific coupons- Customer’s trust is the most valuable asset to any business. Want to achieve customer retention, try creating user-specific coupon discounts.

WooCommerce Coupon plugins

Well, the above mentioned Woocommerce discounts can’t be done with the default Woocommerce coupons. But WooCommerce provides you with many choices of plugins to create dynamic coupon discounts.

WooCommerce Discount Rules
Woo discount rules is a dynamic pricing plugin which helps you to create a lot of coupon discounts. The plugin makes it really simple to create complex discount rules like creating multiple coupon discounts, first order discount coupon to new customers, early payment discounts, user role coupons and much more.

WooCommerce volume discount coupon
This WP plugin allows you to offer volume discounts on specific products and product categories. Also, the new shortcode allows you to create colorful coupons.

WooCommerce dynamic discount
This discount extension allows you to create discount offers based on bulk discounts, discounts based on dynamic product pricing. This ain’t a free plugin and need to be purchased for $49.

Free Gift coupons
The best way to earn customer satisfaction is to surprise them with free gift coupons. Using this extension you can create gift coupons and offer it to customers when they have shopped to satisfy a basic discount rule.

Hope this blog served your purpose in knowing the insights of enabling WooCommerce coupons and the steps in creating it. Do share us your valuable comments and help us reach better solutions for our WooCommerce community.