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How to Create WooCommerce Category Discounts - Updated Scenarios

Category based discounts are the most effective WooCommerce discounts which help you grow your store revenue.
In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of providing discounts based on categories in WooCommerce, how to create discounts for product categories with examples such as: percentage based discounts for categories, user role based category discounts, deals like buy from one category, get discount on items in another category, different discount percentages for different categories.

What is a WooCommerce Category Discount?

Offering discounts for products in one or more categories can be labeled as “WooCommerce Category Discounts”. This strategy offers bulk discounts at the category level. This can be achieved using the plugin “Discount Rules for WooCommerce” effortlessly.

Why should you provide a discount based on a category in WooCommerce?

The WooCommerce category based discounts produce better revenue compared to the offers with coupon codes. When this strategy is applied to the top-selling categories, it helps you to move your inventory in a faster phase. It also urges the customer to purchase more from your store. This also ensures a faster checkout process as the discounts are applied automatically.

Your guide to creating WooCommerce Category Discounts

This blog is completely going to handle with WooCommerce discounts by category.

What you will learn in detail?

Installation of Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Download the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin from the plugin repository and upload it to your online store.

You can also search for the plugin in your WordPress dashboard, install and activate it to your store. This is the best category discount plugin for your WooCommerce store.

Quick Setup

WooCommerce category discounts are set for both “Price Discount Rules” and “Cart Discount Rules” depending on your inventory requirements in your WooCommerce store.

At first, let us look into the possible scenarios under price discount rules.
Start with WooCommerce Discount rules,
Login to your WordPress dashboard, and navigate as illustrated below,
WooCommerce-> WooCommerce Discount Rules
Now, select “Price Discount Rules” tab and click on “Add New Rule” button
as illustrated below,

1 price rule

Let us understand the workflow and create various category based discounts with examples.

Category based percentage Discounts in WooCommerce

The WooCommerce category discounts, as the name implies, lets you offer a discount on a specific category in your store. In this example, we are going to see how to offer a percentage discount on a specific category. The discount will also show up on the product page of items under the category. Let me guide you on how to create percentage discounts based on a specific category.

Example: Buy an item from Perfume category, get a 10% discount.

The category discount says that the customer receives a discount of 10% when an item from perfume category is purchased.

In the general tab enter the basic details for your rule and make sure to select the method as “Quantity/Category/Product/User role-based discounts and BOGO deals”.

2 genaral percentage discount

In the condition tab, select “specific categories” from Apply to option and choose the specific category.
Make sure to select the checkboxes to count the items cumulatively.

3 condition percentage discount

In the discount tab, enter the minimum, maximum quantity, and select the Adjustment type as “Percentage Discount”. Finally, enter 10% as the discount value for the rule.

4 discounttab percentage discount

The below cart page illustrates the working of the rule.

5 output percentage discount

A discount of 10% has been aptly applied only to the selected category.

Category based bulk discount in WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Category Discounts can also be applied in bulk using the discount rule plugin. This can also be labeled as quantity and category WooCommrece discounts as it will be applied with respect to the quantity.
Let us understand the process with an example.


Buy 10 quantities from perfume category, get a 10% discount
Buy 20 quantities from perfume category, get a 20% discount
Buy 30 quantities from perfume category, get a 30% discount

For the above example, the general details for the discount rule are to be entered.
In the condition tab, the specific category is chosen under the “Apply to” option. For this rule, the checkbox should not be enabled as the bulk discount is for the same category.

6 condition bulkdiscount

The discount tab is set as illustrated below, as this rule is set based on bulk discount you can clearly set the percentage based on the quantity.

7 discounttab bulkdiscount

The cart page clearly differentiates the discount applied based on the quantity.

8 output bulkdiscount

Different Discount Percentages for Different Categories in WooCommerce

This scenario is to understand how category discounts will be applied simultaneously when you have offers in different categories. As a store owner, you can display a discount badge on the WooCommerce category page either using custom codes or any suitable extensions.


10% discount on Fashion category
20% discount on Footwear category
30% discount on Perfumes category

Let us get in detail in setting discount for the Fashion category,
The details of the rule are to be entered in the general tab.
In the condition tab, choose the required category under “Apply To” option. Make sure to enable the checkbox as you have discounts for different categories simultaneously.

9 condition fashion category

The discount tab is set with a discount value of 10% for the Fashion category as illustrated below,

10 discount fashion category

Likewise, set the discount rule for the other two categories.

The cart page will represent the workflow of the discount in a better way.

11 output different categories

Category based User Role Discount in WooCommerce

The category discount can also be offered to any specific users based on their user role. If you wish to offer discounts only to the Wholesalers of your store, that is easily achievable with WooCommerce Discount Rules. This is possible for any user-role in your store.

Example: Subscribers get a 20% discount in Perfumes Category

The necessary details for the category discount rule are entered in the general tab.

In the condition tab, choose the specific category and select the user-role for whom the discount is to be applied.

