How To Setup Dynamic Pricing In WooCommerce

You can now provide dynamic pricing for the discounts in your WooCommerce online store with WooCommerce Discount Rules. But, what is dynamic pricing? Dynamic pricing is an advantageous strategy to boost the sales of all or specific products. It allows you to give variable discount prices for different quantities purchased.

There is a more important question…

Why should you use dynamic pricing in your discounts?

Let us say that you want to increase the sales of a particular product, say a “Cap”. When you give a straight forward discount such as “Buy 5 Caps or more and get 30% discount”, only people who want to buy a minimum of 5 caps will make a purchase. Also, there is no assurance of how many people will buy it.

What if your discount rule says,

  • “Buy up to 3 caps and get 10% discount”
  • “Buy 4 to 7 caps and get 20% discount
  • “Buy more than 7 caps and get a 35% discount” - all in one rule? There is a chance of people buying 1 to any number of caps depending on how many they want. The rule attracts the people who want to buy 1 cap as well as the ones who want to buy 10 caps.

This is what Dynamic Pricing refers to.

How to setup dynamic pricing in WooCommerce?

Let us consider the same discount rule as mentioned above.

Step 1: Add a new rule in the Price Discount Rules tab and enter the general details.


The general details include Order(Priority), Rule name, Rule description, Method, Validity. Select the method as Quantity based by product/category.

Step 2: Next comes the Conditions tab where you set whom the discounts go to and on which product the rule applies.

set name expiry for the discount rule

It includes the following:

  1. Apply to: Choose All products / Specific products / Specific categories from the dropdown and select the required products or categories. Our example requires “Specific products” to be selected because “Cap” is an individual product. You can select any number of products / categories you want.
  2. Customers: Choose All Customers (recommended) or Only Given customers as you need.
  3. Purchase History: Leave it unchecked as this discount has nothing to do with customer’s purchase history.

Step 3: Define the different discount ranges. Add as many range as you need. Let’s create 3 ranges for our example.

set name expiry for the discount rule

In each range, provide:

  1. Minimum quantity - minimum quantity purchased
  2. Maximum quantity - maximum quantity purchased
  3. Adjustment type - Percentage discount / Price discount / Product discount. We choose Percentage discount.
  4. Value - Discount value of each range - 10, 20, 35.

Save the rule and your WooCommerce online store has implemented Dynamic pricing in discounts.

Use our demo site to work yourself and check how it goes.

How does that feel? Pretty great, isn’t it? Also learn how to provide the classic buy-one-get-one deals, user role based discounts and many more advanced discounts using WooCommerce Discount Rules plugin. You are welcome to share how your WooDiscounting experience has been in the comments below!