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How to Setup Schedule a Gift Card Feature in Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce is an open-source, flexible, and optimized solution for your online store. It authorizes any level of business and supports building a store for your goods. It is an eCommerce platform that has 5+ million active shops and nearly 26% of online stores use it.

It’s the right time to sell WooCommerce gift cards at your store. Configuring the WooCommerce gift cards program would bring in more new conversions and revenue to your store.

You now have an opportunity to upgrade your online store using our best gift card plugin for WooCommerce - Gift Press. Gift Press in WooCommerce sells vouchers, which can be given away as gifts by your customers. These vouchers can be redeemed at the store by the recipients.

This article educates you on the features and benefits of the WooCommerce gift card plugin - Gift Press including, scheduling of your gift card delivery.

Why should you enable scheduling options for the WooCommerce gift cards?

Scheduling the WooCommerce gift card will improve customer relationships with an increase in revenue. This feature will substitute the need for physical movement in procuring gifts.

It enables your customers to choose the delivery date during the purchase of gift cards, from anywhere without any time restrictions. The recipients will also have the advantage of choosing the gifts they want from your WooCommerce store.

Configuration of the WooCommerce Gift Card plugin

The WooCommerce gift card plugin helps you to easily configure gift certificates at your store and also enables your customers to schedule the gift card delivery. For this to be achieved successfully, the plugin “GiftPress PRO - WooCommerce Gift Cards” has to be installed to your WooCommerce store.

Let us begin with the installation of the gift card plugin

Download the GiftPress PRO version plugin and grab the license key. It could also be downloaded from the plugin repository.

Step1: Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to the plugins section.

Step2: Click the “Add New” button as illustrated below,

1 add new plugin

Step3: This will bring the "Upload Plugin" button. Click on it.

2 upload plugin

Step4: Click the "Browse..." button and choose the Plugin Zip file you have downloaded.

3 upload file

Step5: Hit the "Install Now" button, this will install the GiftPress plugin to your dashboard.

Thus the plugin has been successfully configured to your WooCommerce store. Next, we will look into the process of how to create a WooCommerce gift card product and how your customers can schedule the WooCommerce gift card delivery.

How to create WooCommerce Gift card Product at your store

To create the Gift card product the below navigations are to be followed,

WooCommerce -> Products -> Add New

Enter the product name, choose the product type as “Gift Card” and also enter the gift card amount.

4 add gift card product

Configure the gift card product with the necessary setting and create the product. Now the WooCommerce gift card is available as a product in your store. Your customers can purchase it and the WooCommerce gift manager allows your customers to enter a custom amount in the gift card product.

Next will look into the process of scheduling the WooCommerce gift card delivery.

How to Schedule the WooCommerce gift card delivery

Scheduling gift voucher delivery is one of the most convenient features in the WooCommerce gift card plugin. This would be an added advantage to where the gift cards will be delivered in time.

Now, let us see how the customers can schedule their e-card delivery. Below is the WooCommerce gift card product where your customers can schedule the delivery of the voucher,

5 gift card  purchase

Gift Card Amount - the customer can enter the custom amount or choose from the drop-down.

To - give in the recipient’s email address to whom the gift card is to be delivered

From - details of the purchaser/sender of the gift card.

Message - enter a message that is to be delivered along with the gift card. This is completely optional.

Delivery date - schedule a convenient delivery date for the gift card so that the gift card is delivered on the custom date.


If the gift card has to be delivered instantly after completing the purchase, then choose the option “Now” from the drop-down.

Quantity - choose the number of gift cards to be purchased.

The WooCommerce gift manager allows customers to schedule a gift card as required.

Example - If a customer wants to purchase a gift card to present on the recipient’s birthday, he/she can customize the amount for the gift card and schedule the delivery date of the WooCommerce voucher.

Below is the product page of the WooCommerce birthday gift card,

6 birthday card

Here, the gift card is customized with the amount of $300 and the scheduled delivery date for the WooCommerce voucher as May 25th 2020.

The WooCommerce gift card will be delivered automatically to the recipient, on the scheduled date through a personalized email. With this gift card he/she can choose the required gift from your WooCommerce store.

Features of the WooCommerce Gift Card plugin

Let us look into the features of the WooCommerce gift card plugin which would make your store more efficient,

  • The purchaser can choose the amount for the gift card within the range pre-set by the store.
  • Enable your customers to schedule gift card delivery suited to their requirements for special occasions.
  • The gift card email can be customized easily using the WordPress Email customizer.
  • The gift card numbers can be imported using CSV.
  • Your customers can manage their gift card balance.
  • Your customer can re-load the balance of the existing gift cards.
  • The expiry for the gift cards can either be set automatically or manually.
  • The gift cards are managed easily from a friendly dashboard.
  • WooCommerce sell vouchers in the digital format, eliminating the need for physical gift cards.
  • Your customer can send gift cards through personalized emails.
  • Brings in great revenue and traffic to your WooCommerce store.
  • Each time a WooCommerce gift card is purchased, it brings in a new customer and increases your revenue.
  • You can boost your sales by selling WooCommerce gift cards during seasonal sales.

Make your customers feel aesthetically pleasing about your WooCommerce store by enabling the scheduling feature for the purchased gift cards. Experience a colossal success by configuring the best WooCommerce gift card plugin and build in great customer relationships.

Wishing you Good Luck.

FAQs on WooCommerce Gift Cards

WooCommerce gift cards is a product that your customers can gift their friends and dear ones with a certain amount that, the recipient could redeem by purchasing products from your store.

Yes, it is possible to sell WooCommerce digital vouchers at your store similar to that of your products that you sell online. It is very efficient to sell digital e-cards eliminating the need for physical gift cards. The digital cards are mailed to the recipient through email on the scheduled date of delivery (delivery date can be customized by the customers).

The best way to set up WooCommerce gift cards at your store is by configuring the best suitable gift card plugin. The gift card plugin “GiftPress PRO - WooCommerce Gift Cards” brings in more benefits to your store with its salient features.

Yes, you can set up the scheduling option in your WooCommerce with the gift card plugin “GiftPress PRO - WooCommerce Gift Cards”. The plugin enables your customers to schedule gift card delivery which is more useful for special occasions.

Your customers can schedule the delivery of a gift card before purchasing for their loved ones. This feature is more comfortable during occasions. The gift card can either be sent instantly or on a custom date to the recipient as per the customer’s requirement.