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How to create a Subscription Box website with Woocommerce Subscriptions

Subscription Economy is growing faster than we all imagined. In fact, subscriptions are the purest form of customer relationship. Because customers trust the business and value its products/services by paying upfront.

While people easily understand the concept of delivering services on a subscription basis, the fulfillment of products on a subscription format is still catching up. One of the very popular form of delivering products periodically on a subscription basis is “Subscription boxes”.

Dollar Shave Club. Does this name ring a bell? Yes. They are the pioneers of the subscription-based product delivery business. Dollar Shave Club delivers products at your doorstep at periodical intervals in a box.

Subscription boxes provides one the best shopping experience to the customers. No doubt.

Here are top 5 reasons to why create subscription box websites in first place,

  • Niche markets are easy to sell
  • Continuous Customer engagement
  • Recurring revenue
  • High customer LTV

In the post, we are going to see how you can build your subscription box business and sell subscription boxes with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

How to create a Subscription Box website with Woocommerce Subscription

The most flexible platform to build your box subscription is WordPress. This 3 minute will brief the following essentials that you need to create a functional subscription/recurring box service.

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Separating your billing cycle from the fulfillment cycle
  • Market your Subscription box website

WooCommerce / WooCommerce Subscriptions

WordPress powers more than 30% of the internet. WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce toolkit for WordPress. And the WooCommerce Subscriptions lets you take subscriptions, recurring payments, handle automatic renewals and more.

WooCommerce Subscriptions supports a variety of payment methods including paypal, creditcard and more.

Separating Billing Cycle from Fulfillment Cycle

Almost all subscription box businesses have a fulfillment cycle that is quite different from its billing cycle.

Let’s take the example of a Vegetable box business.

  • The supply (fulfillment) is initiated every week
  • But the payment is collected every month (some collect it annually)

By default, WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin lacks the ability to run a different billing cycle than the fulfillment (delivery) cycle.

  • To initiate a delivery, you need an order record generated every week.
  • You also want to notify the customer that the delivery is initiated every week
  • But your billing should happen once in a month. And it should recur every month

WooCommerce Subscriptions does not have this ability built-in. The billing cycle and the fulfillment cycle cannot be separated. This will be very inconvenient to you and your customers. Imagine, if you charge your customer every week during the delivery, customer would feel they are being charged too frequently and get annoyed.

So what is the solution? Well, we have created a neat plugin “Pre-paid/upfront payment for WooCommerce Subscriptions” . This helps you to separate your billing cycle from fulfillment cycle.

Pre-paid/upfront payment plugin for WooCommerce Subscriptions

The huge advantage the plugin provides to businesses (especially the Subscription box businesses) is that your billing cycle can be completely different from your fulfillment cycle.

  • You can deliver every week. But charge every month
  • Deliver every month, but charge annually or bi-annually
  • You can even get the customer to pre-pay the entire subscription amount upfront, just one time
  • Generates an order record at each of your delivery cycle (example: each week). This helps you to initiate the fulfillment. Customer will not be charged. It will be a zero-value record with the text “pre-paid”. This order record will be more like a delivery note.
  • Notify the customer whenever a delivery is initiated (an order record is initiated).

The plugin comes in handy when you have a number of subscriptions that have different billing and delivery cycles. So your staff can know when to deliver by seeing the order record generated at the delivery cycle.

Ready to sell subscriptions and receive upfront payments from your customers? Get the Pre-paid/upfront payment plugin for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Marketing your Subscription box

Never wish for the miracles to happen over-night because it doesn’t happen that way. The only way to nurture leads is to plan and work your marketing campaigns. Since subscription box websites concentrate on a niche market, you can very well target your audience.

  • Don’t try the hardest of marketing strategies when you can easily boost your conversions with email marketing. For every dollar spent, email marketing generates around $40 in ROI.
  • Subscribers love Coupons and Discounts. What makes people subscribe to your services? Be the first subscription choice for your customers by creating attractive subscription coupons.

Hope the read helped you to know something on Subscription box websites.

Well, Don’t wait too long. Pick your niche & Build your Subscription box website. Do share your ideas and feedbacks to improvise on creating a subscription website in a much better way.