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4 Best WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins - Editors' Picks

WooCommerce gift cards let your customers gift their near and dear ones with a certain amount that the recipient could redeem by purchasing products from your store. Configuring the WooCommerce gift cards program would bring in more new conversions to your online store.

If you haven’t yet started with the WooCommerce digital gift cards then this is the right time to start with it. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the best WooCommerce gift card plugins that would guide WooCommerce to sell gift cards at your store.

What are the benefits of configuring WooCommerce gift cards to your store?

Implementing WooCommerce gift cards to your store will bring the following benefits to your store,

  • It is a great way to bring in new customers to your WooCommerce store.
  • When you sell gift cards it would increase your brand value as your customers find it easier to purchase gift cards for any occasion than choosing between the products.
  • It helps to improve your sales by selling and accepting WooCommerce gift cards.
  • WooCommerce gift cards/vouchers help to reduce fraud when customers try to make an expired return of cash.
  • Issuing WooCommerce digital cards will increase your sales and revenue.
  • By selling gift cards and gift certificates at your store it helps you to reach globally through the word of mouth strategy.
  • You will also experience excellent brand exposure.

4 Top WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins

There are so many WooCommerce voucher plugins and WooCommerce free gift plugins in the market which are helpful in configuring WooCommerce gift cards to your store. The following are some of the best gift card plugins for WooCommerce,

  1. YITH WooCommerce gift cards
  2. PW WooCommerce gift cards
  3. Ultimate WooCommerce gift cards
  4. Gift Up - Gift cards for WordPress

Let us get in detail with the features of the best WooCommerce gift plugins.

  YITH WooCommerce gift cards

yith gift cards

YITH WooCommerce gift cards guides in creating digital or printable gift cards of any amount and allow your customers the possibility to customize them to make a special gift for their friends and family. The best features in the YITH WooCommerce gift cards are as follows,

  • The plugin offers a flexible and modern user interface platform to create your gift cards.
  • It provides you with different design templates for all occasions which can be used while creating the gift cards.
  • The plugin lets your customers schedule the delivery of the gift cards and also allows them to send it to multiple recipients.
  • You can have power-packed management of your WooCommerce gift cards.
  • The plugin notifies your customers when the recipient has received and used the gift cards.
  • It even allows you to sell physical gift cards at your store. The customers can also download to PDF format and print the gifts cards.
  • Easy integration from smart coupons to gift cards can be achieved easily.
  • QR codes can be integrated easily to your gift cards.

Thus the plugin’s features helps you to grow your sales and traffic. Checkout the PRO version of the plugin in order to avail extra benefits.

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  PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

pw woocommerce gift cards

Gift cards are a convenient way of increasing your WooCommerce store’s revenue. PW WooCommerce gift cards are one of the best WooCommerce plugin for gift card that guide you to sell gift cards, vouchers at your store. Let us get into some of the features of the plugin,

  • The purchase of the gift cards is simple and similar to that of purchasing the amazon gift cards. Just enter the amount, recipient details and message at the time of purchase.
  • The recipient can receive their gift cards just by clicking the link provided through email.
  • Flexible to any theme to make a redeemable gift card where the balance will be displayed at the cart and checkout pages.
  • Guest checkout is possible with this gift card plugin.
  • The plugin is very easy to set up and would bring in more benefits to your WooCommerce store.
  • More flexible and compatible with the WooCommerce pre-order plugin.
  • The plugin is supported by some of the best multi-currency plugins.

The Pro version of the plugin adds a little more to this like selling physical cards, adding funds to the gift card, setting a default amount, and more. Try implementing the WooCommerce gift card pro plugin and watch your sales grow.

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  Ultimate WooCommerce gift cards

ultimate gift cards for woocommerce

Ultimate WooCommerce gift cards guide you to create, sell and manage gift cards at your online store. This gift certificate is commutable through WhatsApp, SMS and email which makes it to be one of the best features. It is easy to download the gift cards for offline printing. Let us look into the special features of the plugin,

  • The plugin allows your customers to send the gift cards through WhatsApp or SMS to their dear ones.
  • You can have complete management over the created gift cards like, follow-up each gift card with the amount credited, spent, remaining balance and schedule expiry date.
  • The plugin allows easy redeeming and recharging from your store which increases your revenue.
  • Gift cards have four types of pricing - Default price, Range price, Selected price, and User price.
  • The WooCommerce voucher plugin allows you to include/exclude products from discount.
  • The gift certificate plugin for WooCommerce comes with security QR code where your customer can optimize the gift card based on the size.
  • The plugin allows your customers to access the gift cards offline.

Try implementing the Ultimate WooCommerce gift cards plugin to your store and bring great sales. Look into the PRO version of the gift plugin and experience the complete benefits of the WooCommerce gift card plugin.

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  Gift Up - Gift Cards for WordPress and WooCommerce

gift up gift cards for wordpress and woocommerce

Gift Up allows you to sell gift cards and certificates on your WooCommerce store which are easy to set up and brings in great revenue for your store. Let look into some of the salient features of the plugin,

  • The plugin allows you to sell the gift cards in WordPress Facebook and so on.
  • Gift cards can be created with your branding with the easy installation of the WooCommerce ultimate gift card plugin.
  • The plugin allows the recipients to receive gift cards from anywhere
  • The complete management of the gift cards is made under a single roof.
  • It offers various design templates from where the customers can choose for designing the gift cards.
  • The gift cards can be created with expiry dates if required.
  • The WooCommerce gift cards can be sold in any currency so that customers from any region can purchase it.

Download Plugin

Experiment by implementing Gift Up to your WooCommerce store and bring great results with customer engagement to your business.

The concept of “Gift Cards” is completely giftable for WooCommerce to achieve great heights. The above are some of the best plugins from my study, that may suit your store which would help you to achieve excellent results and your WooCommerce promotions. Try establishing the WooCommerce gift cards and nail your brand value.

Wishing you Good Luck.

FAQs on WooCommerce Gift Cards

WooCommerce gift cards are nothing but your customers purchase a gift card with a certain amount to give their dear ones. The recipients can redeem them with the products from the respective WooCommerce store. The WordPress gift voucher brings in great revenue to your tore

Yes, it is possible to create virtual gift cards in your WooCommerce store. The WooCommerce gift card plugins allow you to download PDF of the gift cards and send them to their recipients.

There are various WooCommerce gift card plugins in the market that can support you to configure gift cards to your store. Make a detailed study of the best WooCommerce voucher plugins and choose the most suitable plugin for your store.
If you’re a good programmer it can also be achieved by using the respective coding work.

Yes, it is possible to purchase gift certificates for your friends that can be easily achieved with the respective plugins. The plugins also allow you to set a particular expiry for the gift certificates that are purchased.
Selling gift certificates will bring a great advantage to you and your customers.

Some of the salient features that the WooCommerce gift voucher plugins have are,
  • The plugin allows your customers to customize the gift cards by adding pictures from the gallery that they purchase.
  • It provides you complete management of all the gift cards.
  • The plugin allows to create, sell and manage the WooCommerce gift cards
  • It allows you to set an expiry for the gift cards when required.
  • Your customers can even schedule the delivery of the gift cards.
  • The plugin also allows you to download the gift card in PDF format in order to send virtual gift cards to the recipients.