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Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce: 5 Best Plugins


Time waits for no one! It is precious, and in the fast-paced and competitive landscape of online business, every second counts, especially when it comes to enticing customers to make a purchase.

A countdown timer can be the golden ticket to boosting your WooCommerce store’s sales. 

Imagine your customers feeling the pressure as they see the seconds ticking away – it’s a real-time connection that sparks urgency and drives immediate action.

Adding a sales countdown timer for WooCommerce stores is not possible without a plugin, as WooCommerce does not have a default timer feature.

In this blog, we will explore the five best WooCommerce sales countdown timer plugins so that you can choose the best one for your online store to boost sales.

Show a sales countdown timer during post-purchase upsells using the UpsellWP plugin and create a sense of urgency for your customers.

What is a Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce?

A sales countdown timer for WooCommerce is a feature that creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to make a quick purchase. It displays a timer that counts down to a specific event, such as the end of a flash sale or the availability of a product.

Real-Time Example of Sales Countdown Timer

The online retail giant Amazon often uses countdown timers to create a sense of urgency among customers, influencing them to make purchases quickly.

For example, displaying a countdown like “Ends in 09h 25m” serves as a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) tactic, encouraging customers to buy a product before the sale ends.

Countdown Timer Used by Amazon

Why Use Sales Countdown Timer in WooCommerce?

The primary purpose of a sales countdown timer is to create a feeling of scarcity, prompt customers to act quickly, and boost sales.

Here are some more reasons to use a sales countdown timer in your WooCommerce store:

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment: Countdown timers reduce cart abandonment rates by prompting hesitant customers to buy when they see a sale ending soon or low product availability.
  • Enhance User Experience: Countdown timers improve user experience on your WooCommerce store by showing clear and attractive cues about product availability and promotions.
  • Differentiate Your Brand: Adding countdown timers sets your store apart from competitors, highlighting time-sensitive deals and urging visitors to act fast to seize the opportunity.
  • Boost Conversion Rates: Countdown timers boost conversion rates by motivating visitors to act quickly, whether by adding items to their cart or making a purchase, within a set time limit.

5 Best Plugins to Show A Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce

When choosing the best sales countdown timer for WooCommerce, it’s essential to assess key aspects such as cost, compatibility, features, frequency of updates, and quality of customer support. 

Here are the top five WooCommerce sales countdown timer plugins:

1. UpsellWP: Post-Purchase Countdown Timer

UpsellWP - A sales countdown timer plugin for WooCommerce

UpsellWP is the best plugin to display the “sales countdown timer” during post-purchase upsell campaigns.

This plugin’s primary feature is its ability to offer upsells and order bumps at every strategic point during the customer’s purchasing journey, from product to thank-you pages.

Post-purchase upsell is one of the campaigns in this plugin that lets you add one-click upsell offers before order confirmation pages with a sales countdown timer. It urges customers to add the upsell offers directly to their cart in a single click.

Showing an example limited-time deal with timer

If post-purchase upselling is part of your sales funnel, you can use this sales countdown timer to create FOMO upselling deals and boost your AOV up to 30%.

Key Features

  • Show customized cross-sells, upsells, and order bumps
  • Show upsells on product, cart, checkout, thank-you, and before order-confirmation pages.
  • Display exclusive upsell deals on Popups
  • Enable sales countdown timer during the post-purchase process
  • Customize offer content and designs to create compelling offers
  • Schedule your offer campaign and set priority for multiple upsell offers.


It has a LITE version, which is free to create your upsell campaigns with limited features.

The PRO version has three paid plans:

  • Starter: $69/ year for a single site.
  • Professional: $99/ year for five sites.
  • Agency: $199/ year for 25 sites.

Display a countdown timer on post-purchase upsells to provide FOMO offers and urge customers to quickly purchase before the deal expires.

2. Retainful

Retainful - Provides Cart urgency timer

Retainful is one of the best email marketing automation plugins that can help you retain customers, recover abandoned carts, foster customer loyalty & increase WooCommerce sales.

