How to Create WooCommerce Percentage Discounts?

How to create woocommerce percentage discounts updated example

Are you looking to boost your sales and attract more customers to your WooCommerce store? Implementing percentage discounts is a powerful strategy to achieve this. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create WooCommerce percentage discounts that entice shoppers and encourage repeat business. From setting up simple discounts to more complex rules, you’ll find step-by-step instructions that make the process easy and effective.

With WooCommerce, you can offer your customers the best deals, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing your conversion rates. Whether you’re running a seasonal sale or a special promotion, percentage discounts can help you stand out in a competitive market. Plus, understanding how to set these up correctly ensures you won’t miss out on potential revenue.

However, WooCommerce does not have the option to create this automatic discount. That’s why we will use the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce -Pro,” a discount plugin to create simple and dynamic percentage discounts in WooCommerce.

Curious about how to maximize your sales potential with strategic discounting? Keep reading to discover the different types and steps to create percentage discounts in WooCommerce and transform your e-commerce success.

What is a WooCommerce percentage discount?

A WooCommerce percentage discount specifically allows you to slash prices by a certain percentage, making it a popular choice among WooCommerce store owners. Let’s dive into what this means for you and how it can transform your business.

A WooCommerce percentage discount is exactly what it sounds like: a reduction in the selling price of your products based on a percentage. This method is straightforward and highly effective. For instance, if you apply a 20% discount on a product priced at $100, your customer pays $80. Simple, right?

This type of discount is versatile and can be used in various promotional strategies. Whether it’s a seasonal sale, clearance, or a loyalty reward, applying a percentage discount is a straightforward way to make your offers more appealing.

Here are some ways to offer a percentage discount:

  • Get a 20% discount on all products in your store.
  • Get a 15% discount on a specific category.
  • 30% discount for Wholesale customers – a user role-based percentage discount
  • Spend $100 and get 10% discount

Start implementing percentage discounts in your WooCommerce store today and watch your sales soar!

Drive conversions with targeted discounts! Start using Discount Rules Pro to offer percentage discounts on specific products.

Why should you offer percentage discounts in WooCommerce?

Offering percentage discounts in your WooCommerce store is a powerful strategy to boost sales and attract customers. But why exactly should you use this method? Here’s what you need to know.

Attract More Customers

Percentage discounts are an excellent way to grab attention. When potential customers see that they can save a certain percentage, it often feels like a better deal than a fixed amount. This perception can drive more traffic to your store and increase your sales volume.

Increase Cart Value

By setting conditions for percentage discounts, such as a minimum purchase amount, you can encourage customers to add more items to their carts. This strategy not only clears out inventory faster but also increases the average order value—a win-win for both you and your customers.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Customers feel valued when they save money through discounts. Offering percentage discounts can make customers more likely to return to your store, fostering loyalty and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Clear Out Inventory

Percentage discounts can be particularly effective for moving older or excess stock. By offering a significant percentage off, you can help ensure that products don’t become outdated or take up valuable warehouse space.

Types of WooCommerce Percentage Discounts With Examples

WooCommerce Percentage DiscountsExamples
Storewide percentage discount in WooCommerceGet a 30% off on all products
WooCommerce percentage discount on a specific category(ies)Buy from category A and get a discount of 10%
WooCommerce percentage discount on a specific product(s)Buy Product A and get a discount of 15%
WooCommerce percentage discount on specific attributesBuy the specified attribute (Blue color) and get a discount of 20%
WooCommerce coupon-based bulk percentage sale“Buy 5 quantities and get a 10% discount
Buy 10 quantities and get a 20% discount
Buy 15 quantities and get a 30% discount”
Use the coupon code “SPECIALOFFER”
WooCommerce BOGO percentage dealsBuy any item from Category A and B and get the cheapest product from Category B at a discount of 20%
User-role-specific percentage discount“Wholesale Customers” get an exclusive discount of 25% off.
Subtotal-based cart percentage discount (Cart Based Discount)Get a discount of 20% when customers spend over $500
WooCommerce Percentage Discount

How to Create a WooCommerce Percentage Discount?

Creating a percentage discount on WooCommerce doesn’t have to be complex. With the right tool, such as the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro” plugin, you can easily set up discounts directly on your WordPress site.

Step 1: Log into your WordPress Dashboard and go to the Plugins section.

Step 2: Click on the “Add New” button as shown in the instructions.

add new rule

Step 3: In the search bar, type “Discount Rules for WooCommerce” and look for the plugin.

