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7 Actionable Tips to Retain WooCommerce Black Friday Customers

7 Actionable Tips to Retain WooCommerce Black Friday Customers

Black Friday is one of the most profitable days for WooCommerce store owners as they get a lot of new customers and achieve more sales and revenue.

Are you among the store owners who succeeded in the WooCommerce Black Friday sale? I don’t want to tell you this soon, but the real success lies in retaining your Black Friday customers for a long time. 

A report by Zippia states th1at the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the chance of selling to new customers is only 5-20%. Every store owner wants to make more sales for a long time to grow their business.

Customer Retention Statistics

So, the only question is, how can you get your customers back after the Black Friday sale? You don’t have to worry about it, as I will give you seven tips to keep your WooCommerce Black Friday customers.

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Why Retaining Customers Post-Black Friday Matters?

While Black Friday earns immediate sales, every online store owner aims to continue the sale for an extended period. Here are some benefits of retaining WooCommerce Black Friday customers:

  • Affordable Investment: Per the above statistics, retaining old customers is 5-6 times cheaper than acquiring new customers.
  • Increase AOV: Old customers already know your product quality and make repeat purchases, resulting in increased average order value (AOV).
  • Brand Advocacy: Repeated customers become your indirect brand ambassadors. Their testimonials and positive reviews help you to expand your customer base further.
  • Stable Income Source: Compared to one-time shoppers, old loyal customers bring you more profit and stable income by making repeated sales.

Now, you know the significance of customer retention. We will explore some Black Friday ecommerce strategies that retain your customers.

7 Actionable Tips to Retain WooCommerce Black Friday Customers

Strategy 1: Understanding Customer Behavior During Black Friday

The first step in retaining your Black Friday customers is understanding their shopping behavior on that big sales day.

Many customers are attracted by Black Friday offers and end up purchasing more. Sometimes, customers’ requirements do not match with brand offers. Hence, you must know them better to make them your lifelong customers.

Tips to understand customer behavior

  • Analyze your Black Friday sales report and find the number of new customers you got. Also, check the shopping experience of the customers through customers’ feedback.
  • Communicate transparently with your customers and solve their issues. 

Understanding customers and solving problems increases loyalty towards your brand and makes them repeat buyers.

Strategy 2: Creating a Smooth Post-Purchase Experience

While 81% of customers repeat their purchases after a good customer experience, 61% change their brand due to one bad customer experience. Customer experience and satisfaction are crucial factors in retaining customers. 

Customer Experience Statistics

You must create a smooth post-purchase experience to make your WooCommerce Black Friday customers return to your store.

Tips to create a smooth post-purchase experience

  • Personalized Message

After the Black Friday sale, you can email your customers a personalized Thank-you message to show that you value their purchase. It helps to grow their relationship with your brand.

Note: Learn about customizing WooCommerce emails and creating custom email templates for your WooCommerce store.

  • Order Updates

Keep your customers engaged by sharing real-time order tracking updates. Show them the exact delivery dates and send them order notifications immediately after the transaction.

  • Upselling and Cross-selling

To enhance the post-purchase experience of your customers, you can create one-click upsell and cross-sell offers.

You can recommend related products using phrases like ‘Frequently bought together’ or ‘Customers Also Bought’ suggestions to encourage them to shop more from your store.

  • Discounts on Purchase History

One of the best ways to retain customers is to provide discounts based on their purchase history. For example, if the total order value is $300 or more, you can provide 5-10% discounts on the next purchase. 

You can also create WooCommerce coupons for your customers. These discounts and coupons encourage customers to revisit your store to claim offers.

Bonus Tip: If you want a WooCommerce plugin to apply various discounts to your online store, check the WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin. 

Strategy 3: Implementing Long-Term Loyalty Programs

Next to discounts, loyalty programs are the best tactics to hold your customers.

Tips for implementing loyalty programs

  • Loyalty Points and Rewards

Every time a customer completes a purchase, reward them with purchase points. Customers can return to the store to exchange their purchase points for freebies or discounts.

This blog might be a significant source for you- How to set up a reward program for your WooCommerce loyalty program?

  • Referral Program

Customers with good shopping experiences with your brand recommend it to their friends and family. You can offer incentives to customers who bring new customers to your store. It increases your sales and strengthens your customer base and relationships. 

  • Exclusive Memberships

VIP customers will stay loyal to your brand for a long time. Offer exclusive memberships to your customers and provide them limited-time deals, early access to new products, free shipping, and other perks.

Amazon is an excellent example of offering benefits to its Prime members.

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Strategy 4: Continuous Engagement Beyond Black Friday

You can get your Black Friday customers back only after growing a solid relationship with them. With continuous engagement, you can nurture your connection.