12.1 userrole condition tab

The discount tab is set with a discount of 20% as illustrated below,

12.2 userrole discount tab

Now, the discount is applicable only for the specified user-role.
You can also add the required user-role to your store using any respective third party plugin.

Buy from Category A, get discount in Category B (provide a discount on another category)

This scenario is to explain dependency based category discounts. Let us look into an example.

Example: Buy from Perfume Category, get Printed fabric bag as free from Fashion category

The required details for the rule are entered in the general tab.
In the condition tab, choose the category and make sure to enable the checkbox.
The discount tab the discount product is set as a free product,

12.3 discounttab dependency

Here the discount product can either be given as a free product or you can also offer it for a limited discount.

The below screenshot illustrates when the discount product is given under limited offer,

13 discounttab limited percentage

The cart page of this scenario, when the discount product is given as a free product

14 output freeproduct

The cart page when the discount product is given under limited offer (20%),

15 output limitedoffer

The above is a simple scenario for dependency discounts, you can set discounts to any level of its complexity and boost your sales.

Buy any 3 items from a Category and get them all for $10 (A bundle discount based on a WooCommerce Category)

This scenario is to explain how to apply bundle discounts based on the WooCommerce category.

Example: Buy 3 from Fashion Category and get them all for $10.

The required details are to be entered in the general tab of the WooCommerce discount.

The category is chosen in the condition tab along with the settings to count the items cumulatively.

In the discount tab, the adjustment type is selected as “Bundle (set) Discount” and a discount of 10% is also set.

16 bundle disocunttab

The cart page of the category discount explains the process flow of the rule in a simple way.

17 output bundle

Setting bundled discounts based on category helps you to clear your inventory in a faster phase.

Buy at least one item from Category A, B, and C, get 10% off

The combination category discounts are created under “Cart Discount Rules”. Before the above scenario is implemented to your WooCommerce store, you need to make a quick setup as illustrated below.

18 cart discount rules

General tab,

19 cart general tab

In the condition tab, choose the categories and specify the quantities as required.

20 cart condition tab

Select the number of categories in the cart at least - 1 (as per the scenario) this option is to mention the total number of items from each category you select.
In each category - Choose the categories that need to be combined.

The discount tab for the category based discount a discount of 10% is offered as illustrated below,

21 cart discount tab

The cart page clearly displays that the discount has been applied in the subtotal of the cart.

22 output cart

This how a combined category discount works on your store.

Get a discount of 20% for a Category when the subtotal is $200


WooCommerce category discount based on subtotal can be assigned in both price discount rules and cart discount rules. First, let us understand the process flow in cart discount rules.

The necessary details of the discount rule are to be entered in the general tab.

The condition tab is set as shown below,

23 cart subtotal conditiontab

Here, the category is chosen as well as the subtotal value is also entered.
For the category based discount, the percentage value of 20% is entered in the discount tab as illustrated below,

24 cart subtotal discounttab

Not only percentage discount works here, but even product discounts can be offered under cart discount rules.
The “printed fabric bag” is given as the free product under product discount,

25.1 cartsubtotal product discount

The cart page when percentage discount is offered,

25.2 cart subtotal output

The cart page when product percentage is offered,

26 cart output product discount

Subtotal based discount goes well with cart discount rule and helps you with your inventory management.

What are some of the commonly used WooCommerce category discount scenarios?

Some of the commonly used WooCommerce category discounts are,

  • Dependency based discounts
  • Conditional BOGO discount based on category
  • BOGO discount for the same and different category
  • Category discounts based on bundle discount
  • Percentage discount based on category
  • Bulk discount based on category
  • User-role based category discount

These can be customized as per your inventory requirements using the most reliable WooCommerce plugin “Discount Rules for WooCommerce”. You can create your discount rule in both simple and complex methods and watch your sales grow.

As an online merchant, you can see great benefits when you introduce sale by category discounts to your WooCommerce store. This strategy helps you in clearing your inventory stocks and increase your order value. Explore, choose and add WooCommerce discounts to experience great results at your store.

Happy Selling

Wishing you Good Luck.

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WooCommerce Category Discounts FAQs

When you offer discounts at the category level it can be labeled as WooCommerce category discounts.
You can offer discounts to one or more categories as per the store’s requirements. This strategy helps you to clear your inventory easily.

Using the WooCommerce discount plugin "Discount Rules for WooCommerce" you can feasibly add discount per category.
You are even allowed to offer multiple discounts per category.

The best WooCommerce category discount plugins are Discount Rules for WooCommerce, Category Discounts for WooCommerce, WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts and WooCommerce Advanced Discounts.

You can set validity at the general tab under "price discount rules" for every individual category discount that you create for your WooCommerce store.

Multiple discount rules can be set for a category using the WooCommerce plugin. You can also prioritize them based on your requirements.

Yes, it is possible to set a WooCommerce category discount for a particular validity with a specific date and time.
For example, you can offer a category based discount on Friday of every week along with a specific time.

The common bundle discount strategies are Simple product bundle discounts, Variable product bundle discounts, Price discounts on bundle products with corresponding to the quantity and Discount on bundle products using coupon code.