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5 Best Sales Countdown Timer Plugins for WooCommerce

Every day, we are given a 24-hour countdown timer and nothing stops the clock. And it's obvious that this countdown pushes every one of us to try hard in whatever we do before it ticks over. Isn't it?
Let's keep aside of all the scientific and psychological concepts of time and try to think simple.

There is a countdown timer in everyone's life. Day-in, day-out.

Can this idea be used to improve online business?

Can this concept of time be used to boost your online sales?

Didn't the last question interest you...?

Well, this three-minute blog will definitely feed your curiosity,

Why use Sales Countdown Timer in WooCommerce?

The biggest marketing strategy to sell more is to create "Fear of Missing Out " (FOMO). Nowadays, everything is made a rush and customers scroll through web pages rather reading the page's content.

This customer behavior makes eCommerce more challenging. So, your online store must have potential features to quickly convert your website visitors into customers.

Got such features in your WooCommerce store?

Well, the Sale countdown timer from WooCommerce is one potential marketing strategy to boost your online revenue. The countdown WooCommerce timed sales creates sale urgency and your customers will be forced to make a quick buying decision.

No rush for countdown sale, yet do you want to apply discount within a certain period of time? In recent days, it's attainable with the absolute discount rules for WooCommerce plugin where you can set the date & time for the auto-apply discounts for all products or specific categories based on different conditions.

List of top 5 Sale countdown timer plugin for WooCommerce

Ready to boost your WooCommerce sales with Urgency marketing? Here is the list of best WooCommerce sale timer plugins to boost your online store metrics.

WISDM Scheduler

woocommerce countdown schedule plugin

WISDM Scheduler is a perfect WooCommerce sales countdown timer discount plugin to schedule stocks by date and time to capture leads and push sales. With its powerful set of features, the plugin enables you to increase revenues significantly. It also enables you to crack consumer psychology in a unique way by allowing you to use Countdown timers for your exclusive products.

Using this technique, you can induce FOMO and create a sense of urgency among your customers to boost your sales. With this WooCommerce urgency plugin in your WooStore, you can pump up your customer loyalty by notifying your customers about your products once they’re back in stock.

Having this plugin in your artillery will not just increase customer loyalty but also make them feel special.

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WooCommerce Coupons Countdown

Want a countdown timer set to your WooCommerce coupons?

Coupons countdown is the plugin to have in your online store, then. You can create coupons that automatically expires when the countdown timer end. The plugin also allows you to show both the coupon codes and coupon's validity in real time.

Pro Plugin Features

Auto-expire coupon- The coupon countdown plugin makes auto-expire of coupons depending on customer's previous coupon usage.

Coupon usage per user- The plugin allows you to create individual timers for every user.

Timer based on last order- You can start a countdown timer for every customer based on their last order.


YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown

YITH product countdown allows you to show a specific countdown timer for every individual product in your online store. The plugin also enables you to create a sale bar, count-down timer in the store-front page. You can also show both the sale bar and countdown timer at the same instance.

YITH Countdown Timer Pros

  • Create a sale bar
  • Choose the position of the Countdown Timer
  • Customize countdown texts
  • Create Pre-sale countdown

The major drawback of this plugin is that the pricing of the plugin is too high.


Product Time Countdown for WooCommerce

Choose Product time countdown for WooCommerce countdown timer if you want to checkout a live countdown timer to your product page. The plugin's extensive feature allows you to add shortcodes and customize the countdown timer.

But, most of the advanced features of the plugin are available only in the Premium version- a definite drawback if you want a Free countdown timer plugin.


Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce

The easiest way to encourage your customer to complete a purchase is by creating FOMO. Urgency is a powerful tactic used by marketers to sell their product and the Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce lets you do the same. Display a countdown timer on your sales page to create urgency and push customers to purchase. 

This plugin comes with multiple countdown timer styles and also the layout can be customized to suit your brand style. 

Additional Features

  • Sales timer and quantity countdown can be displayed
  • Specific product and category based discounts
  • Classic or advanced timer style
  • You can personalize text and color
  • Supports variable products


Good to start? Get your WooCommerce store equipped with the best countdown plugin and start your Urgency marketing now!