How to Create a WooCommerce Coupon for Specific User Roles?

how to create user role specific coupon code

Do you have different customer groups in your WooCommerce store and want to restrict your woocommerce coupon for specific user roles?

By default, WooCommerce Coupon does not allow you to create a WooCommerce coupon by user roles. It applies coupons to all users. However, you can create a WooCommerce coupon for specific users by using the ‘Discount Rules’ plugin.

This blog helps you create a WooCommerce coupon by user role that lets you offer coupons to either the Wholesaler group or customer group or only to your subscribers. Let’s get started.

Create WooCommerce Coupons for Specific User Roles Using Discount Rules Plugin and Increase Your Sales Easily.

What is WooCommerce User Role?

The WooCommerce user role is a way to assign a set of permissions or capabilities to the registered customers in a WooCommerce store. 

WordPress generally has default user roles like Admin, Editor, Author, and Contributor to manage the website and its content. WooCommerce extends these user roles as follows:

  • Shop Manager

This role manages the WooCommerce store’s products, discounts, and orders but does not access WooCommerce admin settings.

  • Customer

This user role is a group of regular and individual customers who purchase products for personal use. Customer roles can create and edit their profiles on WooCommerce stores and can subscribe to newsletters to receive email notifications.

By default, WooCommerce saves all purchases under the ‘Customer’ user role.  

  • Subscriber

This user role is specific to customers who don’t purchase but create and edit their profile, subscribe to newsletters and are involved in other activities such as commenting.

  • Guest

This user role is specific to those who purchase products without registering their profile on the WooCommerce website. 

Depending on your sales, you can segment your customers into different user roles, such as customers, subscribers, Wholesale dealers, VIP customers, guests, or others. 

Here is the guide to creating user-specific roles in WordPress. You can also use plugins like user role editor to create custom user roles.

When you segment your customers based on different user roles, you can easily offer discounts or coupons to specific customers without needing to provide them to all customers.

How to Create a WooCommerce Coupon for Specific User Roles?

Since the default WooCommerce coupon does not have an option to create a WooCommerce coupon for specific users, you can install and activate the Discount Rules plugin to create one.

‘Discount rules for WooCommerce’ is a powerful plugin that extends WooCommerce coupons’ core functionality. You can create coupons based on:

  • Specific products, categories, user roles, attributes, tags, cart items 
  • Offer bulk discounts, tiered pricing discounts, bundle discounts, and more
  • One coupon code for multiple offers and promotions.

Offer Customer-Specific WooCommerce Coupons and Boost Your Revenue Effortlessly with Discount Rules Plugin.

This blog tutorial will discuss three example scenarios for creating a WooCommerce Coupon for specific users with the Discount Rules plugin.

Scenario 1: Creating a WooCommerce Coupon for the ‘Customer’ user role

Let’s look at applying discount coupons for the specific user role – Customer, who can get 10% exclusive discounts on products from the music category.

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules.

2. Click ‘Add New Rule’ to create a new coupon for your customers and provide a title/ name to your new offer for your reference.

Adding New Discount Rule

3. Select your Discount Type as ‘Product Adjustment’ from the drop-down list. In the Filter section, filter the ‘Music’ category to provide discounts for that category.

4. Now, select ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Percentage Discount’ and ‘Discount Value’ as ‘10’ to provide 10% discounts to products in the music category. 

Creating New Coupon for Customer

Note: You can add another filter by clicking the ‘Add filter’ button and also select that checkbox to display the discount value in the cart as a coupon instead of changing the product price.

5. In the Rules section, choose ‘Condition Type’ as ‘User Role’ and ‘User Role’ as ‘Customer‘. Next, ‘Add Condition’ to set a new coupon for your customers. 

6. Select the second ‘Condition Type’ as ‘Coupon’ and choose ‘Create Your Own Coupon’ and ‘Enter Coupon Name.’

Here, I entered the Coupon name as ‘CUSTOMER10’. You can enter your own coupon name. Click ‘SAVE’ on the top right corner to save your new coupon offer to the WooCommerce website.

Setting Conditions for Customer Coupon

Hurrah! You have created a WooCommerce coupon for specific user role – customer. When customers from this group purchase products from the Music category, they can get a 10% coupon discount.

Final Result of WooCommerce Coupon for Customer

Note: You can decide the maximum usage limit for this coupon and fix the expiry date from the Rule Limit section.

Check this ‘how to set up discount rules’ document to explore various plugin features to provide different discounts.

Scenario 2: Creating a WooCommerce Coupon for the ‘Subscriber’ user role

Now, let’s look at providing a WooCommerce coupon for specific user role – Subscriber, who can get $10 fixed discounts on all products in the store. 

Similar to 1st scenario, ‘Add New Rule’ from ‘Woo Discount Rules’ and create a name for the offer.

1. Choose ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Product Adjustment’ and filter ‘All Products.’

2. Select ‘Discount Type’ in the Discount section as ‘Fixed Discount’ and enter ‘10’ as ‘Discount Value’.

3. Select your ‘User Role’ as ‘Subscriber’ and ‘Create your own coupon.’ Save and activate it.

Creating New Coupon for Subscriber

When a customer from the ‘Subscriber’ group purchases products in the store, they can get a fixed discount of $10.

