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How to Add WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing for Different User Roles?

setup user role based discounts in woocommerce

Do you want to acquire wholesale customers, grow your subscriber list, or reward loyal customers? The only strategy for all these goals is to set up WooCommerce role-based pricing.

User-role-based pricing allows you to offer discounts only to specific customer groups and set the original sale price for regular customers.

WooCommerce has options to set product and sale prices. However, to add discounts based on user roles, you need a discount plugin, like “Discount Rules for WooCommerce -Pro.”

In this blog, we will discuss the different user roles, how to create them, and the detailed steps to add role-based pricing in WooCommerce.

Create role-based discounts in WooCommerce with Discount Rules Pro to enhance customer engagement.

What are the different types of user roles?

The default user roles in WordPress are Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber.

You can use a plugin this “User role editor” plugin to create different user roles and segment customers based on their purchase history, as:

  • Wholesale customers
  • Subscribers
  • VIP Customers (Membership)
  • First-time Customers
  • USA Customers
  • Corporate Customers, and more.

How to Create User Roles in WooCommerce?

Creating a user role in WooCommerce is simpler than you think. Follow these steps:

  • Click and Install the above-mentioned “User Role Editor” plugin.
  • Go to “User role editor” under the “Users” section in the WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Click “Add Role” and add a new customer role to your store. You can also rename your existing role names.
  • Next, open your “All Users” list, add or edit a user, and assign user roles.

Note: Check this “Create user roles in WooCommerce” blog for detailed steps.

How to Add a WooCommerce role-based pricing?

Adding role-based pricing for WooCommerce requires the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro” plugin.

Check the installation guide to install and activate it on your WooCommerce dashboard.

Let’s check different scenarios to create a WooCommerce role-based discounts.

(1) Store-wide discount only for specific user roles

Store-wide discounts offer discounts on all products. By tailoring this discount to specific user roles, store owners can build stronger relationships with their most valuable customers and drive more sales in the process.

For Example, Shop Managers get a discount of $50 on all products for a purchase of “$500 and above.”

To create store-wide WooCommerce role-based discounts over the amount:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard ->”WooCommerce” -> “Discount Rules.”
  • Click the “Add New Rule” button.
  • Choose the discount type as “Cart Adjustment.”
  • Filter “All Products” to apply discounts on all products.
  • In the discount section, choose the Discount Type as “Fixed discount” and enter the discount value as “$50.”
Creating role-based pricing on all products
  • In the “Rules” section, create two conditions:
    • Condition 1: Select “User role” as the condition type, choose “in the list,” and select “Shop Manager” as the user role.
    • Condition 2: Select “Subtotal” as the condition type, choose ‘Greater than or equal to (>=), enter the value as “500,” and select ‘Count all items in the cart.’
  • Save the rule.

Now, Shop Managers automatically receive a $50 discount on all products in their stores for purchases of $500 and above.

Applying store-wide discounts based on user role

Offer discounts only to specific user roles to reward loyal customers and retain them for future purchases.

(2) Category-based User-Role Discounts

Offering discounts to specific categories will help you increase sales of the products in the category.

For Example, Wholesale Customers get an Exclusive 40% discount on “Apparel.”

To add WooCommerce role-based pricing for specific categories:

  • Choose the discount type as “Product Adjustment.”
  • In the filter section, choose “Category” and select “Apparel.
  • In the discount section, choose the Discount Type as “Percentage discount” and enter the discount value as “40.”
  • In the Rules section, select “User role” as the condition type, and select “Wholesale Customer” as the user role.
  • Save the rule.
Creating role-based pricing only to specific categories

Now, only the “Wholesale Customers” will receive a 40% discount while purchasing products from the “Apparel” category.

(3) Tiered discounts based on User Roles

Tiered discounts allow store owners to offer different levels of discounts to customers based on the product quantity.

For Example, Exclusive offers for Subscribers,
Buy 100 items and get a 10% discount
Buy 200 items and get a 20% discount.

To set up WooCommerce role-based pricing for bulk orders:

  • Select the discount type as “Bulk discount.”
  • Choose “All Products” in the filter section.
  • In the discount section, choose the discount type as “Percentage discount” and set the ranges based on the “Minimum and Maximum” item quantity.
  • In the “Rules” section, select “User role” as the condition type and select “Subscriber” as the user role.
Creating role-based pricing for bulk orders

Now the discount will be automatically added when a subscriber purchases more products in your store.

