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How do I add a discount in Woocommerce?

WooCommerce and Discounts are inseparable. And adding a discount is the most simple task with WooCommerce. You can add your discount strategy in WooCommerce by various methods.

How you want your discounts decides on What discount method you choose to create it.

So, What’s your discount idea?
Is it going to be a Basic WooCommerce coupon…
Advanced Cart discounts with automatic coupon...
Tiered Pricing discounts…

Well, whatever be your discount strategy, WooCommerce has the support options to create all your online discounts. The following are the 3 methods to create your discounts in WooCommerce.

Creating Coupons using WooCommerce

Want to create a simple coupon code in WooCommerce?

Coupons in WooCommerce is suffice.

Coupons in WooCommerce allows you to create simple coupon codes. Both percentage and price based coupons can be created with your set coupon limitations. Some of the common coupon conditions you can add are as follows,

  • Minimum Spend & Maximum Spend to claim the coupon
  • Products can be included and excluded for the coupon
  • Customer usage per coupon can be limited

Quick Steps- How to create a Coupon in WooCommerce

  • Select Coupons in your WooCommerce dashboard
  • Click Add New Coupon
  • Enter the Coupon Code and Coupon description
  • Set the Coupon conditions

How do I add a discount in Woocommerce 1

Here’s something for Extraordinary people.
Looking to create advanced coupons that apply automatically?
Well, that’s hard to create with WooCommerce by default.

Though WooCommerce has got it’s limitations to create such advanced coupon discounts, it is definitely possible with some other smart coupon plugins.

Check on How to add automatic coupons in WooCommerce

Adding discount using Sale price per product method

Want to create discounts on individual products in your WooCommerce store?
Use Sale price per product method.

Sale price discount method allows you to set a Sale price which is actually less than the regular price of your WooCommerce product. The discounts you create are visible on the product page as the regular price will have a strike-through.

Well, you can add discounts on simple products, grouped products, variable products, and subscriptions as well.

Quick steps- How to add a product discount using Sale price method

  • Select Products in your WooCommerce dashboard
  • Click All Products
  • Select the WooCommerce product for the discount - Click Edit
  • Enter the discounted price in the Sale price tab

The Sale price is the discounted price for that particular WooCommerce product.

How do I add a discount in Woocommerce 2

Fortune Cookie
Discount Rules PRO for WooCommerce is the most popular WooCommerce discount and coupon plugin trusted by over 10K+ WooCommerce store owners. (stats during drafting the post)

Use coupon code “SAVE10” and get an exclusive 10% discount on the discount plugin.

Creating advanced discounts using Discount rules plugin

You may ask, Why do I need a discount plugin when WooCommerce still got its default coupon creation option?

Yes. Of course, you can create coupon and discounts with WooCommerce. But, don’t you need your discounts to be dynamic and advanced?
Look at the discount strategies of avid WooCommerce stores. They know the importance of creating advanced pricing discounts.

Here are some advanced pricing discounts,

Discount Rules for WooCommerce PRO is the popular dynamic pricing plugin in WooCommerce with more than 10K active installations. The plugin is a multi-role plugin.

Discount Rules for WooCommerce is a,
Smart coupon plugin - Can create both simple and automatic coupon discounts

Dynamic pricing plugin - Can create both simple percentage and tiered product pricing discounts

Advance discount plugin - Can create discounts based on customer, user roles, purchase history, cart total, and coupons.

Quick steps- How to add advanced product discount using Discount Rules for WooCommerce PRO

  • Download and Install the plugin
  • Select Discount Rules for WooCommerce in your WP dashboard
  • Choose your Price discount rule or Cart discount rule
  • Set discount conditions
  • Choose the type of discount

How do I add a discount in Woocommerce 3

Well, this is the climax
You are new to WooCommerce and don’t do online discounts- You’ll be fine with default WooCommerce

You are a growing WooCommerce store and want more features in creating your store discounts?
Get Discount rules for WooCommerce installed.
It surely had got its reason to be the popular plugin in WooCommerce.

Happy Discounting! Happy Selling!