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Why Marketers Love Opengraphs

Social media is a surefire way to get a large group of potential customers to notice you. And that's why marketers leverage Facebook to spread the word about their business. But of late, with the number of ads being posted on Facebook, your potential customers skip a lot of the content you share, simply because they feel they're being bombarded with sales pitches.

So how do you make sure that your posts actually catch the user's eye. Opengraphs! Now our earlier blogs have highlighted just why Opengraphs are necessary. But here's why opengraphs are a marketer's best friend on social media.

Delivers a great user experience

As a marketer, you'll put in a lot of effort to create the ultimate user experience in hopes of getting them to convert. A great user experience has a lot to do with visual appeal. It's not just about adding attractive images to the post, but also presenting it attractively. That's what opengraphs help you achieve- attractive posts with a compelling title and description that engages the user to perform an action.

Better optimization for search through social media

While you're updating your metadata to improve your visibility on Google, you need to to do the same for social media as well. Platforms like Facebook, constantly monitor the kind of content their users are looking for and serve them ads they might be interested in. Opengraphs allows marketers to structure their metadata so they can serve the right ads to the right audience.

Indirectly impacts SEO

The purpose of SEO is to drive traffic to your website. And opengraphs achieves that for you indirectly. Let's say you post an attractive, 'opengraphed' piece of content on social media. Now this post might attract potential customers who are looking for the solution you offer. And when they click the link on the post, voila! There's a new visitor you can now market to.

Maintains uniformity across all social platforms

Opengraphs are recognized by al social platforms. So Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, are capable of understanding the OG tags and accordingly displaying them to the user. This ensures that an active user on any one of these platforms can access well-presented content.

Why Joomla users really really really should use Opengraphs in their posts right now!

Joomla users have an added advantage to optimise their sites for social media thanks to Axis Meta. Axis meta is a Joomla component that helps you manage your metadata from all over your website in a single page. It also supports opengraph protocol so you can leverage the benefits we just shared with you.

So go ahead and try it out! Download Axis Meta