The countdown timer is one of the multiple sales-boosting features of Retainful. It lets you display a countdown timer on your cart page.

The timer can be set to count down to various events, such as the end of a sale, the expiration of a discount code,  limited-time promotion offers, or the deadline for free shipping. 

The countdown timer may be integrated with other Retainful email marketing features.

Key Features 

  • Display custom messages along with the timer
  • Display the timer anywhere you want on your cart page
  • Set responsive countdown timers for various devices and screen sizes
  • Send automated abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Send essential emails like welcome, order confirmation, follow-up, and thank-you to engage customers
  • Customize email templates based on your brand goal.


It has both free and paid versions. The paid plan starts at $9 per month.

3. JetElements’ Countdown Widget

JetElements - Provides Countdown Clock Feature

Countdown Timer Widget is a part of JetElements, an Elementor add-on for adding design elements and effects to your website. 

You can add a stylish countdown timer to your store with this WooCommerce sales Countdown Timer widget. 

It helps you display a countdown timer as a full screen, pop-up, header banner, etc.

Key Features

  • With this widget, you can design a dynamic holiday-themed sale bar with a countdown timer and easily place it anywhere on your website
  • Experiment with Countdown Timers Across Various Formats
  • Include countdown timer in popup offers
  • Create a wide-screen countdown timer and easily customize its size and content.


It costs $43 per year.

4. ProWCPlugins’ Timer

FOMO timer by ProWCPlugins

Product Time Countdown is the next best plugin in this list for showing a sales countdown timer for WooCommerce. It lets you add a live, limited-time countdown clock to your product page. The plugin’s extensive features allow you to add shortcodes and customize the countdown timer.

But, most of the advanced features of the plugin are available only in the Premium version- a definite drawback if you want a Free countdown timer plugin.

Key Features

  • Show countdown timer on product pages
  • Choose a position to display the countdown clock on single product pages
  • The timer will be visible on the archive or product listing page
  • Enable the checkbox to display a user-friendly time counter format
  • The message will appear on the front end once the time is finished, replacing the time counter.


It is a freemium plugin, and the paid plan starts at $39.99 per year.

5. Countdown Timer By Fme

WooCommerce sales countdown timer by Fme

The Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce lets you display a countdown timer on your home page to create urgency and push customers to purchase.

The easiest way to encourage your customers to complete a purchase is by creating urgency and motivating them to make a purchase. It is the main goal of this plugin.

It comes with multiple countdown timer styles, and the layout can also be customized to suit your brand style.

Key Features

  • Show sales timers and quantity countdowns
  • Display sales timers on the homepage and individual product pages
  • Select between classic or advanced timer styles
  • Place timers below the product price or image
  • Customize text and colors to your preference
  • Compatible with variable products.


This plugin costs $4.09 per month and $49 per year.

Show Sales Countdown Timer During Post-Purchases With UpsellWP Plugin To Increase Order Value And Boost Sales.


Creating FOMO (Fear-Of-Missing-Out) is a strategic marketing technique to make customers quickly purchase and increase sales. 

The sales countdown timer is a key to implementing this technique in your WooCommerce store. Instead of being limited by default WooCommerce settings, opt for one of the top countdown timer plugins mentioned above to effectively engage your customers.

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How do I add a countdown timer in WooCommerce?

You can add a countdown timer in WooCommerce using plugins, widgets, or custom code. One of the easiest ways to add a countdown timer to your WordPress site is by using a plugin.

Is there a free countdown timer plugin for WooCommerce?

The free countdown timer plugins for WooCommerce are the “UpsellWP” plugin and the “Product Time Countdown.”

How do I schedule a recurring sale with a countdown timer in WooCommerce?

To schedule a recurring sale with a countdown timer in WooCommerce, you’ll need to combine functionalities for setting up the recurring sale and displaying a countdown timer. Since WooCommerce doesn’t natively support recurring sales, you’ll likely require plugins and customizations.

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