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How to create a user role specific coupon code?

Let’s begin answering a simple query. Have you ever had two alike customers at your store? Most probably it would be a ‘No’. Now, with every customer being unique in their own way, Shouldn’t you engage with every single customer uniquely? By customer engagement, I mean to say coupon code discounts. What more than WooCommerce coupons can be the best when speaking about shopping discounts? Be the favorite store of your customers by offering them both custom coupons and specific coupon discounts.

An enthusiastic eCommerce marketer will surely know the potential of using coupons and promo codes in every marketing campaigns. Speaking of targeted discount coupons at our WooCommerce store, we need to assign every customer with specific user roles or categories.

What is meant by specific user role in WordPress?

With WordPress some users will just sign up and some will go an extra step ahead to subscribe our newsletters. So specific user roles assigned to every new user. With our WooCommerce store, we’ll be having a variety of customers- retail customers, wholesale customers, subscribers, registered users, premium users, elite users, etc. These various customer categories will define the role of that particular users.

How to create user role specific coupon code?

Now that we know about the user-specific role, We’ll look into creating specific user coupon codes. WooCommerce custom coupons will allow us to do the basic coupon discounts/ and discount feature. But if we want to add discount rules to the coupon template, default WooCommerce coupons will need the support of additional plugin.

WooCommerce Discount rules is a popular WooCommerce plugin to set dynamic discounts. Do you wish to make your customers more engaged with the brand, try dynamic pricing with WooCommerce discount rules?

Let’s take a scenario where your online store is creating coupons for subscribers with a 40% discount on electronics. However, before setting the discount rule, there is one more thing to do,

Product-level discount or Cart level discount?

With WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin, you can manage two type of discounts- Product level discount and Cart level discount.

  1. 30% Coupon discount on all fashion apparels- Exclusive for Subscribed users
  2. 30% Coupon discount on purchases above $300- Exclusive for Subscribers

Though both the rules are set for Subscribers, they differ with the product criteria. The first rule (a) applies only for electronic products regardless of the cart details. The second rule (b) applies to the cart subtotal regardless of the product category.

Now let’s see how to create both types of coupon discount with WooCommerce Discount rules.

(A) Creating User role specific coupon on Product level

The following is the detailed procedure to set “30% Coupon code discount on all Fashion apparels only for Subscribed users”.

Step 1- Add New Rule in the Price Discount Rules tab


Step 2- Enter the general details of your coupon code discount

In the general details of the rules, first comes the order priority where you need to set the discount priority. Sometimes a customer’s purchase can be valid for two of your pre-set discount rules. In that case, the discount will be offered based on the priority position. Then you need to give the discount rule a ‘name’ and description for the customers to read in the frontend. After that, the discount method to be selected, “Quantity based by product” is the method for this scenario. Mentioning the validity may be optional but I strongly recommend to set validity dates because time-limited coupons get more sale conversions.


Step 3- Set the coupon discount condition specific to the rule

In this step, you will need to set the discount rule for the specific discount type.

  • Choose Specific categories from the ‘Apply To’ drop down. Then select “Fashion apparels” from the second drop-down list.
  • The ‘Customer’ drop down shows two options- All and Only Given. Only given is the feature to select particular customers. Choose ‘All’ for this example.
  • Choose ‘ Subscribers’ from the user roles list. Make sure that the user roles already assigned to existing users.
  • Now select the coupon criteria- “apply if any one coupon applicable” to offer the subscribers with coupon discounts if at least any one of the coupon code is valid and applicable
  • Then enter the coupon codes for which the offer is valid.
  • If the rule needs to be based on the purchase history or subtotal based, Choose the respective fields.


Step 4- Set the Discount Coupon amount

Choose the minimum and maximum quantity for the product discount from the respective boxes. Since the store is offering a percentage discount select percentage discount form the ‘Adjustment type’. After that select the value of the discount.

Save the rule and the product level discount for “Subscribers” will be applied in your store.


(B) Creating User role specific coupon on Cart level

The following is the detailed procedure to set “30% Coupon code discount on purchases above $300 only for Subscribed users”.

Step 1- Add New Rule in the Cart Discount Rules tab

For applying Cart based discount, Select “Cart Discount Rules” tab and then click “Add New Rule”.


Step 2- Enter the general details of your coupon code discount

This step requires the same idea to complete the general details of the discount. While setting up the order priority, make sure that no both rules have the same priority. Click on “Next” after entering the discount rule name and description.


Step 3- Adding the cart condition and select user roles

In this step, you need to select two fields

  1. Select “User role in list” from “type” drop down
  2. Choose the particular user role eligible for the discount. In our case “Subscribers” are treated as Premium users.


You can more than one condition per discount rule depending on your offer plan. Now, with this cart rule, we need to add one more condition. Since we want to give 30% coupon discounts for Subscribers with $300 cart subtotal, set the second condition as shown below.

Step 4- Choose the discount type and Set the discount value to get the discount done.

Select Percentage discount from discount type option and set the coupon value to be 30. Click on “Save Rule” to apply the discount to Subscriber users.


Want to know how it works before? Try this demo site and know better. Now that a valuable marketing strategy is shared, you got to choose a discount plugin that offers you do dynamic discounts and much more. Never hold back with the idea to create user role specific coupons because the moment you think to do something ten people would have already started doing it.