Tips to create consistent engagement with your customers

  • Email Newsletters

Email marketing is one of the best eCommerce strategies to stay connected with your customers. Create an engagement with your customers by sending customized email newsletters. 

Create helpful content on how-to guides, industry trends, new offers on the store, and more that excite your customers to recheck your store.

  • Social Media Posts

You already know the importance of social media platforms and how they help influencers and brands to grow their business.

You can check the social media platforms your customers are most likely to use and create engaging content such as videos, carousel posts, infographic images, or more to connect with them on social media.

A strong relationship with customers beyond transactions is the secret to increasing customer lifetime value.

Strategy 5: Gathering Feedback and Making Improvements

Customer feedback is the goldmine of any eCommerce business.

To turn new visitors into your customers, old customer reviews are essential. It helps new visitors to buy your products.

Tips to improve your WooCommerce store with customer feedback

  • Post-Purchase Surveys

Create a simple and short survey and ask your existing customers to provide feedback about their shopping experience, product quality, and other suggestions for improvement. These survey data are the core resource for your WooCommerce store’s success. 

  • Addressing Negative Feedback

Negative feedback helps you to achieve in terms of sales and brand value.

Without ignoring negative feedback, focus on it and provide solutions. Show your dedication to them by offering solutions to convert negative reviews into positive ones.

  • Implementing Customer Suggestions

Customers appreciate it when you accept their feedback. Act on valuable feedback by implementing changes or additions to convey that you value their opinions. It results in customer satisfaction and retention.

Strategy 6: Enhancing Customer Support and Communication

Customer support is indeed a vital factor for customer retention.

Tips to enhance customer support

  • Timely Support

Responding to customer queries within a few hours or a day leaves a lasting impression on your brand. 

Keep a dedicated customer support team and solve customers’ queries as soon as possible.

  • Omni- Channel Support

Customers cannot ask queries only on websites. They can also ask on social media posts, emails, and live chat.

You can use automated AI chatbots to chat with new customers and solve simple and regular queries. You can prepare the customer support team for important and transactional questions. This way, you can solve customer queries at all places.

Strategy 7: Analyzing Data for Ongoing Optimization

Analyzing data helps you to proceed further in retaining your customers.

Tips to analyze data

  • Tracking Customer Behavior

As mentioned, tracking and understanding customer behavior is essential to creating marketing and customer retention strategies.

Analyze data such as purchase history, purchase behaviors, browsing patterns, and interests to create a suitable strategy for them.

For example, you can use digital marketing tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to analyze your website performance. Also, tools like heatmap can help you understand the customer behavior with your website.

  • A/B Testing Strategies

A/B testing involves comparing two different strategies to know which one performs better.

You can apply A/B testing to email newsletters, website designs, product offers, product recommendations, and more if you are confused with your customer interests. This testing helps you to identify customer’s needs.

  • Measuring Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Tracking and measuring customer lifetime value is essential to know whether the customer is a part of your business.

You can calculate the CLV rate by multiplying the customers’ average purchase value by the average number of purchases.

By calculating the CLV, you can know the number of customers staying longer in your store and implement steps to retain the customers with short CLV.

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Wrapping Up

While Black Friday may be a one-day huge shopping event, the relationships you build after the sales day help to shape your future success.

Each strategy outlined in this guide helps you enhance customer loyalty and retain customers. Check out the seven ways to boost your WooCommerce sales on holidays. 

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Why is Black Friday important to an ecommerce business? 

Black Friday is the most profitable day for eCommerce businesses as it is the year’s busiest shopping day. ECommerce store owners drive high sales, revenue, and brand awareness on this big sale day.

How to retain customers after a big sale? 

After Black Friday, connecting with customers helps you to retain them in your online store. Here are some quick tips to retain customers after a big sale:
1. Understand customer behavior on Black Friday
2. Create a smooth post-purchase experience
3. Implement Loyalty programs
4. Engage with them through email and social media
5. Gather customer feedback
6. Enhance customer support and
7. Analyze data to create your customer retention strategies.

What is the best marketing strategy for Black Friday?

Use social media and email marketing to announce your Black Friday sales. Advertise your offers and discounts through omni-channel promotions.

How to prepare for Black Friday?

It would be best to start your Black Friday preparation for your online store in advance. Here are the checklist to prepare your online store for Black Friday:
1. Plan your campaign in advance
2. Check your inventory
3. Revamp your website designs
4. Create profitable marketing strategies
5. Recheck your post-purchase processes like shipping, etc.,
6. Prepare your customer support team and 
7. Have a backup plan to proceed with the campaign without issues.

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