Installing the Discount Rules Plugin

Step 4: Click to install and then activate the plugin.

If you’re unsure about the installation process or need further guidance, refer to this detailed installation guide. Next, let’s explore some practical examples of how you can implement various discounts for your store.

Supercharge your sales strategy! Apply percentage discounts based on cart totals or for specific users with Discount Rules Pro.

Scenario 1: Implementing a Storewide Percentage Discount in WooCommerce

Example: Save 20% on every product in your WooCommerce store

To set up a storewide percentage discount in WooCommerce:

  • Navigate to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Add New Rule.
Adding a new discount rule
  • Name your rule and select “Product Adjustment” for the discount type.
  • In the filter section, select “All Products” to apply the discount across your entire store.
  • In the discount section, choose “Percentage discount” and set the discount value to “20.”
Creating a store-wide percentage discount in WooCommerce

This setup ensures that a 20% discount is automatically applied to all products in your WooCommerce store.

Applying discount to all products

Scenario 2: Percentage Discounts for Specific Categories

Example: Purchase from Category A and receive a 10% discount.

To apply a percentage discount exclusively to specific categories, follow these steps:

  • Select “Product Adjustment” as your discount type.
  • Navigate to the filter section, choose “Category,” and select a specific category, such as Accessories.
  • In the discount section, set the Discount Type to “Percentage discount” and enter “10%” as the discount value.
  • Save the rule to activate.
Adding a specific-category based percentage discount

This setup ensures a 10% discount is applied solely to the items within the specified categories.

10% discount applied to specific categories

Scenario 3: Get a 15% Discount on Select Products

Example: Purchase Product A and receive a 15% discount.

To create a percentage discount for specific items, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the filter section and select ‘Products.’ Then, choose the specific item you wish to discount, such as a Polo shirt.
  • In the discount area, set the Discount Type to ‘Percentage discount’ and enter ’15’ as the discount value.
Percentage discount created for specific products

This ensures that a 15% discount applies exclusively to your chosen products.

Only certain products get discounts

Scenario 4: Offering Percentage Discounts on Specific Product Attributes

Are you looking to offer discounts on products with specific attributes? Here’s how you can easily set up a 20% discount for items with chosen attributes, such as color.

Example: Purchase products in blue and receive a 20% discount.

Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Percentage Discounts for Specific Attributes:

  • Navigate to the filter section and click on “Attributes.” From there, select the attribute for which you want to offer the discount, such as “Blue Color.”
  • Move to the discount section and select “Percentage Discount” as your discount type. Then, set the discount value to 20%.
Discounts based on specific attributes

With this setup, a 20% discount will be automatically applied to all blue-colored items in your catalog, while products in other colors will remain at their original price. This targeted discount strategy not only caters to specific customer preferences but also enhances your promotional efforts effectively.

Applied discount to the specified attribute

Scenario 5: How to Offer a 30% Storewide Discount with a WooCommerce Coupon

You have two options when it comes to creating a WooCommerce Coupon:

  1. Use a specialized plugin to create your coupon.
  2. Utilize WooCommerce’s default settings to generate coupons.

For this scenario, let’s focus on using a plugin that makes coupon creation straightforward. To dive deeper into this process, explore the comprehensive guide on WooCommerce Coupons.

Here’s how to set up a 30% storewide discount using a WooCommerce coupon:

  • First, in the filter section, select “All Products” to ensure the discount applies storewide.
  • Next, in the discount section, set the Discount Type to “Percentage discount” and input “30%” as the discount value.
  • In the rule section, specify the condition type as “Coupons” and craft your unique coupon code.
Creating percentage discount using WooCommerce coupon

Remember, your customers will only receive this 30% discount when they apply your coupon code at their cart or checkout page. Use the code “SPECIAL” to let your customers enjoy a 30% discount on their entire purchase.

Discounts enabled with coupon

Scenario 6: WooCommerce Bulk Quantity Percentage Discount

If you’re looking to boost sales by offering discounts based on the quantity purchased, WooCommerce makes it easy with bulk quantity percentage discounts. This feature automatically adjusts prices based on the number of items a customer buys, incentivizing larger purchases.

Example Discounts:

  • Buy 15 items and get a 30% discount.
  • Buy 5 items and get a 10% discount.
  • Buy 10 items and get a 20% discount.

How to Set Up Percentage Discounts Based on Quantities:

  • Choose the discount type as “Bulk Discount.”
  • In the filter section, choose “All Products” as it is a storewide discount.
  • In the discount section,
    • Set “Count by” as “Filter set above” (this would count the items cumulatively).
    • Choose the Discount Type as “Percentage discount” with the required quantity and discount percentage.

