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How To Set Up Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) Deals In WooCommerce

The classic Buy One Get One Free deals, popularly known as BOGO deals, are here to stay till the end of time. This article guides you to create a WooCommerce Buy One Get One coupon discount in your store. With WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin, the process becomes really easy. In this tutorial, you can learn how to create BOGO deals on your WooCommerce online store in less than five minutes.

So, why WooCommerce Discount Rules? It is one of the best in class WooCommerce discount plugins and is popularly known as Woo Discount Rules. The plugin gives options for all kinds of discounts like percentage discounts, cart discounts and other advanced discounts including BOGO deals. It is easy to use and has the reputation of working like a charm.

When it comes to BOGO deals, there are generally two cases involved. First is where you give the same product purchased by the customer as the free product, and second is where you give a different product as the free product. So, let’s walk you through how to use WooCommerce Discount Rules to set up all these types of BOGO deals on your WooCommerce online store.

1. How to create Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) Deal for the same product?

WooCommerce Buy One Get One coupon can be offered with a number of variations. For example, Buy One Get One free, Buy One Get One Half Price, 2-for-1 deal, Buy Two Get One free. All these are slight variations of your WooCommerce BOGO Coupon offer. A WooCommerce BOGO coupon is one of the most commonly run promotions.

Here is the list of all types of Buy One Get One discount variations:

  • Buy One and get one of the same product free
  • Buy 2 and get one quantity of the same product free
  • Buy Product A and get another quantity of Product A free
  • Buy T-Shirt Small Size and get another quantity of T-Shirt Small Size free.
  • Buy 2 get 1 of the same product free. Buy 4 get 2 of the same product free and so on
  • Buy a variant and get the same variant free. Example: Buy a Red Shoe and get another Red Shoe free

The above examples all refer to the Buy X and Get X  type of deal. 

You can create the BOGO rule in "just three simple steps" using the WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin.

Let us try it using an example configuration. Create a new Pricing Discount Rule by going to  WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules

Step 1: General Tab

Make sure you choose the methods as Quantity Based by product/category and BOGO deals

  Buy One Get One Free discount in WooCommerce



Step 2: Define discount conditions


You can choose to apply the discount to "All Products" in the store. That is buying any product in the store would get the customer another quantity as free. Example: When he purchases 2 TShirts and 4 Caps, he would get 1 T-Shirt free and 2 Caps free.

You can also choose to provide the discount only for Selected Categories or Specific Products or Specific attributes.

  conditions all products min

You also have quite a number of other conditions to use. You can exclude selected products from the discount rule. You can limit the discount rule to only to specific user roles or limit when a customer uses a particular coupon code and more.


Step 3: Define the discount value

Heads up!: I have configured up to 10 quantities for this example. Usually most customers wont purchase more than 10 quantities in an order. However, if you think you may get more quantities in an order, you can add more ranges. There is no limitation to add a range.


discount min 

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Let us look how the discount would appear on the store front
cart min

Notice that the customer gets a 1 quantity of Memory card  as free when he purchases 2 quantities of it.
Similarly, he would get 2 Ankle Socks free when he purchases 4
He would get 3 back cases free when he purchases 6 quantities.

Like it?  Go ahead and purchase the Woo Discount Rules Plugin to start offering this deal in your WooCommerce online store.

Looking for more Buy One Get One Free discount types?  You can configure several types of BOGO offers with the WooCommerce Discount Rules Plugin.

Here are some examples that you could do with the plugin

Looking to offer 50% discount instead of free? You can do that as well


Got more complex BOGO deals ?  We have got you covered! Check out the documentation

Creating a BOGO deal for the same products, for different products and for different number of products are all that simple with WooCommerce Discount Rules. Use our demo site to try it out by yourself.

You can also refer to more advanced examples of creating BOGO rules or other Buy X Get X, Buy X Get Y rules.

Also check out how to set up advanced discounts, customer specific discounts and bulk discounts for your online store using Woo Discount Rules. If you liked the article, let us know how the experience with Woo Discount Rules has been for you in the comments below!