(4) User-role Specific Free Shipping

Offering free shipping to all customers is an expensive strategy for the store owner. That’s why you can offer free shipping only to specific customer roles. This allows the store owner to provide a premium service to their most valuable customers, while also minimizing the cost of providing free shipping to all customers.

For Example, Free Shipping for “Wholesale Customers.”

To create WooCommerce free shipping for specific customer roles:

  • Select the discount type as “Free Shipping.”
  • In the “Rules” section, select “User role” as the condition type, and select “Wholesale Customer” as the user role.
Offering free shipping based on specific user roles

Now wholesale Customers will automatically get a free Shipping for their purchase in your store.

Note: Here is the complete guide to free shipping in WooCommerce.

(5) Buy X, Get Y Deals for specific User roles

With this “Buy One Get One Free” discount, store owners can incentivize customers to make purchases, increase their average order value, and build stronger relationships with the store.

For Example, Subscribers get a free cap for every product they purchase.

To create a Buy X Get Y offer for particular customer roles:

  • Select the discount type as “Buy X Get Y.”
  • Choose “All Product” in the filter section.
  • In the discount section, select the discount type “Buy X Get Y-products,” set the quantity ranges, and choose “cap” as the free product.
  • Finally, select “Subscriber” as the user role in the “Rules” section.
Role-based Buy X Get Y deals

Now, the free cap will be automatically added to the cart when a subscriber makes a purchase in your store.

You can also create different WooCommerce Buy One Get One scenario to make a unique offer.

Apply role-based pricing in WooCommerce using the Discount Rules Pro plugin to foster loyalty & increase sales.


A WooCommerce role-based discount is a recommended tactic to enhance customer experience, foster loyalty, and reward loyal customers.

Even though WooCommerce does not allow you to set this discount, you can use “Discount Rules for WooCommerce -Pro” to add role-based pricing.

Offering WooCommerce role-based pricing is more cost-effective than providing to all customers. It will increase order value, sales, and revenue.

If you haven’t implemented this strategy yet, refresh your sales strategy and start appreciating your favorite customers with role-based pricing.

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How to create customer-specific discounts in WooCommerce?

What is a User-Role Based Discount in WooCommerce?

User role-based discounts in WooCommerce helps store owners to provide discounts only to specific user roles, such as wholesale customers, subscriber, or other segmented customer groups.

How do User Role-Based Discounts Work?

Role Assignment: Users are assigned specific roles within the WooCommerce system, such as “Wholesale Customer,” “Subscriber,” or “Retail Customer.” These roles can be assigned manually by the store admin or automatically through specific actions (like signing up for a newsletter.)

Defining Discounts: The store owner sets up discounts specific to each user role. For example, wholesale customers might receive a 15% discount on all products, subscribers might get free shipping, and retail customers might have access to seasonal sales.

Automatic Application: When a user logs in and shops, the WooCommerce store automatically applies the discounts relevant to their user role at checkout. This process is seamless and does not require any coupon codes.

What is an example of WooCommerce role-based pricing?

Examples of WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing:

-10% discount only to “Wholesale Customers.”
-$25 exlcusive discount for “Subscribers” with orders above $99.
-5% off for first-order customers.
-Free Shipping to “Premium Customers.”

Why is it important to offer WooCommerce role-based pricing?

Benefits of User Role-Based Pricing:

(1) Customers can feel special by getting exlcusive discounts only for them which enhances their shopping experience and foster loyalty.
(2) WooCommerce discounts based on user roles will help you segment customers based on their purchase history and reward those customers’ journey with your store.
(3) Setting role-based pricing will motivate other customers to become a part of that specific membership groups to get discounts, which makes them spent more.
(4) With special deals and discounts, you can urge customers to buy more than they intended and increase order value and sales.

What is the default user role in WooCommerce?

The default user role in WooCommerce is ‘Customer.’ When a user registers on a WooCommerce store, they are automatically assigned the “Customer” user role.

Which user role plugin is best for WordPress?

One of the best user role plugins for WordPress is the User Role Editor plugin. This popular free plugin allows you to customize user roles and capabilities in WordPress.

What are the advanced user roles in WordPress?

Some advanced user roles in WordPress are Shop Manager, Event Manager, Membership Manager, Forum moderator and Project Manager

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