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How To Create A WooCommerce Storewide Discount?

how to add store wide discount in woocommerce

Do you want to attract more customers and expand your customer base with effective discounts? Offering storewide discounts in WooCommerce can significantly enhance your strategy, attracting attention, motivating purchases, and boosting sales and revenue.

Your store caters to price-conscious shoppers and bulk buyers. Whether customers seek discounts on favorite items or wholesalers look for bulk savings, storewide discounts provide a versatile solution to meet diverse customer needs.

While WooCommerce offers introductory coupon-based discounts, leveraging advanced tools like “Discount Rules for WooCommerce – Pro” allows for customized discounts tailored to customer preferences without the need for coupons.

In this guide, you’ll discover multiple methods to implement storewide discounts in WooCommerce, including percentage and fixed discounts, buy-one-get-one (BOGO), bulk purchase discounts, and more. Additionally, you’ll learn best practices to optimize these offers for maximum sales impact. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped to create compelling discount strategies that enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

Convert 4 Out Of 10 Shoppers Into Loyal Customers By Providing Storewide Discounts Using The Discount Rules Plugin.

What Is WooCommerce Storewide Discount?

A WooCommerce storewide discount is a promotional strategy in which discounts are applied across all products or categories within your store. It helps attract more customers, increase sales, and clear out excess inventory.

All product discounts can quickly grab customers’ attention, encourage them to purchase more than they intended, enhance customer experience, and make them return for future purchases.


  • Percentage Discounts: Applying a percentage reduction to the regular prices of all products.
  • Fixed Discounts: Offering a fixed amount off the total purchase price.
  • BOGO (Buy One, Get One) Offers: Providing free or discounted items when certain conditions are met.
  • Bulk Purchase Discounts: Rewarding customers who buy in larger quantities with reduced prices per item.

These are a few common examples of offering discounts all over the store. You can mix and match discount offers to customize them based on your customer needs.

Why To Add Discounts To All Products In WooCommerce?

Adding discounts to all products is a good way to implement offers in your store. It helps you in many ways:

  • Increase Average Order Value: Discounts incentivize purchases, potentially leading customers to add more items to their cart. This can significantly increase your average order value and overall revenue.
  • Attract New Customers: An irresistible discount deal can bring in new customers who might not have otherwise visited your store. This expands your customer base and opens doors for future sales at a total price.
  • Clear Out Inventory: Discounts can help move slow-selling items, free up storage space, and make room for new products. This improves inventory turnover and keeps your product offerings fresh.
  • Create a Sense of Urgency: Limited-time discounts create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to act quickly to avoid missing out on the deal. This can lead to faster purchases and higher conversion rates.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Who doesn’t love a good deal? Offering discounts can lead to happier customers who feel they’re getting a good value. This can foster brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Target Specific Segments: To increase loyalty, you can tailor your discounts to specific customer segments. For example, offer a higher percentage discount to new customers or a bulk discount for wholesale buyers.

Offer WooCommerce Storewide Discounts Based On Cart Total Using Discount Rules To Increase Average Order Value.

How To Create A WooCommerce Storewide Discount?

Creating a WooCommerce storewide discount is an easy process with a “Discount Rules for WooCommerce -Pro” plugin.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can check this installation guide to install and activate it on your WordPress dashboard.

Let’s create a simple storewide discount in WooCommerce using the Discount Rules plugin.

Example: A 10% Discount On All Products

To create a 10% storewide discount:

  1. Go to “WooCommerce” -> “Discount Rules”.
  2. Click the “Add New Rule” button. Enter the rule name for your reference.
  3. Choose the discount type as “Product Adjustment”.
  4. In the Filter section, choose “All Products” to offer a storewide discount.
  5. In the discount section, choose “Percentage discount” and set the value as “10”.
  6. Finally, save and enable the rule.
Creating a 10% discount on all products using the Discount Rules plugin

A 10% discount will be applied to all products in the store.

Applying percentage discount on all items

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How To Create Storewide WooCommerce Discounts With Different Discount Types?

You can offer discounts on all products in different ways. Here are the most common ways to create unique discount offers:

  • WooCommerce Storewide Bulk Discount
  • Storewide BOGO Discount
  • Storewide Coupon Discount

WooCommerce Storewide Bulk Discount

A storewide bulk discount can be used to reward bulk purchases in your store.

For Example,
Buy 1 to 10 products and get a $5 discount
Buy 11 to 20 products and get a $10 discount
Buy 21 or more products and get a $15 discount.

To create this bulk discount on all products in WooCommerce:

  1. Go to “WooCommerce” -> “Discount Rules”.
  2. Click “Add New.” Enter the rule name.
  3. Choose the discount type as “Bulk Discount”.
  4. In the Filter section, choose “All Products” as it is a storewide discount.
  5. In the discount section, choose “fixed discount” and set the value based on the quantity range.
  6. Finally, Save and enable the rule.
Creating bulk discounts on all products

Now, we have created bulk discounts, and customers can get discounts based on the quantities they purchase.

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Storewide BOGO Discount

To clear out slow-selling items and increase sales, a Buy One Get One (BOGO) deal can be offered for all products in the store or on all products of a specific category.

For Example, Buy 2 or more products and get the cheapest one in the cart for free.

