How To Set Up Buy One Get One - BOGO Deals In WooCommerce

The classic Buy One and Get One offers are here to stay till the end of time. Provide the BOGO deals on your online store with WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin. Follow this tutorial to know how to create BOGO deals in your WooCommerce store and get it done in less than five minutes.

How to create Buy One and Get One Deal for the same product?

To create a discount that says, “Buy 1 T-shirt and get get 1 T-shirt free”, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1 :

Create a new rule in the Price Discount Rules tab because the discount applies on the price of a product.


Step 2 :

Enter the general details of your discount rule as shown below.

set name expiry for the discount rule

The general details are such as Order(priority), Rule name, Rule description, method and validity period.

Important: Select the method as “Quantity Based by product/category and BOGO deals”.

Step 3 :

Select all products or specific products in the Apply to option based on what you need. The screenshot below shows that the rule applies to the product T-shirt to all customers and not based on purchase history.

set name expiry for the discount rule

You can select as many products (or all products) or categories as you want in the Apply To section. Go to next page once you’re done with the condition.

Step 4 :

Define the discount rule by entering the following:

set name expiry for the discount rule

  • Min Quantity : 1
  • Max Quantity : n (say 50)
  • Adjustment type : Product discount - Because you’re giving a free product
  • Value :
    • Apply for - All Selected (to give the specific product as free item) OR Any one cheapest (to give the cheapest product in the cart as free item)
    • Select the freebie product(s)

The above screenshot is an example of “Buy 1 T-shirt and get 1 T-shirt free - applicable upto maximum 50 shirts in an order”. You can set the freebie product as some other product also.

How to create Buy One and Get One Deal for another product?

To create a discount rule that says, “Buy 1 Laptop and get 1 Pendrive and 1 Backpack Free”, follow the first 3 steps. Select the Apply To as product/category “Laptop” in the 3rd step and modify the Apply for values in the 4th step as follows:

set name expiry for the discount rule

set name expiry for the discount rule

Creating a BOGO deal for the same products, for different products and for different number of products are all that simple with WooCommerce Discount Rules.

Use our demo site to work yourself and check how it goes.

Also check out how to set up advanced discounts, customer specific discounts and bulk discounts for your online store using WooDiscount Rules. Let us know how the article helped you in the comments below!