How to Provide Free Gifts in Your WooCommerce Store – Updated Examples

how to provide free gifts in your woocommerce store updated example

The best way to encourage your customers to come back to your WooCommerce store is by offering incentives – discounts or free gifts.

The word “Free Gifts” means WooCommerce add free product to the customer’s cart automatically on making a certain purchase. This could be best implemented using the WooCommerce BOGO deals method.

In simple words,

  • Buy X and Get Y Free
  • Buy from Category A and Get a Product from Category B for free.

Sometimes it is also better to offer WooCommerce gift to your customers using coupons instead of providing discounts. In this article, we are going to educate you on configuring different strategies of offering WooCommerce free gift products with purchase. This is a great way to increase your revenue and conversions for your online store.

how to provide free gifts in your woocommerce store

Before getting started, make sure you have installed and activated the popular WooCommerce Discount plugin – Woo Discount Rules:

Your complete guide to offering WooCommerce Free Gift to your store

The Best Free Gift WooCommerce plugin

There are various Free Gift WooCommerce plugins in the market that guide you to create conditional discounts for your online store. This strategy can be easily carried out with the help of the most reliable plugin “Discount Rules for WooCommerce PRO “. The plugin guides you in creating any level of discount strategy for your WooCommerce store.

It is possible to set both simple and complex discounts with the plugin as per your WooCommerce store’s specifications. Just a simple discount rule will not be sufficient for the enhancement of your store. Only a professional can help you throughout your growth by bringing out great results. The plugin can run any number of discounts simultaneously.

You can create multiple discounts and can prioritize them as per your requirements. Get your online store equipped with the most promising Free Gift WooCommerce plugin with over 30000+ active users and watch your sales grow.

Let’s get started by installing the Discount Rules for WooCommerce Plugin.

Step 1: Log into your WordPress Dashboard and go to the Plugins section.

Step 2: Click on “Add New” button as illustrated below,

add new rule

Step 3: Search for the plugin “Discount Rules for WooCommerce” as shown below,

plugin installation

Step 4: Install and activate the plugin.

The plugin can also be installed manually to your store by downloading Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin from WordPress repository

The above process explains the installation of the free version.

You can give it a try and upgrade to the premium version of WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin to get more features like user role based discounts, BOGO deals, category-based discounts, and more.

Now, let us start configuring WooCommerce free gifts in different variations.

Different Variations to offer WooCommerce Free Gifts

Let us understand the process of configuring the WooCommerce gifting both at the product and cart level.

1. Free Gifts using BOGO deals with WooCommerce Coupon

This strategy is applicable only using the coupon – WooCommerce coupon add free product to the cart when the customer uses the coupon code at the cart page. This variation can be configured throughout the store or on any specific categories or products using WooCommerce BOGO deals.

As an online store owner, before you start creating the discount rule it is essential to know the process of WooCommerce coupon creation.

There are two methods to create a WooCommerce Coupon,

  1. Create your own coupon
  2. Create a coupon via WooCommerce

Method 1:

Create your own coupon: this is the most recommended method. Here, the coupon is created in the rule page as illustrated below,

method 1 create coupon

This is one of the methods that is followed when you create a WooCommerce coupon for both product and cart level discounts.

Method 2:

Create a free gift coupons via WooCommerce: In this method, create your free coupon through WooCommerce. Create a coupon with 0 discount otherwise, the customer would end up getting more discounts.

Go to WooCommerce -> Coupons -> Add Coupon as illustrated below,

method 2 coupon create

This will navigate you to the below page where the coupon is created as shown below,

method 2 enter coupon

Make sure to create the coupon with 0 value and discount type as “Percentage Discount”. The rule will not work if the discount type is set wrong.

Thus, WooCommerce coupons can be created by following the above two methods. Now let us understand how WooCommerce gift is availed using a coupon.

Example: Buy from Category A or B using the Coupon code “FREEGIFT” and get a “Belt” for free on your purchase.

The WooCommerce coupon adds the free product to cart once the coupon “FREEGIFT” has been applied. The coupon is valid only for the specified categories. When the customer purchases from either Category A or B he/she is applicable to use the WooCommerce coupon.

Navigate to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Add New Rule.

add new discount rule

Once you have entered the rule page, enter the rule name and select the discount type as “Buy X and get Y” from the drop-down as illustrated below,

free gift configuration

In the Filter section,
Choose “Category” and select the required category(ies) here.