To create a storewide Buy One Get One (BOGO) discount in WooCommerce:

  1. Navigate to “WooCommerce” -> “Discount Rules”.
  2. Add a new rule.
  3. Choose the discount type as “Buy X Get Y”.
  4. In the Filter section, choose “All Products”.
  5. In the discount section, choose “Buy X Get Y – All”, and set the following options:
    • Set “Buy X Count Based On” as “Filters Set Above”.
    • Choose the “Cheapest” option.
    • Set the “Buy and Get Quantities”.
    • Choose the “Free” discount type.
  6. Save and enable the rule.
Creating Buy One Get One Deal For All Products

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Storewide Coupon Discount

You can provide storewide discounts using a coupon. Customers can enter this coupon code at checkout to claim their discounts.

For Example, Use the “NEWOFFER” coupon code and enjoy a 15% discount on all products.

To create WooCommerce coupon discount for all products:

  1. Open the “WooCommerce” dashboard and click “Discount Rules”.
  2. Add a new rule.
  3. Choose the discount type as “Product Adjustment”.
  4. Choose “All Products” for a storewide discount in the filter section.
  5. In the discount section, choose “Percentage discount” and set the value as “15”.
  6. In the “Rules” section, choose “Coupons” as the condition type, select “Create your own coupon,” and enter the coupon code as “NEWOFFER”.
  7. Finally, Save and Enable the rule.
Creating a storewide coupon discount in WooCommerce

Now, we have created a storewide coupon discount.

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Best Practices To Offer Storewide Discounts

Offering a Storewide discount in the right way can get you more sales than ever. There are a few practices that you can follow to make the most of this type of discount.

  • Choose the Right Discount Type: Percentage discounts are popular, but fixed-amount discounts work well for products with consistent pricing. BOGO deals can be effective for specific product categories. Choose suitable discounts tailored to customer needs.
  • Utilize Discount Plugins: WooCommerce doesn’t offer built-in storewide discounts. So, discount plugins like “Discount Rules for WooCommerce -Pro” can simplify offering discount deals.
  • Clearly Communicate the Offer: Share the discount on your website, social media, and email marketing. Use clear and concise language to explain the discount details (percentage, duration, requirements).
  • Consider Minimum Purchase Threshold (Optional): This can incentivize customers to spend more to reach the threshold and maximize their savings.
  • Track Performance: Monitor the discount’s impact on sales, conversion rates, and inventory turnover to analyze the strategy’s effectiveness.

Offer Storewide Bulk Or BOGO Discounts Using The Discount Rules Plugin To Increase Sales And Revenue.


Storewide discounts are a must-try strategy for all WooComerce store owners like you to drive customers to your site, increase product visibilities, make them buy more, and increase sales.

By clearly defining discount goals, segmenting customers, and strategically offering discounts like bulk or BOGO deals, discounts over amount, and more, you can easily winback new and existing customers.

Also, you can utilize the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce -Pro” plugin to create, customize, and manage different discount rules easily.

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How do I use discount rules in WooCommerce?

To use the “Discount Rules” plugin:
1. Go to “WordPress” dashboard -> “Plugin” -> “Add new plugin.”
2. Search for “Discount Rules for WooCommerce.”
3. Install and activate the plugin.
You can also check the WordPress repository to download the free version of this plugin.

Does WooCommerce allow discount codes?

You can create coupon discount codes with the default WooCommerce coupon settings. For that:
1. Go to “WordPress” dashboard -> “Marketing” -> “Coupon.”
2. Click “Add Coupon.”
3. Create your coupon code.
4. In the “General” tab, choose coupon discount type and amount.
5. You can enable the “free shipping” option and set the coupon expiry date.
6. Optionally, navigate to the “Usage Restrictions” tab to choose specific products for the coupon discount and set the minimum spend amount.
7. In the “Usage Limits” section, you can set the usage limits of the coupon.

How do I add a discount to WooCommerce checkout?

Adding a discount on the WooCommerce checkout page rather than showing it on the product page is possible using the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce -Pro” plugin. Install and activate the plugin.
1. In “WooCommerce,” select “Discount Rules.”
2. Add a new rule and select discount as “Cart Adjustment.”
3. Filter products to apply discounts.
4. Choose the discount type and value.
5. Optionally set conditions for discounts in the “Rules” section.
6. Save changes and enable the rule.
Instead of applying product discounts, the discount will be displayed on the cart page while customers checkout.

How do I schedule a discount in WooCommerce?

You can use “Discount Rules for WooCommerce -Pro” plugin to schedule a discount in WooCommerce.
1. Go to “WooCommerce” and click “Discount Rules.”
2. Add a new rule.
3. Select the discount type, filter products, choose discount type & value.
4. Optionally set conditions for the discounts.
5. In the “Rules (optional)” section, enter the “Rule Valid From and To” date to schedule a discount in WooCommerce.
6. Save and enable the rule.
The discount will be activated and expired on the scheduled dates.

How to add discounts based on payment method in WooCommerce?

To add discounts based on payment method in WooCommerce:
1. Install and activate “Discount Rules for WooCommerce -Pro” plugin.
2. Go to “WooCommerce” -> “Discount Rules.”
3. Add a new rule and select discount type.
4. Filter products to apply discounts.
5. Set the discount type and value.
6. In the “Rules” section, choose “Payment Method” as condition and select the specific payment method.
7. Save and enable the rule.
Now, the discounts will be applied only when customers choose the specific payment method for their transaction.

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