5 Best WooCommerce Free Gift Plugins

5 best woocommerce free gift plugin

How would you feel when you receive a gift for spending a certain amount of money? Wouldn’t you be excited about it? Yes, Of course, we all have an excitement for “GIFTS”. Let me make it simple, the concept is “Shop and Grab”. This is one of the best strategies which would help improve the brand value of your WooCommerce store. Both physical and online stores experience great results in their traffic as well as revenue.

Do you like your customers to have the same feeling about your store? Continue reading this article to get the answer and also get an idea of how this strategy could be implemented.

Another interesting fact about Woo Free Gift coupon is that you can also sell gift cards or vouchers in your store. Customers can purchase and redeem their vouchers at the time of their checkout. It is the same as Amazon Gift Cards. It is important to install the Free Gift plugin to your WooCommerce store to execute the above strategies.

Before you install, have an overview of some of the best available WooCommerce free gifts pro plugins for the WooCommerce store. Choose among them, install, execute and make your customers enjoy their shopping.

Top 5 Free Gift Plugins for Your WooCommerce Store

  • Discount Rules for WooCommerce
  • Gift Cards (Vouchers and Packages)
  • Ultimate Gift Cards
  • Gift Up! WooCommerce Gift Cards
  • WooCommerce Gift Manager

Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Discount rules for woocommerce

In general, the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin allows you to create various strategies of discounts for your store.

  • You can create any type of bulk discounts, advanced discounts, dynamic pricing, product based discounts, cart-based discounts, price-based discounts and tiered discounts for your store.
  • The plugin is so flexible that you can apply the discount for any specific category of products, specific products, and attributes, user-role based, purchased history and more in the PRO version.
  • The plugin helps your slow-moving inventory to get cleared in a faster phase.
  • It is so advanced that you are even allowed to promote by availing discounts based on the total cart quantity, subtotal of the cart (for example, Get 20% if your cart subtotal is $500).
  • The best thing is that the created discount rule can be saved, enabled and disabled whenever required.
  • The Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin has various features that would help you during the big sales period.
  • The plugin allows you to programmatically add free gifts to your WooCommerce store with the help of BOGO deals and some advanced cart discounts.
  • While you create discount rules on any certain sale you can add product discount instead of a percentage discount which means add a free product to that rule in WooCommerce.

In the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin, the coupon code can be linked to the discount rules created – When the customer purchases from your store he/she uses the code during checkout for the discount to be executed in his/her cart.


Free – Lite Version
Single Site – $49/year
5 Sites – $69/year
25 Sites – $99/year

Gift Cards (Vouchers and Packages)

gift cards vouchers and packages

Are you confused about what to gift your customers, employee or neighbor? Here is the best solution – customizable Gift Cards plugin. The Gift Cards is a multi-supported WordPress gift plugin and is unique in its own way. You can create any number of gift cards with respect to the occasions and perfect prices. The plugin includes a variety of services like gift cards, rewards, promotions and event tickets. Let us look into some of the highlighting features of the plugin

  • Basic vouchers for events like birthdays, anniversaries etc can be easily created. You just need to select from the available templates, set your logo or event image and you are done, it is as simple as that. If you don’t have a logo or want to refresh your existing design, work with professionals to create a logo design that will help your brand shine on gift vouchers and elsewhere.
  • The gift cards plugin is WooCommerce compatible – supports WooCommerce websites.
  • It allows your customers to check their voucher balance and redeem it at the checkout page.
  • The customer can purchase gift vouchers and cards as they purchase products from your store- This seems to be a flexible feature
  • The customers are allowed to select from the available templates and customize the gift cards or vouchers as needed.
  • The purchase and payments are very convenient and secure which make the customer feel comfortable about your store.
  • The customer receives the receipt after the order has been successfully completed.
  • The expiry date can be set for the vouchers if required.

If gift cards are implemented for your WooCommerce store this would really boost up your revenue as you have a lot to do with your creativity which would naturally invite more traffic to your store. The Pro version may have some advanced features in it. Try establishing the concept of gift cards/vouchers and enjoy selling.