In the Get discount section, you’ll find the below options,

Get Y discount type: Buy X and get Y – Products (when the customer purchases X he gets Y as the free product).
Buy X count based on- Filters set above

Make sure to enable the Auto-Add button so the gift product is added automatically to the cart once the WooCommerce discount condition is met.

Any number of tiers can be created at the discount tab as needed.

This WooCommerce discount will be applicable only using the coupon “FREEGIFT”.

In the rules section,
Choose the Condition type as “Coupons” and create your own coupon.

The customer will receive a free product for making the purchase from the specified categories.

Here is the cart page of the scenario,

free gift added automatically using coupon

The WooCommerce add free product to cart automatically once the customer applies the coupon before checkout.

2. WooCommerce gift based on cart subtotal

Example: Get “Sunglass” free on orders above $300 (subtotal at least $300)

The customer can avail the WooCommerce free gift when his/her subtotal is above $300.

Choose the discount type as “Buy X and get Y”.

woocommerce gift based on cart subtotal

In the Filter section,
Choose “All Products”.

In the Get discount section, you’ll find the below options,

Get Y discount type: Buy X and get Y – Products (when the customer purchases X he gets Y as the free product).
Buy X count based on – choose the option “Filters set above”.

Make sure to enable the Auto- Add button so, the gift product is added automatically to the cart once the discount condition is met.

In the rule section,
Choose the Condition Type as “Subtotal” with its value as greater than or equal to $300.

When the customer reaches the specified subtotal ($300) WooCommerce add free product to cart automatically.

Here is the cart page of the scenario,

subtotal above $300 free  gift added

As the customer’s subtotal is more than $300 the WooCommerce adds the free product to the cart before checkout.

Free gifts based on the WooCommerce cart subtotal can also be configured using coupons as well as for any specific category(ies) or products.

How to troubleshoot if you are not able to configure WooCommerce Free Gifts at your store?

If you find that WooCommerce gifting is not working as expected, check if the WordPress and WooCommerce are updated with its latest version. Make sure that the respective free gift WooCommerce plugin is also updated with its latest build. This could surely troubleshoot the problems you face while setting free gifts for your WooCommerce store. Watch out to implement the best suitable strategy for your store.

If the problem continues further, contact the support team of the respective plugin to seek their help and make your WooCommerce store enjoy the benefits of the plugin.

I hope this has guided you completely throughout the process of configuring different variations of WooCommerce Free Gifts. When customers have multiple needs and it is easily achievable under a single roof with discounts, free gifts, and coupons then this would drive more traffic and sales for your WooCommerce store.

The free gift WooCommerce plugin is very easy to set up and use as you have many options to offer WooCommerce free gifts to your loyal customers.

This WooCommerce free gifts PRO plugin allows you to configure WooCommerce gifting on any specific products or categories on the purchase of any products or from any categories.

Nail your business by trying out different WooCommrce gifting variations at your store and make your customers come back to you often.

Wishing you Good Luck.

What are WooCommerce Coupons?

WooCommrce coupons are simple yet powerful and can be configured very easily for different variations of discounts and free gifts at your store. They act as tickets for your customers to avail of the discounts at your WooCommerce store.

What is a complimentary product in WooCommerce?

Complimentary products are nothing but WooCommerce free gifts that can be offered to your customers instead of regular discounts.

How to add a free product using the WooCommerce gift coupon?

Adding free products using the WooCommerce coupon can be configured under a simple or category based or product based BOGO deals and even for free gifts based on the cart subtotal. When the customer applies the coupon code for a certain purchase the WooCommerce adds the free product to the cart before the checkout process begins.

What are the methods to add free gifts to the WooCommerce cart?

The free gifts can be added using the following methods

1. Free Gifts using BOGO deals
2. Free Gifts using BOGO deals with WooCommerce coupons
3. WooCommerce gift based on cart subtotal
4. WooCommerce free gifts for cart subtotal using coupons
5. WooCommerce gifts for cart subtotal based on categories

What are BOGO deals and how we can implement it in a WooCommerce store to avail free gifts?

BOGO WooCommerce deals (Buy One Get One free) are advanced discounts that can be implemented on your store. Though discount sales are effective, BOGO deals are the popular choices among retailers. The two types of BOGO deals that can be implemented on a WooCommerce store are as follows,’

1. BOGO deal on the same product (Buy X and Get X)
2. BOGO deals on different products (Buy X and Get Y ).

When it comes to configuring free gifts for WooCommerce using BOGO deals it can be configured as follows,
1. Free Gifts using category based/product based BOGO deals with WooCommerce Coupon
2. Free Gifts using Simple BOGO deals.

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