The 5 Woocommerce Discount Plugins That Make it Easy to Create Discounts In your store.

Looking for a best Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin for WooCommerce. Here we have come up with 5 Best WooCommerce Discounts plugins that helps you add dynamic pricing and discounts, bulk discounts, quantity based discounts, cart discounts, Buy One Get One Free pricing deals, percentage discounts and more.

A great way to increase the sales in your ecommerce store especially during the festive season to give discounts. Online shoppers love getting great offers and shopping discounts and these encourage them to keep buying from you. We've created a list of WooCommerce discount plugins that will help you create discounts in your WooCommerce store.

1) WooCommerce Discount Rules

WooCommerce discount rules is the latest and free plugin with which you can create several discount rules for the product. The discounts can be a fixed amount or a certain percentage that can be applied to product,cart total or based on the quantity. Conditions can be based on products, categories, customers, user roles, shipping location and more.

  • Run discounts for specific durations on your ecommerce store. This is great for seasonal promotions.
  • Offer a percentage discount for all your products or products in specific category. Example: Get 20% discount on all products or from Men's clothing.
  • Bulk discounts. Example: Buy 5 or more products and get 10% off.
  • Cart discounts. Example: Spend over $100 and get 5% discount
  • Buy x product and get y% discounts. Example: Buy Tshirt and get a cap at 50% discount
  • Create different discounts for each Product Variants.
  • You can give Buy One get One free discount in various combinations.
  • Provide different discounts to different customer groups, restrict discount to specific country/Zone.
  • Promote a specific product or certain category products with special discounts.

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2) Pricing Deals for Woocommerce

Pricing Deals for Woocommmerce is a versatile woocommerce discount plugin. It offers a lot of woocommerce pricing options and a whole array of options to provide discounts on your woocommerce store. You can create and award discounts easily and also advertise the offer on your ecommerce website.

  • Easily create wholesale pricing, category pricing, pricing tiers and dynamic pricing.
  • Create bulk discounts, buy 1 get 1 deals, group pricing, product variation pricing in your online store.

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3) Woocommerce Bulk Discount

Woocommerce Bulk Discount app helps you create woocommerce discounts based on the quantity of items the user has planned to purchase. If a customer orders more than let's say 10 items you can fix a percentage of discount that can be availed. You can also deduct a specific monetary value from the total based on the order quantities.

  • Discounts can be applied to products both individually and globally.
  • You can set discounts by percentage, flat rates off, or fixed discounts

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4) Woocommerce Advanced Discounts

This is another simple plugin that lets you introduce percentage based discounts and fixed rate discounts in your store. There are both free and paid versions available for this plugin. The free version lets you assign discounts based on customer role, sub-total, items count, and the products n the cart. You can also set bulk discount rules in your ecommerce store.

  • The pro version lets you set newsletter based discounts (discounts for subscribers), quantity based discounts, and group pricing options.
  • The pro version also lets you issue discounts to users who are part of your online social networks, in a particular country, or even if they are using a particular payment method.

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5) Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

The last but a pretty good one on our list is Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin. This plugin lets you apply discounts to listed and unlisted products, listed and unlisted product categories, listed and unlisted customer roles and listed and unlisted customers. Discounts can be applied on the sub-total, cart item count, quantity sum, and also according to customer details.

  • Create any pricing discount rule and control which rules are applied first using the rule editor.
  • Supports percentage discounts, fixed discounts and price discounts.

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So do agree with our list? Try out these plugins and let us know which one you chose.

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