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How to Create Coupons and Coupon Codes in WooCommerce

Do you want to provide discounts based on coupons? In WooCommerce, the default environment provides options to create coupons and coupon codes. So, if you are thinking of creating a few WooCommerce coupons for your online store, and looking for a walk-through guide, you are at the right place. So, follow the article to have a functional discount coupon on your WooCommerce site in just a few clicks.

You can create different types of coupons in your WooCommerce online store such as coupon for percentage discount, fixed cart discount, fixed product discount, and for free shipping. This blog post will help you learn all of these types of coupons.

But, before getting to the details of how to create coupons in WooCommerce for the specific uses like free shipping or cart discount, let us dive in and have a look at the general steps involved in creating a coupon.

How to create coupons in WooCommerce?

Here is the step-by-step process for creating a WooCommerce coupon from scratch. These steps will also cover what are the features available.

Step 1 - Add Coupon

To add coupons in WooCommerce, lookout for the coupons section present under the WooCommerce > Marketing > Coupons tab. That is, to create a coupon, launch the WordPress dashboard, select the WooCommerce tab, choose the sub-tab Coupons and select Add Coupon button at the top.

Add the coupon code in WooCommerce with unique codes, say GRAB100 or something of that sort. You can add an optional description of what the code does.

set name expiry for the discount rule

The above screenshot shows an example coupon that gives a flat $20 discount on all Pen drives with the coupon code "PENDRIVE20". You can create any kind of coupon code in WooCommerce you want for your store. The next step is to enter the coupon details. It can be done in 3 simple steps:

Step 2 - General Section

The general section has 4 fields:

  • Discount type - The type of discount you want to offer for the code. You can choose from the three types - Percentage discount, Fixed cart discount and Fixed product discount.

    set name expiry for the discount rule

  • Coupon amount - Enter the amount that is being offered. $20 in case of the Pendrive example.
  • Allow free shipping - Check this box if the coupon also offers free shipping. You can create a coupon separately for free shipping, too. Check out in the last section of the article.
  • Coupon expiry date - Pick the date when the coupon expires.

    set name expiry for the discount rule

Fill in these basic details of the coupons accordingly and move on to the next step.

Step 3 - Usage Restriction Section

The usage restriction section basically contains the conditions based on which the coupon code applies. This is also the section where you define on what products or categories the coupon applies. So, to help you set up the coupon with conditions and exceptions, the user restriction section has 9 fields. They are:

  • Minimum spend: Minimum amount to be spent for the coupon to apply.
  • Maximum spend: Maximum amount to be spent for the coupon to apply.
  • Individual use only: Check if other coupons cannot coexist with this coupon.
  • Exclude sale items: Check if the coupon does not apply on items on sale.
  • Products: Select the products on which the coupon applies.
  • Exclude products: Select the products on which the coupon does not apply.
  • Product categories: Select the categories on which the coupon applies.
  • Exclude categories: Select the categories on which the coupon does not apply.
  • Email restrictions: List of emails that have access to the coupon - separated by comma.

set name expiry for the discount rule

Once you have filled out the above mentioned fields, you are almost done creating the coupon. Let's take a look at the last step.

Step 4 - Usage Limits Section

The Usage Limit section lets you limit number of times a person can use a WooCommerce coupons and the limit on number of products.

set name expiry for the discount rule

Quickly select the values for the three fields, Usage limit per coupon, Limit usage to X items and Usage limit per user or you can leave the default values as shown in the above image.

So, when you save the rule, the coupon will be applied according to your settings. That's it. Now that you are familiar with all the fields and settings, let us go ahead and learn how to create particular types of coupons.

1. How to apply coupons for percentage discount in WooCommerce

Percentage discount is for providing a discount in percentage on certain products / categories / cart subtotal. For example, your coupon can be “Use OFF30 for a 30% discount on your purchase”. For this coupon, select the Percentage discount option as coupon type, amount as you would like to offer (30%), and expiry date. Free shipping is optional.

set name expiry for the discount rule

set name expiry for the discount rule

set name expiry for the discount rule

2. How to apply coupons for cart total in WooCommerce

To apply a coupon on your customer’s cart subtotal, just follow the below screenshots. For instance, let your discount be “Use HUNDRED get flat $100 off on purchase above $500”. For this coupon, select WooCommerce discount type as Fixed cart discount, Coupon amount as 100 in General tab and Minimum spend in the Usage Restriction tab as 500.

set name expiry for the discount rule

set name expiry for the discount rule

set name expiry for the discount rule

3. How to apply coupons for specific products in WooCommerce

Fixed product discount is to apply the coupon on a certain product / category. This type of discount sounds like, “15% off on X product”. The below screenshots are example of a discount of 15% on the product “Shirt”.

set name expiry for the discount rule

set name expiry for the discount rule

set name expiry for the discount rule

4. How to create coupon for free shipping in WooCommerce?

The “Free Shipping Method” for the zones you wish to ship freely must be enabled in WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping first. Learn how to enable free shipping zones here.

Once you are done with that, the “Free Shipping” through coupons in WooCommerce is just a checkbox away.

set name expiry for the discount rule

You can add free shipping as a separate coupon by just checking the “Allow Free Shipping” checkbox. Select any discount type and keep the coupon amount at 0. Otherwise you can provide free shipping along with any discount coupon.

Now that you know how to set up WooCommerce coupons, go ahead and create your own coupons for your eCommerce store. Have them up and running seamlessly.

However, to give more extensive discounting, you need a different plugin. Because WooCommerce can provide only limited options when it comes to discounting. Check out how WooCommerce Discount Rules can be your ideal discounting plugin. If you are more into the BOGO deals, check the WooCommerce BOGO Discount Pricing Deals out.

We would love to hear from you. Tell us how the article has helped you set up coupons on your online store in the comments!