Final Result of WooCommerce Coupon for Subscriber

Scenario 3: Creating a WooCommerce Coupon for the ‘Wholesale Dealer’ user role

Now, let’s create a WooCommerce coupon for specific user – Wholesale dealer, who can get bulk discounts when he purchases a specific ‘T-shirt’ product.

For bulk discounts, you can set the quantity limit using a filter.

Same to 1st scenario, ‘Add New Rule’ from ‘Woo Discount Rules’ and create a name for the offer.

1. Set ‘Discount Type’ as ‘Bulk Discount’ and filter the particular ‘T-shirt’ product in the filter section.

2. Select ‘Count Quantities’ as ‘Filters set above’ and set your discount limit. Here, I provide a 2% discount when the customer purchases five to ten T-shirts, a 5% discount for 11-20 T-shirts, and a 10% discount for more than 20 T-shirts.

Creating New Coupon for Wholesale Dealer

3. As usual, select ‘User Role’ as ‘Wholesale Dealer’ and ‘Create Coupon Name.’ Hit ‘Save’.

We have successfully created the WooCommerce coupon by user role for the ‘Wholesale Dealer’, where the customers in this group can get bulk discounts when they purchase a T-shirt product in more quantities.

Final Result of WooCommerce Coupon for Wholesale Dealer

The Default WooCommerce Coupon

Are you already using the default WooCommerce Coupon for creating your coupon codes? You can delete the original coupons or simply choose user roles for the same coupon using Discount Rules. 

If you ignore the default WooCommerce active coupons, customers can get two discount coupons for the same products, resulting in a loss of revenue.

Follow this step if you are using the default WooCommerce coupon:

1. Go to WooCommerce Dashboard -> Marketing -> Coupons.

2. Add ‘New Coupon’ and Enter ‘Coupon Name’ or edit the existing coupons.

3. Set ‘Coupon amount’ to zero.

Default WooCommerce Coupon

4. Now, navigate to the ‘Woo Discount Rules’ plugin and create the new coupon for a specific user role. If you have it already, simply edit it.

5. Under the ‘Rules’ section, instead of ‘Create Own Coupon,’ choose ‘Apply if anyone/ all coupons are applied (from WooCommerce).

6. Now, choose the name of your default WooCommerce coupon. Here I choose ‘0% Coupon’ to apply my default WooCommerce coupon code for a specific user role.

Create Woo Coupon Using Default Coupon

Now, the default WooCommerce coupon can be applied to a particular customer group.

You have another option to decide the Discount Rules functions.

Navigate to Woo Discount Rules -> Settings. You can choose ‘how discount rules should work’ from three choices: ‘both coupons and discount rules run’ or ‘disable coupons or discount rules.’

Woo Discount Rules Settings

Create WooCommerce Coupons by User Roles and Increase Your Average Order Value Easily Using Discount Rules Plugin.


Grouping your customers in different user roles helps you to provide discounts to specific customers and increase your revenue rather than providing them to all customers.

This blog helps you to implement user role coupons for WooCommerce in your store. Create your first user role coupon with the “Discount Rules” plugin and turn your one-time customers into regular customers.

If you are looking for more effective ways to use coupons in your store, check this article to learn how to apply a single coupon code to offer multiple discounts in WooCommerce.

How do I add role specific promo codes in WooCommerce?

Install and activate the Discount Rules PRO plugin for WooCommerce and create a rule with the user role based condition. You can also create a coupon code that customers can apply to get the discount.

How do I create user roles in WooCommerce?

Use the User Roles Editor plugin to create additional user roles in WordPress, which can then be used in WooCommerce. Check this step by step guide to create user roles in WordPress.

Can I send a fixed coupon for a specific customer in WooCommerce?

Yes, it is possible to send a fixed coupon for a specific customer with the default WooCommerce coupon, which is not claimed by others even if it is shared.
Here is how:
1. Go to WordPress Dashboard-> WooCommerce-> Marketing->Coupon.
2. ‘Add a new coupon’ and create a new coupon code.
3. In the ‘general’ section, select your discount type as fixed or percentage discount and add your coupon amount.
4. Under the ‘Usage restriction -> Allowed emails’ section, enter the customer’s email address to provide a discount coupon.

How do you troubleshoot if the WooCommerce Coupon is not working?

There are some potential causes for WooCommerce coupons to stop working, such as:
1. Check whether you are entering the correct coupon code.
2. Check whether the coupon has any restricted limitations.
3. Check whether your plugin for WooCommerce is updated.
4. Check whether the coupon is enabled or not.
5. Check and clear unwanted caches in your browser.
Contact our dedicated plugin support team if you still need help creating WooCommerce unique coupon codes so they can help you.

How do I offer a free product in WooCommerce based on cart value?

Let’s assume if a customer purchases products for $300 or more, he can get a free product. Here are the steps to do this:
1. Go to the WordPress dashboard-> WooCommerce-> Woo Discount Rules.
2. ‘Add New Rule’ and select discount type as ‘Buy X Get Y’ And filter ‘all products.’
3. Now choose ‘Buy X Get Y’ as a discount and set the ‘filters set above’ and ‘auto add’ options to add the free product automatically to the order.
4. Choose the free product and its quantity.
5. Now, you can set two conditions:
Condition 1: Choose ‘SubTotal’ and set the value to ‘greater or equal to $300.’
Condition 2: Choose ‘Coupon’ and create your coupon code.
6. Save the process to enable the coupon to your store.

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