Free – Lite Version
Single Website – $19.00/year
Unlimited Websites – $34.00/year

Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards

ultimate woocommerce gift cards

Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin helps you to create and manage gift card type products. The gift cards have easy template customization. The most popular features of the plugin are sending gift card coupon code as QR codes/Barcodes, reusable gift cards, balance notification, and offline usage. The usage of the gift cards will eventually increase your WooCommerce store’s revenue. Let us dive into some of WooCommerce gifting salient features,

  • The plugin allows the customer to redeem their gift cards in your store.
  • Gift cards have four types of pricing – Default price, Range price, Selected price, and User price
  • As an online merchant, you can allow your customers to pay tax for the gift card products.
  • The plugin allows you to display the gift card products on the shop page or on a separate page.
  • It allows your customers to use the gift card coupon individually so that it cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.
  • The gift cards can be delivered in two methods – Mail to the recipient and Downloadable by the buyer.
  • The gift cards can be customized easily for any occasion as needed.
  • Offline gift cards – it means the gift cards are sent based on the customer’s request.
  • Being an online merchant, some basic configurations of WooCommerce free gift coupons can be set like – setting a prefix for the gift card coupon, set minimum and the maximum number of gift cards to be spent, length for the coupon, number of times of usage.

Establish the Ultimate WooCommerce Gift plugin along with premium features for your WooCommerce store and enjoy more benefits.


Free – Lite Version
Single site – $50.00/year
5 site – $155.00/year
25 site – $245.00/year

Gift Up! Gift Cards for WordPress and WooCommerce


Most of the time you get trapped in deciding what to present for your dear ones, customers, neighbors, etc. during an occasion or any special events. The best solution for the above is presenting Gift Cards which would be beneficiary to everyone. Selling gift cards in your WooCommerce store will naturally boost your brand value by attracting more loyal customers.

A study says that most of the people who purchase on the internet when given presents, appreciate it in the form of gift cards. The growth of gift cards is enormous in both physical and online stores.
Gift Up WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin helps you and your customers to a great extent. The plugin allows you to sell, manage and also customize the gift cards as per your customer’s requirement.

Let us get into its features that benefit your WooCommerce store:

  • The plugin allows your customers to customize the gift card according to their preferences. The customers can choose from the templates and include required texts, images in respective to the occasions and events.
  • The customers can set the amount in the gift card that is purchased for a recipient.
  • Your customers can send gift cards to any number of recipients through email.
  • The plugin displays the recipient’s email address in the cart page along with the linked gift card. This feature makes your customers check with the details before purchasing the gift cards.
  • The plugin allows your customers to set a dispatching date for the purchased gift card. An expiration date can also be set for the gift cards.
  • A product can be suggested by your customers to their recipients along with the sent gift card.
  • The best feature is the gift cards can also be received physically.
  • The customers will be notified when the sent gift card has been used through email. The status of the gift card is also notified to your customers
  • You can suspend or remove a gift card when that particular order has been “canceled” or “refunded”.
  • The plugin allows you to transform smart coupons to Gift Up WooCommerce Gift Cards.

The customers can purchase gift cards from your WooCommerce store and redeem it for a higher value. You can even provide discounts on gift cards for your customers. By implementing the PRO version of this plugin you can experience great results in your WooCommerce store.

Single site – 119.99/year
6 sites – 199.99/year
30 sites – 299.99/year

WooCommerce Gift Manager

woocommerce gift manager

The WooCommerce Gift Manager plugin allows you to provide WooCommerce free gifts with purchases from your store.

  • The plugin allows you to create and manage the gift products in your WooCommerce store.

The gift cards can be created based on,

– Multiple subtotal

– Categories products

– Number of categories products

– Total quantity

-Any particular product

  • The gift items can also be selected from the existing products.
  • The plugin can be easily configured to any new existing WordPress websites.
  • The plugin displays the gift items/products on the cart page.
  • The “Gift Offer Message” can be customized as per the requirement.

The WooCommerce Gift Manager plugin helps you to gain more loyal customers to your WooCommerce store. It is quite natural for the store’s traffic to get increased if you are being thankful to the customers for their purchase. It is one of the strategies to improve your revenue in the e-commerce market.

Pricing: $24/year.