You can create any number of discount tiers as per the requirements.

Bulk tiered structured with percentage discount

These discounts are applied based on the total quantity in the cart. For instance, if a customer has 7 items in their cart, they’ll receive a 20% discount on their purchase. This cumulative counting encourages customers to buy more to receive higher discounts, ultimately boosting your sales and customer satisfaction.

Discounts applied based on quantity

Scenario 7: WooCommerce BOGO percentage deals

Example: Buy any item from Category A and B and get the cheapest product from Category B at a 20% discount.

  • Choose the discount type as “Buy X and get Y.”
  • In the filter section, choose “Category” and select specific categories (Hoodies and Accessories).
  • In the Get Discount section, you’ll find the below options,
    • Get Y discount type: Buy X and get Y – Categories.
    • Make sure to enable the button “Cheapest.”
    • Set quantities range with percentage discounts and select the “Get” product/ category.
    • Also, set “count by” as “filters set above.”

When the customer purchases from the X category, he/she gets the cheapest product from category Y at a limited discount.

Creating BOGO percentage discounts

The minimum quantity to be purchased is 2 with a limited discount value of 20. Here is the final result of applying BOGO percentage deals:

Adding cheapest product to the cart

The cheapest product from another category is given at a discount of 20%.

Scenario 8: User-role-based percentage discounts in WooCommerce

Example: “Wholesale Customers” get a discount of 30% on purchasing a minimum quantity of 2 from the store

  • Choose the discount type as “Bulk Discount.”
  • In the filter section, choose “All Products” as it is a storewide discount.
  • In the discount section,
    • Set “Count by” – Filter set above (this would count the items cumulatively).
    • Choose the Discount Type as “Percentage discount” with the required quantity and discount percentage.
  • In the rule section, choose the Condition type “User Role” and select the required user roles from the drop-down menu (Wholesalers).
Setting percentage discounts based on specific user roles

The discount is applicable only for the specified user-role.

As a store owner, you can add any number of user roles to your WordPress admin with the help of the respective third-party plugin. Here is the step to create user roles in WordPress.

Scenario 9: Subtotal-based percentage discount

Example: Get a discount of 20% when customers spend over $500.

  • Choose the discount type as “Cart Adjustment.”
  • In the filter section, choose “All products” as it is a store-wide discount.
  • In the discount section, select the Discount Type as “Percentage Discount” and set the value as “20.”
  • In the rules section, choose Condition Type as “Subtotal” with its value as greater than or equal to “500.”
Creating percentage discount over amount

Discounts will be applied only when customers’ cart reaches $500 or above.

Percentage discount applied based on cart total

How to use one coupon code to offer different percentage discounts?

Trying to provide different WooCommerce discount percentages using a single coupon code?

It is very simple to create a single coupon that can be applied to different discounts under “Price Discount Rules”

Let us understand it better with an example,

“10% discount on the Perfume category
20% discount on Fashion category
30% discount on the Power tools category using the coupon “OFFER123”.”

The scenario illustrates that by using a single coupon code, the categories can avail of their respective discounts.

Applying percentage discount to multiple campaigns using one coupon
  • Configure the discount rule using the discount type “Product Adjustment.”
  • The WooCommerce percentage discount is created for the specific category “Hoodies” with a percentage discount of 10%.
  • Create your coupon “OFFER123”

Similarly, create discount rules for the other two categories using the same coupon code.

The cart page clearly illustrates the process flow of the discount rule.

A single coupon applied discount to different products

Using the coupon “OFFER123,” a discount has been applied to the three categories respectively.

How to show the discount percentage in WooCommerce?

There are different methods for showing percentage discounts in WooCommerce. When WooCommerce shows a discount percentage on the product page or cart page, it urges your customers to purchase often from your store.

WooCommerce discount percentage can be displayed as

  • A Discount Table
  • Plain Discount Information
  • Discount Price on Product Pages
  • A Sale Badge
  • Show a message in the cart when the rule is applied
  • Display the “You Saved!” message

The above can be done under the Price Rules settings of the WooCommerce discount percentage plugin “Discount Rules for WooCommerce.”

Display as a discount table

When you create a WooCommerce percentage discount using the “Bulk Discount” type, you can display the discount percentage as a discount table on single product pages.

