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How to add Sales counter in WooCommerce product pages

Sales Counters and Buyer Persona

76 Books Sold! Rush for your copy…
25 Students have enrolled. Enroll Now…

You would have surely come across such messages while shopping online. These are Sales counters. These sale numbers trigger the buying decision of online customers. Sale counters express scarcity and social proof on that particular product.

What happens now at your online store,
Scarcity- FOMO drives the customers to make a quick buying decision
Social proof- Customers trust the product and will make an instant buying decision.

Easter Egg - 60% of online shoppers make reactive purchases because of FOMO- Fear of Missing Out.
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Simple Guide to add Sales counter in WooCommerce

Before you start, please download and install the countdown plugin- Sales Countdown timer for WooCommerce. The guide assumes that you already have the WordPress plugin installed and activated.

Select Sales Countdown timer for WooCommerce plugin under FC Flycart plugins in your WooCommerce dashboard.
Click on Add new campaign


Step 1- Scheduling the Product countdown

  • Enter the name of your scarcity marketing campaign in the ‘Enter Title here’ textbox.
  • Choose One Time as the campaign Type. One time sale timer campaigns will be active only during the set validity dates.
  • Fix the start date and end time for the sale campaign.


Step 2- Enabling the Urgency Marketing feature

  • The first thing is to switch the Enable tab to Yes option.
  • People viewed this product is a psychological factor to trigger a competitive instinct among your customers.
  • Number of People purchased ( sales counter ) is the social proof message that makes customers believe the product is worth buying.
  • Show Realistic data gives the customers with the exact number of people purchased the product, whereas Show Virtual data displays a cumulative figure of the overall purchase count.
  • Since both the sales counter and people viewed this product are to be shown, Show Randomly option is set to No.
  • Finally, the urgency marketing campaign is set to apply for all conditions. Choose Always in the Rules drop-down list.


Step 3- Display Settings of Sales Counter

  • Enable the visibility of Urgency marketing in your WooCommerce website.

  • Enter the People viewed this product text. “ Trending product! Viewed by {{count}} people is the text for this sale campaign example.

  • Similarly, the text for the Sales counter ( Number of people purchased ) is also entered.

    Your Sales-counter campaign is ready to maximize your conversions. Click on Publish to make the sales counter to be displayed on your WooCommerce product pages.


And that’s how your product pages look with the Sales counter campaign set. You can very well see that the numbers express scarcity and social proof to trigger your customer buying decision.


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