Free gifts for WooCommerce plugin

Free gifts for WooCommerce plugin

The free gifts for WooCommerce plugin is a practical tool for providing promotions to the customers of WooCommerce stores, allowing you to offer free gift products to your customers based on 10 different methods, including:

  • Simple adjustment gifting method.
  • Buy x Get x gifting method.
  • Buy x Get y gifting method.
  • Subtotal gifting method.
  • Bulk quantity gifting method.
  • Bulk pricing gifting method.
  • Tiered quantity gifting method.
  • And more

In addition to creating different rules and running multiple rules at the same time, there is the ability to add any conditions to limit the free gift offer in this plugin. 

Some of the most important rules that you can create with free gifts for WooCommerce plugin are:

  • Offer free gift products when customers purchase x quantity from a specific product or category.
  • Add gifts to the customer carts when they place a certain number of orders on your online shop.
  • Offer gift products to the customers who make their first purchase.
  • Offer a gift on a specific date, such as Black Friday or Valentine’s Day.
  • Offer gifts when the subtotal amount of the customer cart exceeds a specific amount.

And any rules and conditions you think.

Other features of this plugin include receiving a report about offering different rules in your online store, automatically adding gift products to the customer’s card, the possibility of offering several gifts at the same time on the checkout page, and setting how to display gifts on the card page, such as grid, carousel, select box, and many other unique and awesome features.

For example, if you want to use the Buy x Get y method to give a gift from the Accessories category to customers who have logged in to your site in exchange for buying 4 on-sale products, you must choose the following values for different sections in this plugin:

  1. Method: Buy X, get Y.
  2. Quantities & Settings: Buy: 4, Get: 1
  3. Products By: Click on the Add Product button, then set Product is on sale and Yes for the fields, respectively.
  4. Products get: Choose Accessories for Include Categories/ tags/ taxonomies field.
  5. Conditions: Press the Add condition button, then open the Customer tab and choose Is logged in from the list.

 By clicking on the Save changes, the rule is activated on your site, and customers can see a list of free gifts in their carts like below:



Free – Free gifts for WooCommerce Lite Version
Annual plan Single Site – $69
Annual plan 5 Sites – $279
Lifetime plan Single Site – $119
Lifetime plan 5 Site – $479

How to add Free Gifts using Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin

Are you interested in how to provide Free Gifts with the plugin? Let’s dive into it. Free Gifts can be programmatically added for your WooCommerce store. They can be easily availed with the help of BOGO deals and some advanced discounts which are more adaptable in the PRO version of the plugin. Before we start with download and install Discount Rules for WooCommerce PRO plugin to your store. Free gifts in discount rules for WooCommerce are provided in two methods

  • Buy One Get One Free (BOGO)
  • Advanced Cart Discounts

Buy One Get One Free(BOGO)

BOGO is a common form of sales promotion. You can create both simple and complex BOGO deals as per your inventory requirements. BOGO deals are created using price based discounts for your WooCommerce store as illustrated below.

BOGO discounts

Let us look into an example “Buy2 and Get 1 free from the specified product”

In the general tab, the general settings that are configured as shown in the below screenshot,

general tab

The condition tab is customized as per the requirement of the rule.

condition tab

In the discount tab, set the discount product (Gift Product) as illustrated below,

Discount tab

The above example says, If the customer purchases a minimum quantity of 2 products he/she would receive 1 free gift. Likewise, the customer would receive 2 free gifts for purchasing 4 products. To be more clear have a look at its front-end.

Product page

This is one of the simple scenarios in BOGO deals similarly you can create various deals for your store depending on your inventory requirements. This would help you to experience a drastic difference in your revenue even when the traffic is moderate.

Advanced Cart Discounts

As the name implies these discounts are created under “Cart Discount Rules” here, the discounts are based on the cart quantity or even based on the subtotal of the cart.

You will get a clear idea when explained with an example. The discount can be – percentage discount or product discount(free gift).

“Get the printed fabric bag as free gift if your cart subtotal is at least $500”

Advanced cart discounts

The above screenshot gives you a clear idea about the working of the rule.

I hope this article would have helped to gain some ideas on “Free Gifts”. The above are some of the best plugins from my study, that may suit your WooCommerce store which would help you to achieve great results. Try establishing the concept of “Shop and Grab” and nail your brand value.

Wishing you Good Luck.

Varsha Varghese

Varsha Varghese

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