Check this WooCommerce bulk discount guide to learn more about bulk discount scenarios and steps to customize discount tables on product pages.

display as discount table

Display plain discount information

Using a “discount bar” option in each campaign lets you customize and display simple discount information on all product pages covered under the rule.

You can open the plugin’s settings page and scroll down to the “Product” section to set the position to show a discount bar on a product page.

product bag

Display discount price on the Product page

This is the basic format for displaying percentage discounts on products. When you create a discount campaign with “Percentage,” the original sale price will be striked out and displays the discounted price.

Note: This blog explains the steps to strike out an original WooCommerce sale price and display a discount price.

display discount percentage product

Display a sale badge

Sale badges are the essential visual elements for all online stores to grab customers’ attention. You can display a discount percentage as a “Sale badge” to increase its visibility and impact.

To know the detailed steps, check this guide to display a discount percentage as a sale badge.

display sale badge

Show a message in the cart when the rule is applied

The message of the rule applied will be displayed on the cart page as illustrated below,

show message in cart

You can go to the plugin’s settings page and scroll down to the “Promotion” section, where you can edit the “Applied rule message text on the cart” option to customize your message.

Display a “You Saved!” message on the cart page

This would display the amount saved through the discount on the cart page. On the same “Promotion” section on the plugin’s settings page, you will have the “Display you saved text” option, where you can customize the text and position of the message.

display saved message

These are the six common methods to show sale percentage discounts in your WooCommerce store.

Using Discount Rules Pro, you can increase loyalty and sales by offering percentage discounts based on cart totals or for specific users. Customize your discounts to build customer loyalty and drive sales.


WooCommerce percentage discounts attract customers, acquire them to your store, and increase your sales.

Instead of offering percentage deals for all products, use the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce -Pro” plugin to restrict the offer only to specific products or users. It will enhance customer experience and increase sales of specific items.

What to do next?

Enhance your discount strategy using the following guides:

1. How to Create Bundle Discounts in WooCommerce?

2. How to Create BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals in WooCommerce?

3. How to Provide Free Shipping in Your WooCommerce Store?

What are dynamic percentage discounts in Woocommerce?

When the basic percentage discounts in WooCommerce can be applied with certain purchase conditions, they are dynamic percentage discounts. You can create these conditional percentage discounts using the “Discount Rules” plugin.

What are the advantages of dynamic percentage discounts?

Offering dynamic percentage discounts instead of simple discounts can provide you with benefits like:
– Become a cost-effective promotional strategy to offer discounts based on purchase conditions.
– Offer discounts only to specific products to increase its sales.
-Offer discounts only to specific users to enhance their user experience and loyalty.

How to implement dynamic percentage discounts in Woocommerce?

To create dynamic percentage discounts in WooCommerce:
1. Install and activate the “Discount Rules” plugin.
2. Add a new rule and choose discount type.
3. Filter specific products or categories to apply discounts.
4. Choose “Discount Type” as “Percentage Discount” and set value.
5. Set purchase conditions in the Rules section, as it is a dynamic discount. Save the rule.

Can I perform a WooCommerce bulk price change?

Yes, it is possible to perform bulk price changes by setting a WooCommerce percentage discount based on quantity.

For example, Buy 5 quantities and get a 5% discount
Buy 10 quantities and get a 10% discount
Buy 15 quantities and get a 15% discount.
Here, the WooCommerce changes price based on quantity.

What are the examples of Woocommerce percentage discounts?

1. Storewide percentage discount
2. Percentage discount on specific categories
3. Percentage discount on specific products
4. Percentage discount on specific attributes
5. Percentage discounts using a coupon
6. Quantity-based percentage discount
7. BOGO percentage deals
8. User-based percentage discounts
9. User-role-based percentage discounts
10. Subtotal-based cart percentage discount.

The above are the common examples that can be created in WooCommerce percentage discount.

How to Show The Percentage Saved in Woocommerce Sales?

The percentage saved can be displayed as a “You Saved” message. To display that:
Go to Woo discount rules -> Settings -> Promotion tab.
In the “Display you saved text,” you can choose any one of the listed positions to display the message
1. On each line item
2. On after total
3. Both in each line item and after total.

Next, you can also edit the message “You saved:” Make sure to modify only the text message.
This message will be displayed when you create a price-based discount rule.

Can I create Woocommerce coupons for percentage discounts?

Yes, you can create WooCommerce coupons for percentage discounts in two methods,

1. Create a percentage discount coupon using default settings.
2. Create coupon-based percentage discounts using the “Discount Rules” plugin.

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